What are the Odds

Samantha is average 18 year old girl. she goes to school has friends and a job. But what happens when one of the boys fall for her and she falls for him. Can they handle the hate? Can Samantha handle the pressure of dating a celebrity? Will they fight threw odds and end up well of or will they end in a heart broken mess?


4. A Girl with a Big Appetite

POV Samantha 

I woke up thew next morning in a hotel bed. There were clothes everywhere. I smelt some eggs and bacon, so I quickly changed into my clothes and went into the main living area. there were plates of food everywhere and people stuffing their faces. the only person who was eating polite and proper was Jen. 

"How did you sleep, Princess?" wondered Niall. Did he just call me princess? That is so sweet!

"Good, did you guys save any for me?"

"No." replied Niall in a joking manner. He moved over and patted next to him motioning for me to sit next to him. "Come sit, Hun."

I grabbed a plate and stuffed it till i couldn't hold any more food and then started eating. the boys were looking at me like i was crazy.

"What?! Can a girl not have a big appetite?"

"No, but we have never meet a girl who likes to get that much it is awesome. Maybe when we have food eating competitions Niall won't always win." Zayn said in a joking manner.

POV Niall

Wow the more time I spend with this girl the more and more i fall in love with her. She is amazing, she likes food, is funny, and GORGEOUS. Sam looks like an angle when she is sleeping. I had such a peaceful nights sleep with her in my arms. I really want to take her on an actual date this afternoon but i will have to talk to Paul.

"I have to go talk to Paul boys be back in a minute or so."

"Fine but give me a kiss before you leave." I walked over to Sam and gave her a light peck on the lips before I went to find Paul.

.           .            .



"One second Niall." Paul finished what he was doing and turn to me. "what is it Niall?"

"I was wondering if I Could Take Sam out to lunch this afternoon?"

"I think that will be fine, but some security may have to come with you but i will tell them to hang back."

"Thank you, Paul." with that I was on my way back to the others. I was think of taking Sam to the small cafe just of the river about 2km away. It would be just us and a few other people. I hope the paps don't find us but they most-likely will.



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