What are the Odds

Samantha is average 18 year old girl. she goes to school has friends and a job. But what happens when one of the boys fall for her and she falls for him. Can they handle the hate? Can Samantha handle the pressure of dating a celebrity? Will they fight threw odds and end up well of or will they end in a heart broken mess?


5. 'Fans'



I arrived back in our room and everybody had gone their separate ways. Jen and Harry were on the Patio saying hi to the fans. the other boys must have gone to their rooms. Sam was in the kitchenette grabbing a glass of water.

"Sam, I was wondering if you wanted to go to this little cafe with me for lunch just us."

"Sure, Niall. I will need to grab a new pair of clothes."

"Know what that means! My princess is going shopping!"


"Grab you shoes we are going."



Niall wants to go shopping and i don't want him to spend his money on me. I grabbed my wallet and shoes, then went to find Niall. When I found him he was just finishing telling the boys that he was going shopping with me.

"Ok, Princess let me grab me wallet and let's get going." he grabbed his wallet we headed out to the lobby of the hotel. when the fans saw Niall it got really loud but i expected that. We walked out and got in the car Paul had got for us. We hopped in the car and drove to this cute little strip that had 5 or so store we went in the first one and Niall instantly ran to a shirt that had an arrow pointing right that said 'I'm His Princess'.

"We are getting this shirt for you!"

"That is such a cut shirt!"

" Ok go get whatever you want I will be shopping for you to."

"Meet you at the change room in 15?"


When I was shopping two young girl probably around 15/16 came up to me and and started asking annoying questions.

"Are you dating Niall? He is mine slut! got that!"

"B****! why would Niall ever date anyone as ugly as you!"

"first of all I am not a slut or a B**** and Btw Niall chose me. I know you care for him but i do too." The girl were mad that i fought back and then it got bad. One girl grabbed my hair and the other girl was calling me nasty names. Niall came running over when he saw the girls he told them off and we tried the clothes on and left.

I was think about what the girls said. Am i a Slut? Am i a B****? I know i put up a brave front then but it hurt. A tear rolled down my cheek. Niall noticed and pulled over. He then got out of the car and came to the passenger door and pulled me out into a hug? and I told him what happened. He whispered sweet things to me to cheer me up. this is why I love this boy he i so sweet! 


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