Just Me and You

Lillie is the person you would class as normal, she has powers people don't believe in or shouldn't. Lillie believes she is dangerous and should be kept away from others. Daniel is one of Jefferson high most popular and loved person in the whole school. One day they meet and it will change there lives forever.


1. The news

The snow was gently floating down to the pavement below, and the trees swayed slightly in the breeze. Daniel and his friends were outside playing, throwing snowballs at each other, a girl ran up to Daniel and wrapped her arms round his neck he picked her up and spun her around both laughing as he did. He put her down and brought his lips to hers they shared a long passionate kiss. Suddenly the wind picked up and the snow began to whip against there skin, " maybe we should go inside, a blizzard is coming" Daniel said to his friends they all nodded in agreement and headed in, Daniel waited until everyone was inside he looked up at the sky the clouds were rolling in faster than he had ever seen before the wind howled and the trees around him groaned "hey man you coming, we are putting on a film" he friends called from the living room, "yeah coming" Daniel shut the back door and  began walking to the living room where all his friends were waiting for him. He placed him self between Linda his on/ off girlfriend who snuggled into his chest and Kurt his best friend, he didn't think life could be any better.

On the other side of town in Jefferson's only grave yard Lillie stood the raging at a man she once called her father "What are you doing here, go now" Lillie said her golden eyes on fire, a smirk creeped on her fathers face "oh what, no hello dear father, i have missed you so" his voice was dripping with sarcasm, Lillie lunged at him only to be stopped frozen in midair her father hands up to catch her but she knew that it was him keeping her there like a prisoner "now, now darling.. no need to be like that, we can all be friends here" he said shaking his head like he was disappointed in her behaviour Lillie tried to let out a scream but her voice was muted by the howling wind, the wind was so strong a large willow tree groaned then with a loud crack came falling to the ground, Lillie's father only just missed being crushed by seconds " Lillie you really need to control your anger dear" he said Lillie dropped to the floor stomach first, the fall knocked all the wind out of her, she regained her breath at got to her knees only to see her father advancing towards her "join me and i can teach you" he said grabbing her chin, he pushed it side to side like he was inspecting her Lillie growled at the man and pulled her chin out of his hand " i said leave now" she spat through her teeth, he made no attempted to move, she shut her eyes as if to keep something inside, a thunder clap rumbled through the air "now dearest father what always comes with thunder" Lillie looked up at her father he stepped back and gasped Lillie's eyes looked as though they were on fire, small flames dancing and flicking about in her pupil, a smirk appeared on her face and she cocked her head side aways, her father was confused with the way she was acting "light..lighting" he stumbled over his words but as soon as he said lighting a crack of lighting hit the tree that was right next to him and it burst into flames. His eyes wide his stared at his daughter in awe, She spread  her arms out wide just as a gust of wind picked her up as if she weighted nothing, the wind lifted her higher as well as the snow around her, she was now incased in a ball of leaves and snow, her brown mousey hair whip around her face " NOW LEAVE!" her voice boomed over the sound of howling wind and thunder claps, with a puff of smoke her father was gone. She lowered her self to the grass beneath and crumpled up in the snow all her energy now gone she made no effort to move she was quite comfortable there in the snow that covered her like a blanket. 

Daniel was standing at his doorstep waving goodbye to his friends that were now leaving, the sky had cleared up and the snow had eased. In all his life he had never seen a storm with thunder, lighting and snow must be global warming he thought to him self  more like global freezing he let out a chuckle, he was just about to shut the door when a police car showed up at the end of his drive way, two big police men began to walk up to his porch "hello officers what can i do for you" Daniel said with a smile on his face " Daniel Williamson "? one of the police me said Daniel smile faltered a bit "yes thats me" he said gripping the door " can we come in" the other on said "certainly" Daniel opened his door wider and welcomed them both in "you may want to sit down Mr Williamson" the police man pointed at the sofa "i will be fine, is there some thing you wanted to say" Daniel was getting slightly annoyed " there was a crash you see and well your parents were involved" a grim look came upon the police mens face "WHAT are they okay" Daniel said wishing he had sat down "no sir they were both pronounced dead on scene, we are very sorry for your loss" one of the police men placed a hand on his shoulder Daniel shook his head in disbelief he looked up at the two mean and whispered" My .. my parents de.. dead".

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