What are the Odds

Samantha is average 18 year old girl. she goes to school has friends and a job. But what happens when one of the boys fall for her and she falls for him. Can they handle the hate? Can Samantha handle the pressure of dating a celebrity? Will they fight threw odds and end up well of or will they end in a heart broken mess?


3. Snowflake

POV Niall

"Niall, i would love to be your girlfriend!" she said excitedly. Praise the Lord She said yes I really like this girl. I started to lean in and she did to. I felt sparks everywhere when our lips met. the kiss lasted a good 20 seconds. When we pulled away we both had very large smiles on our faces.

"Niall i will be out in a second hold on." she then left into the washroom. When she came and i went to grab her hand and we walked down the hall hand in hand back tot he boys and Jen. when we arrived they noticed that we were holding hands and wouldn't stop staring until Louis asked the question everybody wanted to know the answer to...

"So are you two dating?..." Sam and i said yes at the same time and then we both started laughing. Paul came in saying we had to go and i really didn't want leave Sam.

"Sam why don't you and Jen stay at the hotel with me and the boys for the night?"

"Sure, Snowflake." answered Sam. Snowflake i like that It is cute. I need to think of a cute nickname for her.

"what about you Jen" Harry asked

" Uhhh, sure just let me make a few calls." Jen made a few calls and in 20 minutes we were all in the car and on the way to the hotel. Sam's head kept nodding. i knew she was tired so i whispered 'go to sleep, i'll take care of you' in her ear. she rested her head on my shoulder and was out in minutes. when we arrived at the hotel there were only a few fans. i had to pick Sam up bridal style and carry her up to our rooms. the boys and i went to our separate rooms in the suite. i got changed and then slipped of Sam's Heels and her dress and jacket then put her in one of my T-shirts and sweatpants. Before i went to bed i programmed my number in her phone and put her's in mine. When i got in the bed  i was just thinking about Sam and how beautiful she id and the fact that she is mine. she was tossing and turning while half wake, she then scooted over and laid her head on my chest then fell asleep again.


Sorry this chapter is so short i didn't have time to add more for another chapter.


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