The Wild One (Sequel to 'Love')

Life as the kids of Harry Styles the once famous singer from One Direction should be a piece a cake right? Wrong. Aaden is 18 and Darcy is 16. Darcy is a rebel, doesnt listen much to Harry or Lynn, she is always out at night, she is failig high-school. Aaden tries to get her to listin but she just wont. She doesnt do this for no reason. There is a reason for her behaveir. What is it?


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  Heyy! Its the sequal! Ahh! Ahh! Anyway! If you didnt read the first book 'Love' you might wanna read it (: Anyway. Im going to tell you the age of the characters! Ahh! Here we go (:

Aaden: 18

Darcy: 16


Lynn: 34

Louis: 37

Liam: 34 along with Zayn and Niall.

Alright. Got it? Alright well here goes nothin (:


Chapter 1


(Aadens POV)

     I sighed as I watched her get in the car that belonged to the sophmore jock, Gaveen. I shook my head and got in my car.

 I reached home and walked in. "Mum! Dad! Im home!" I said walking into the kitchen. "Hey, Aad. Where's Darc?" My dad, Harry, asked. "She left with Gaveen" I sighed sitting down at the island. He sighed "I dont know whats up with her" He said shaking his head. "Aaden! Your home, oh how I missed you dearly!" My mum, Lynn, shouted walking in and dramaticly hugging me. I chuckled, "Did Darcy come home?" She asked with hope in her eyes "No, she left with Gaveen" I answerd. Her mood dropped, "Oh, uh, You should get your home work done, dinner will be done soon" She said ruffling my hair, I nodded and grabbed my back-pack heading upstairs.

(Lynns POV)

  "Harry, what are we going do about Darcy?" I asked sitting down and rubbing my temples. "When she gets home, we will have a talk with her" He said stirring the noodles. I nodded.

  "Aaden! Dinner!" I shouted, he jogged down stairs and started eating the pasta. Seconds later the door opened. Darcy walked in wearing a leater jacket with a red shirt underneath and tight black jeans that had rips. She went straight upstairs. Not tonight.

 "Darcy! Come back down here!" I shouted, she came down and sat at the table. "Where were you?" I asked. "With Gaveen" She answerd tapping her red nails agaisnt the wooden table. "I thouht I told you to come staight home from school. With your brother" I said mocking her moves by tapping my french-manicured nails agaisnt the table. "Sorry" She fake apoligized. "No ma'am. Listin to your mother" Harry said, she rolled her eyes "For now on. After school you are to come home with Aaden, or I will ground you and pick you up personly from school" I threanted.

"Mum!" She argued. "No, eat and go to your room and do your homework" I said, she huffed "I dont know why your being like this" She mumbled and stormed upstairs. I sighed and ate my dinner. After Harry and Aaden were done, I put there plates in the sink and went upstairs.

  I sat on my bed and cried. Harry came in and rubbed circles on my back. I miss her.

 (Darcys POV)

  Ugh! Why does she do this! She's just being and ass. She has no right to do this to me. When she was my age she wasnt doing this! She obvisley got drunk! Thats the whole reason Aaden was born! She was a damn 16 year old! She makes me so mad! Aaden and dad dont help either! They help her! Uh! I picked up my phone and called Gaveen.

"Hey, babe" He answerd

"Hey, I cant go tommorow, my mum says I have to go home with Aaden or she will pick me up" I sighed

"Well, we will have to do that during school" He said, I could almost see his smirk

"Yes, we will, I've got to go babe, bye" I said "Bye" He said and I hung up.

 This shall be a fun day tommorow.


Heyy! Whatcha think? Comment and tell me (: Love ya! Byes! <3


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