What are the Odds

Samantha is average 18 year old girl. she goes to school has friends and a job. But what happens when one of the boys fall for her and she falls for him. Can they handle the hate? Can Samantha handle the pressure of dating a celebrity? Will they fight threw odds and end up well of or will they end in a heart broken mess?


2. Truth Or Dare

POV Samantha

Paul lead us to the space backstage that we were supposed to meet the boys at. when we walked in the room Harry was on Liam, Louis was chasing Zayn screaming "give me the carrot back!! I want my carrot back!", and Niall was stuffing his face. Jen instantly started laughing her head off while fangirling. (i don't know what was funnier her face or what the boys were doing) i was laughing to but no to the extent that Jen was. 

Paul cleared his throat and the boys stopped straight away, except for Lou who was still complaining that Zayn still needed to give back his carrot. Zayn then gave the carrot back and Lou took a huge bit out of it. Niall was smiling like a complete idiot. It took the other a minute to processes that they didn't know me or Jen. Then came the questions, all at the same time.

"who are you?' Lou asked

"how old are you?" questioned harry with a signature smirk.

"Paul why are they here?" question Zayn.

" Nice to meet you how are you?" asked Liam.

"Boys, Boys! Niall asked me to invite them. Harry no perverted questions, and be nice boys, kay. Girls go ahead and introduce yourselves." explained Paul.

"Hi I am Samantha, you can call me Sam." i said sheepishly

"And I am Jenna and you can call me Jen or whatever you like." she was not afraid when she said it, but more of excited." 

"Hello, i assumed you know our names right?" asked Liam

"yes." replied Jen.

"Anyway, i have to go pack up boys, have fun."

'We will!" Harry said with a wink in Jen's direction. i was laughing inside this should be fun!

"Are you hungry girls?" Niall finally spoke. 

"yah, actually." i said

"no, I am good." Added Jen.

"follow me then Samantha? Sorry Sam! your full name is just so pretty." Niall said looking at the ground 

" thank you! your i lovely too!" Niall blushed when i said that.

"this way to the food Beautiful!" cheered Niall. I smiled and blushed, i can't believe he just called me beautiful! Then he held out his hand for me to take it. I gladly to it and we skipped to the table at the other end of the room.

"so tell me about yourself Sam."

" I am 18, I get mainly A's but sometimes B's, i graduate in two months, I have two dogs named Taya

(ta-yah) and Pepper."

"how old are you dogs?" he asked.

"both three years old they are brother and sister."

"nice. shall we join the boys and Jen?" 


                                                  .                     .                         .

"what game shall we play?" questioned Zayn.

"TRUTH OR DARE!!!" Screamed Lou

" fine, you go first then Lou." said Harry.

"Liam truth or dare?"

"truth." answered Liam.

"who do you think is the dirtiest minded?" 

" Harry!" answered Liam quickly.

"hey!" shouted harry.

"sorry mate, but it is true."

"liam!" argued harry again. we were all laughing by then.

"liam choose somebody." spoke Jen through her laughing.

"Harry Truth Or dare?"


" I dare you to pick Jen up bridal style and run down the hall screaming 'Lux grew up and now she is a woman help'! dare liam

"Ok, sexy jump up!" harry shouted at Jen. she laughed and turned beat red, though she still jumped up in harry's arms. they went out in to the hall and harry scream and the way down it, Jen was just laughing ridiculously it harry's arms. when they got back he kissed her on the cheek before putting her down.

"OOOHHHHHHH!" we all chimed together

"Niall truth or dare?" questioned Harry while blushing.


"Ok, would you date Sam?!"

Niall looked at ground while blushing and whispered 'yes'. once again we all said 'ohhh' but me. Niall Horan said he would date me!!!

"Ok, ok Boys! Zayn truth or dare?"


"i dare you to Let us screw up your hair and you can't fix it till we leave."


"but you have to! it was a dare and there are no chickens!"

"Fine!" he shouted. we all messed up his hair and while everybody was messing up his i took a pic and posted it on twitter say '@Louis_Tomlinson @NiallOfficial @Harry_Styles @Real_Liam_Payne messing up Zayns Hair @zaynmalik LOL'. Then all there phones went of with the notification of a tweet they all looked at it Just started laughing really hard. Zayn Was ticked. we were still laugh for the next 15 minutes and by the time we finish he had calmed down.

"My turn, Sam would you date Niall?!" questioned Zayn. i stared at the ground blushing really hard and i whispered 'yes'. Niall was smiling wildly while blushing too.

"Where are the washrooms boys?" i said quietly

"I will take you." Niall got up and we walked down the halls to the washroom. When we arrived there Niall started to speak..

"I need to tell you something... I like you... and i wa wondering if you wanted to be my girlfriend?" he asked shyly

" Niall, i.... 

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