The Wild One (Sequel to 'Love')

Life as the kids of Harry Styles the once famous singer from One Direction should be a piece a cake right? Wrong. Aaden is 18 and Darcy is 16. Darcy is a rebel, doesnt listen much to Harry or Lynn, she is always out at night, she is failig high-school. Aaden tries to get her to listin but she just wont. She doesnt do this for no reason. There is a reason for her behaveir. What is it?


8. 8

(Lynns POV)

       I walked threw the front door and saw Darcy exaimning her wrist. I quietly looked over her shoulder. There was a cut in her wrist! "D-Darcy?" I asked. She snapped her wrist down and turned at me. "Having y-you been c-cutting?" I stutterd with a worried glance. She looked at me with wide-eyes. "No!" She screamed. I sighed in relief. I placed my hand over my heart. "Thank god" I said. "Can we talk?" She asked. I nodded and sat down on the couch across from her. "Uh.." She started fumbling with her thumbs. "Im sorry..." She whimperd with a tear roling down her cheek. I sat next to her and pulled my arms around her. "For what, sweetheart?" I asked as she cried into my chest. "Being h-how I was" She said. I rubbed my hand threw her brown curly hair. "Its okay, baby" I soothed. "Mum. I want to talk about something" She said loosing from my grip. I nodded and waited for the dramtic story. She took in a deep breath and exclamied.

"When I was 14 I met David, he told me if I didnt act like him he would make sure I didnt make any friends and lost the ones I had. So I acted like him. Gaveen was Davids friend, Gaveen was sweet and funny and he asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes. He then turned into David but worse. I thought could act like myself again, but when I tried. Gaveen would" She stopped and I wipped the tear fro her face "He would, um, hit me.. so I acted like how I do. Today, I told Gaveen I couldnt do it anymore, he hit me and cut my wrist" She finished with full tears racing down her cheeks. I sat there, shocked.

"Oh my god" I breathed. I gave her a huge hug and she cried onto my shoulder. "Do you want to move schools?" I asked, wipping her tears. "No, I only have a month left, I will be fine. I have a friend his name is, Jason, he never liked the way I acted" SHe smiled, "O-kay but if ANYTHING, I mean anything happens or he tries to touch you, call me" I rambled, she nodded and I gave her a hug. "I missed you" I whisperd into her ear. "I missed you too" She responded. I kissed her forehead. "Stay around that Jason dude" I smiled. She nodded and I wipped her tear. "Tommorow Harry and the boys are going to listin to their albums, im watching Garette and Abby" I informed after we stopped crying. "Can Jason come over?" She asked. I nodded and I handed her, her phone. She texted who I hopped to be Jason "He will be here in 20" She said. I nodded and she went upstairs.

            I curled into the duvet that was on my bed and sut my eyes. I felt the bed dip and I opened my eyes to see a head of curls hovering my face "Hello bueatiful" He whisperd. I grinned and he leaned down a kissed me. He ulled apart and I snuggled into his bare chest. He kissed my hair and  my eyes dropped into a endless darkness.

          "Aunt Lynn!" Abby screamed as I opened the door. I gave her a huge, Garette gave me a hug too. "Bye Lynn!" Eleanor screamed driving away. "Mum! Can I go over Claries?" Aaden asked jogging down the stairs. Abby and Garette ran up to him and gave him a hug. I nodded and he kissed my cheek and left the house. "Dracy!" I yelled as Abby and Garette sat on the couch and started watching TV. I heard a loud laugh and foot-steps coming down the stairs. A boy with dark black hair and tan skin walked down. "Hey Jason" I greeted, "She said and I quote "What does she want? Jason tell her I died"." He smiled. I rolled my eyes "Hey Abby and Gar, want to wake up Darcy?" I asked. I saw them smirk at eachother and sprint up the stairs. I heard a scream and loud giggleing. Darcy walked down stairs wearing a pink cami and black yoga pants. "What?" She groaned, "I dont know" I shurgged and sat on the couch she moaned and Jason sat on the love seat. Darcy lied her head in his lap and drifted to sleep.

   The rest of the day we just watched movies. IM just glad to have my baby back. I bet Harry is-


Should I tell Harry?


Okay.. SOOOOOOO sorry about the REALLY late update but school started back Monday and I had a project to turn in by Wensday! And I have been really busy with sports and project and homework crap. But, Sorry again. Love you <3

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