What are the Odds

Samantha is average 18 year old girl. she goes to school has friends and a job. But what happens when one of the boys fall for her and she falls for him. Can they handle the hate? Can Samantha handle the pressure of dating a celebrity? Will they fight threw odds and end up well of or will they end in a heart broken mess?


7. another author's note

i am so sorry to say this but i have decided to give up on writing this fanfiction. life has busy and i have lost the passion that once burned bright. i am so sorry for all of you how have read it and like the story but i will have a contest, i will be basically giving away this story. i will add you as a co author so you can finish the rest. so if you want to finish this and put your own twist on things. If you would like to continue writing this story please give me you name why you like this story and how you imagen the story should continue. -sincerely Brianna (Mrs. Horan)

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