The Wild One (Sequel to 'Love')

Life as the kids of Harry Styles the once famous singer from One Direction should be a piece a cake right? Wrong. Aaden is 18 and Darcy is 16. Darcy is a rebel, doesnt listen much to Harry or Lynn, she is always out at night, she is failig high-school. Aaden tries to get her to listin but she just wont. She doesnt do this for no reason. There is a reason for her behaveir. What is it?


3. 3

(Darcys POV)

   I got up and yawned, "Ligths a bitch" I mumbled. I groaned and went into the bathroom. I nearly scared myself out of my skin. My hair was every wear. I jumped in the shower and washed my hair and body, shaved, and jumped out. I let my hair stay naturlly curly. I went into my closet and got out a pair of black leather tight jeans and pink shirt that ripped in the back. I threw it on and grabbed my sunglasses and phone. I walked downstais to be greeted by my mum and dad sitting in the living room. "Bye, Darc!" My mum yelled. "Bye, hun" My dad said, "Bye" I mumbled. I waited outside for Gaveen. He plled up in his black mustang. I smiled and got in. "Hey" He said looking at me. "Hey" I said tossing my back-pack at my feet. He placed his hand on my theigh and began to drive off. He started rubbing circles on my leg. I saw him smirk. "How about we do that at my house, my parents are on a business trip" He smirked eading towards his house "Kay" I answerd. He got further up on my leg and I couldnt help but smirk. He pulled into his drive way and I got my back-pack and we went inside. I threw my bag aside as he grabbed my wrist and pulled me into his room. He pushed me up agaisnt thew wall and kissed and sucked at my neck. Now you must be wondering. If im a virgin, right?

Nope. Im not a virgin. Since last year when I met, David.

(Beths POV)

   Your probley like, who the hell is this bitch. Im Beth. Darcys best friend. Where is that hoe? She needs to get here by lunch! And its lunch! Why must she get her by lunch, you ask? Aaden checks on her during lunch! I waited impatiently by the front gate. I saw the black mustang pull up and Darcy and Gaveen came out. She ran up to me "Bethy!" She exclamied hugging me. "There you are! Lets go" I said pulling the to into the canteen. We sat down and ate our lunch. David came and sat with us. We talked when Aaden came over to us. "Hey, lil sis" He said, "Hi Aaden" Darcy responded. Gaveen put his arm around Darcy's shoulder and kept talking to David. "Hey Beth" He said to me "Sup Aad?" I resoponded. He shook his head and walked away and sat down at his table.

(Harrys POV)

   I watched Lynn as she looked at the pictures of Darcy when she was little. I looked over her shoulder and that was when she was 13. She was wearig a yellow sundress and her hair was braided and she was wearing brown sandels. Thats the last time we saw that Darcy. When she was 14 she met this dude name David. He did something to her and Beth, her bestfriend, and just made them into people that dont listin. I shook my head and sat down. I looked at my phone and saw it was time for them to get home. As timed, the door opened to revieal Darcy and Aaden. Lynn looked up and wiped her tear.

"Hey" Lynn spoke, carefull not to crack her voice. Lynn really misses the old Darcy. So do I. But Lynn just took it badly. "Hi" Aaden waved. "Uncle Liam is having us out to dinner, go get ready please, were going to  Nandos" I said. Aaden nodded and went upstairs. Darcy followed him.

  They came down. Aaden was wearing a yellow polo and kachki chinos with black dress shoes. Darcy was wearing the same outfit. "Lets go" I said. We got in the car. Lynn was wearing a baggy grey sweater and black jeans. I turned on the radieo.

"Does everyone remeber the worlwide boyband One Direction?" The radieo man asked.

There was a call from the radieo and a girl came on

"Yea, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, and Harry Styles" She said

"Harreh! Thats you!" Lynn said poking my cheek. I chuckled.

"Didnt one of them have a child at the age of 18, I believe?" The radieo man asked

"Yea, Aaden was the kids name. It was Harry Styles" The girl answerd

"Aaden thats you!" Lynn exclamied turning around and poked Aadens cheek. Aaden chuckled.

"Wasnt the mom, Amberlynn Thomas" The dude asked

"Yes!" The girl squeled.

"Lynn! Thats you!" I said poking her cheek. She giggled

"And there was Darcy Styles dont forget that little girl!"

"Darcy! Thats you!" Lynn exclamied poking Dacys cheek. Darcy smiled a little bit.

   We got to Nandos and we walked to the tble with the boys and their wives in it. We sat down. "Darcy! Aaden! Long time no see" Louis exclamied. Aaden chuckled.

As you might want to know.

Louis marred Eleanor

Liam married Danielle. Him and Jada broke up that why Danielle was in the wedding they got back together.

Zayn married a girl named Jennasen.

Niall married a girl named Jenna.

Liam and Dani have one kid she's twelve, her name is Hannah.

Zayn and Jennieson have a kid thats six his name is Jakob.

Niall and Jenna have a kid thats 7 her name is Leigh

Louis and Eleanor have two kids. One is 13 her name is Abbiegale. The other one is 8 his name is Garette.

    "Where the kids at?" I asked. "Abby and Gar are at Fizzys" El answerd.

"Hannah is at Ruths" Liam answerd

"Jakob is at my mums" Jenn answerd

"Leigh is in the bathroom" Niall answerd. I nodded. Just then little Leigh came over and sat in Nialls lap. Her blonde hair was pulleds into a high ponytail and she was wearing a blue dress. "Uncle Harry! Aunt Lynn! Darcy! Aaden!" She excamied. Causing Aaden, Lynn, and I to laugh.

    We finished dinner and headed home. It was Friday so no homework for the kids. We got home and Darcy went upstairs. "Hey mum and dad. Can I go over Austins?" Aaden asked, "Yea" Lynn responded. He thanked her and kissed her cheek. He then headed out the door. Darcy came downstairs "Can I go over Beths?" She asked. I looked at Lynn and she looked at me, "If I find out you wen anywere near that Gaveen and David kis your grounded for two months with out a phone and no friends" Lynn said. I guess that was a yes. She nodded and went out the door. I looked at Lynn. "You sure that was the right thing to do?" I asked



Congrats! To Babyboo. For getting the roll of Beth!



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