The Wild One (Sequel to 'Love')

Life as the kids of Harry Styles the once famous singer from One Direction should be a piece a cake right? Wrong. Aaden is 18 and Darcy is 16. Darcy is a rebel, doesnt listen much to Harry or Lynn, she is always out at night, she is failig high-school. Aaden tries to get her to listin but she just wont. She doesnt do this for no reason. There is a reason for her behaveir. What is it?


7. 7

(Darcys POV)

  I got in my room and face-planted on the bed. I stuffed a pillow in my face and screamed into the pillow. I threw the pillow across the room and sat up. I didnt realize I was crying intill a tear hit my hand. I wiped it away. I looked down at my outfit. Tight lace black shirt and short tight black lace shorts. I dont know why Im saying this. I. Look. Like. A. Slut. What? I always dress like this. I stripped from my clothes. I put on a pair of Aaden sweatpants and a green cami. I pulled my hair into a tight pony tail. I washed all the make-up off my face. I looked my-self over. I havent seen this girl since I was 13. Her lashes were thick, long, and black. Her eyes light blue and green around the pupil. Her face was clear and looked soft with freakles under neath her eyes and on her nose. I snapped out of my trance and realized it was me. I opened my door and walked softly down stairs. I saw my mum crying into my dads chest. "Whats wrong, sweetie?" He asked rubbing her back. "I miss her, I miss my little girl" She sobbed. I felt a pit of guilt build in the bottom of my stomach. I made her cry. "I do too, honey, I do too" My dad whisperd. I quietly turned around and walked upstairs. A few minutes later there was a knock on my door. "Come in" I shouted, My dads head popped in "Dinners ready" He said. I nodded and headed downstairs. I saw Aaden eating his dinner. My dad sat down and chomed away. Mum was nowere in sight "Where mum?" I asked sitting down with a plate. "She was tired, she went to sleep" My dad answerd. I nodded and ate.

   I got out of my bed and went to shower. I jumped out and combed my brown hair. I checked my phone for the weather. Knowing it was going to be cold. I grabbed a pair of black skinny jeans, black uggs, and a white slim fit shirt that said 'YOLO' in black glittery bold letters. I grabbed a blue sweat-shirt with white strings. I straignted my hair and added eyeliner around my eyes. Satisfied, I ran down stairs. Aaden was waiting for me in his car. I got in and we sped of to school.

  "Hey Darcy!" Gaveen greeted and kissed my neck. "Hey Gav" I said. "Gaveen" I said pushing him off me "I cant act like this anymore. My mum was crying because she missed the old me. I cant do this anymore, sorry" I said, fear filling my voice. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me into a dark aly thats behind our school. He pulled me behind a tall brick wall wear nobody could see us. "Shouldnt do that" He said and slapped me across the face. I bit my lap so I wouldnt cry. He think it makes me seem weak when I cry. "Please" I cried, He smirked and pulled something out of his back pocket. He pulled the silver object to my wrist. It was a knife! He slit the knife across my wrist. I winced as red liquid fell out of my wrist. "Sorry" He mocked my voice and slammed me asnt the wall. He threw the knife away and walked away. I pressed my thumb agaisnt my bleeding wrist. I got up and ran to the school.

  "Miss Styles. Your late. Excuse?" My teacher Mr.Laze said. "Uh... uhm.." I stutterd and looked to see Gaveen giving me a death gkare with a smirk, "I fell and cut my wrist on the way here, I needed to get it to stop bleeding" I lied and showed him my wrist "Whats that on your face?" He asked pointing to my cheek "I fell" I answerd again. "Set, dont let it happen again" He said I nodded and went to my set besides Beth. Beth gave me a look and I smiled. "Class, grab your math book and turn to page 153" Mr.Laze started.

Did I mention that Mr.Laze is my favorite teacher? He is. "Darcy" He said. I walked over to his desk. Everyone cleared the room and he started "Thats was not on a accentident, that cut was purposed" He said as I sat on his desk. I tell everything to Mr.Laze and he tells me everything. "Mr.-" I started "You know that makes me feel old" He chuckled. I rolled my eyes "Ben, I fell" I lied to him "It was Gaveen" He said looking into my eyes like there a book. "H-How did you know?" He was giving you glares and then you looked feared and then lied" He said running his hand threw his black buzzed hair. "It wasnt him" I lied. He looked at me. Im good at lieing. He nodded believeingly. Yes! "Go ahead" He said. I got up and left the class room.

I waited patiently by Aadens car waiting for him to come out. I saw Gaveen walking over to me. He put his arm around my waist, "Your going to love me like it or not" He whisperd in my ear. I shutterd at his touch. He kissed my neck roughly and walked away. I saw Aaden come over with his arm around Clarie Gakes. "Hey Darc" Aaden greeted "Hi, Clarie?" I asked confused. "Hi!" She chirpped "Uh, Clarie is my girlfriend" He said. I smiled and nodded. "Lets go Darc can you sit in th back please?" Aaden asked. I nodded and climbed into the back of his black BMW. We pulled out of the parking lot. "Soo. Darcy, why were you late for math? I saw you walking in the school after the bell rang" Aaden asked "I-I fell and started bleeding so I had to stop from bleeding" I answerd with a fake smile. He nodded understandingly.

  We got home and I wet upstairs to do my homework. When I was done I went dowstairs and sat on the couch. What am I going to do about Gaveen?

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