Just Me and You

Lillie is the person you would class as normal, she has powers people don't believe in or shouldn't. Lillie believes she is dangerous and should be kept away from others. Daniel is one of Jefferson high most popular and loved person in the whole school. One day they meet and it will change there lives forever.


4. The Argument

Daniel walked out of the class room rubbing his eyes , " hey man rough lesson, aye" kurt said slapping his back , they headed of to there next lesson " yeah man , so boring ecpescally with that girl staring at me every five minutes" he said laughing with kurt, " its like she was in love with me or something" he said both him and kurt were snickering. 

" DANIEL WILLIAMSON" a scream echoed the corridor and everyone went silent, Daniel and kurt both spun round on there heels to see who had shouted. Walking towards them was a very angry looking Lillie, " how dare you read that letter" lillie was now so close to Daniel he could swear there nose touched, " what are you talking about" kurt said looking from his best friend to this crazy girl in front of him "I wasn't talking to you, so why did you read it Daniel" Lillie pinched the bridge of her nose in frustration " hey crazy, don't talk to me like that" Kurt said pulling slightly on Lillie's arm "what... did.... you ..... call ......me" Lillie said through clenched teeth " i called you crazy, like you need to be locked up" Kurt said laughing and so was every one around her. Rage filled Lillie's blood and her vision turned red, everything around Daniel began to shaking like a hurricane "oh what you gonna do crazy, you gonna hit me looks like it" Kurt hadn't noticed the shaking, Daniel was pulling on his arm but kurt was now quite annoyed with Lillie for ignoring him "hey crazy , I'm talking to you" he said leaning in her face, Lillie's eyes were closed, "HEY.."

Suddenly Lillie screamed a piecing scream and at the same time every locker door flung open and all the books came flying out like they were trying to escape , the whole building was now shaking and no one had noticed Lillie was too. People began to run in every direction, Kurt had just dived out the way of a piece of ceiling that had fallen, Daniel had been staring at Lillie the whole time she had not flinched what so ever, her eyes peaked open, her mouth made a tiny O shape at the damage that had been caused, she felt a trickle of something slide onto her lips she raised her finger and touched it looking down it was blood. The blood was now freely flowing from her nose, she looked up with panic in her eyes and they met Daniel's whoes mirrored hers. Lillie turned on her heels and ran out of the exit as fast as she could, she ran and ran until she found her self at the old gate of the grave yard, she flung open the grave yard gate and walked in trying to calm her self down, she had done it now she thought her life has come crumbling down.  "Lillie, where are you" Lillie turned round to her two aunts and mother running towards her, "oh mother i have done something terrible, i have put our whole family in danger" she broke down into sobs and ran to her mother who, had her arms open wide and a sad smile on her face " oh sweetie you didn't put us in danger, the damage you caused is thought to be because of a earth quake no one thinks you did this" Lillie looked up at her mother's round face that was framed with the same colour hair as Lillie's, her deep blue eyes looked down at Lillie with such warmth, they put their arms around each other as they walked further into the grave yard and disappeared into the woodland that edges the back of the grave yard. 

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