Just Me and You

Lillie is the person you would class as normal, she has powers people don't believe in or shouldn't. Lillie believes she is dangerous and should be kept away from others. Daniel is one of Jefferson high most popular and loved person in the whole school. One day they meet and it will change there lives forever.


2. The Funeral

All over town people were walking out of there houses dressed in there best funeral clothes, they all made there way to the Jefferson graveyard, as they reached the church there was a picture of both Gillian and Thomas Williamson and greeting them was a mourning Daniel who had a grim smile on his face, as the church became full many stood outside to show there respect to the two members of one of the founders family.

The church fell silent as the men carried in the wooden coffins, Daniel was one of the men carrying his fathers coffin, many of the women began to cry at the sight of a child carrying his parents coffin. They placed them down beside each other and Daniel took his seat next to Linda who had on the shortest black dress that barely covered her bum and her bleach blonde hair was pulled up into a slick bun, she also had a black vail covering her icy blue eyes that eye filled with fake tears, she pouted her red lips as Daniel paid her no attention. The ceremony began, it felt like it went on for a long time and Daniel was not paying attention until he heard his name "Daniel it's time" the vicar said with a sad smile, slowly Daniel got up and stood behind the podium. He cleared his throat and began "err.. well first of all i would like to say thank you to you all for coming, i know it wasn't easy shutting down shops and getting off work for a day and i know they would be glad to see you all here. Well what to say about m.. my parents" Daniel's voice caught in his throat and tears threatened to spill "they were great people who i loved dearly, they were never selfish or negative towards anyone they welcomed so many people in to this community and made it a happy place to live. Them as parent well they never disappointed in me and they were alway proud, i will ... erm i will miss them so much" the tears spilled over onto his face and he crumpled in front of so many people but he didn't care he just needed out, he took of running down the aisle they all turned and looked in his direction, he smashed through the church door and ran until he could any more, tears were streaming down his face, he came to a fallen tree and stopped with out thinking he punched a tall tree next to the fallen on "SHIT" Daniel hissed under his breath. He slide down to the ground and put his head in his hands. Lillie had watched him from the moment he ran through the door of the church, she followed him to make sure he wouldn't get lost as the graveyard could be difficult to navigate around. He stopped at the tree that came down the other night and began to cry, Lillie did't know what to do she looked at the boy who looked more like a grown man with his large shoulders and big muscle that could be seen with the suit he was wearing, he place his head in his hand his brown hair flopped over his chocolate brown eyes, Lillie began to walk away knowing he would not appreciate someone like her seeing him like this, she turned and step forward only to stand on a bunch of leaves making them crunch under her foot, Daniel head snapped up and saw a girl around his age stiffen like she was trying not to be noticed "why you here" he snapped at her. She turned round a cursed at her self silently "sorry i was making sure you weren't going to get lost" she said pulling at her jumper, he stood up and whipped the tears that were sliding down his cheek " how would i get lost, this place is tiny" he said accusingly she must want to be here to see me make a fool of my self  he thought angrily "n..no sir this place can get confusing" Lillie wanted the ground to swallow her up she hated how the popular people made her feel "i don't believe you" he said walking towards her " i think your here to make fun of me, because you think it is funny to see me upset, isn't it" he said jabbing a finger against her chest she shook her head and looked down to avoid his intense gaze "LOOK AT ME WHEN I AM SPEAKING TO YOU" Daniel felt all the anger, frustration and sadness pour out of him like a erupting volcano and he couldn't stop, Lillie looked up her heart pounding Daniel's brown eyes were glaring down at her "look..look im sorry i never came here to make fun of you i wouldn't .. i will just go" Lillie went to turn round but Daniel grabbed her elbow "YOU WILL NOT TELL A SINGLE SOUL ABOUT WHAT YOU SAW .. or i will make you life living hell" he said whispering the last part his grip tightened round her arm and she let out a whimper tears pricked at  her eyes she looked into his eyes pleading for him to let go, this knocked Daniel out of his tantrum as he saw how wide her eyes went and the whimper that escaped her mouth, he could see tear begin to gather in her golden eyes. He let her go and she ran away no the tears streaming down her face, Daniel felt awful when he saw the way she ran from him like he was a monster, he groaned and began walking back to the church. 

He watched as his parent were lowered into the ground, many around him crying but he held it together, he placed a red rose on each of the coffins and then threw the fist bit of mud on top. Many after him lay flowers, pictures, notes or something that resembled his parents. His nanny, who was now looking after him until he was old enough,  ushered everyone back to his house for some food and drink, not wanting to here how his parents were loved and will be missed for any longer he stayed at his parent grave.

After an hour it had got dark but there was enough light from the street lamp to see further on, he hadn't noticed until a shriver ran down his spine, it had began to snow lightly, he looked up and saw a figure standing at a grave not far from where he was, he recognised the mousey brown hair and looked down ashamed better go say sorry he thought, he shoved his hands in his pocket and walked over to where Lillie was, as he neared he heard her whisper something he neared her to see if he could hear "you would love the snow, it beautiful Georgie" she placed her hand on the tomb stone and a gush of wind blew snow all around them, then it settled so that the place where the gave was had a thiner layer of snow making it look like it was just glitter shining, Daniel gasped as he saw this happen Lillie whirled round and stood there slightly taken back when she saw how Daniel was standing. His hand was rubbing the back of his neck and his cheeks were red from embarrassment and the cold, his eyes were apologetic " Look i'm really sorry for earlier i guess it hit me and i let it out on you which was wrong, i'm sorry" he said looking into her eyes. Lillie stood there shocked at what she was hearing Daniel Williamson apologising "err.. it's okay i guess" she said more confused than ever, Daniel was angered by her tone but decide to hold it in, he gave her a curt nod and walked off, Lillie turned back to the grave her brows knitted together trying to work out if he was being nice or making fun off her. Daniel got a few yards away and looked back trying to figure out why she was so confused but instead saw her bend down kiss the grave stone and place a single white rose with a note attached to it. She walked off and went behind the trees Daniel stood there fighting against the urge to go to the note, he stood that having and argument with him self, he couldn't fight it he ran back to the grave and picked up the note he opened it and read:


you would never guess who came and visited DAD yeah i'm shocked as well.. how dare he show his face. Any way he wanted me to join me again but i said no, why does he want me to join him, i mean i'm no use i can barely use the powers and i always cause trouble, i need help and your not around there is no one else what should i do Georgie i can't as aunt and uncle they wouldn't understand how difficult this is i mean they only have minor abilities they even said it them self i bound to end up going with my dad but i don't want to Georgie.. HELP ME PLEASE.


your sister Lillie

Daniel looked round wildly what the hell did he just read, what does she mean by powers and abilities. The sky was beginning to darken and the moon was hidden so there was no light. Daniel laid the note back down, he looked at the grave stone the name Georgia Jefferson Born 25/12/1927  Died 25/12/2011 will always be remember as a loving sister, daughter and granddaughter, Daniel stared at it for a long time but didn't Lillie say your sister Lillie something wasn't right. Daniel walked home when it suddenly came to him Lillie is another founding family, there was something bound to be in the library about her family, he will check in the library tomorrow.

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