Unexpected Love

Hannah made some YouTube Video , she really didn't expected to be noticed by Ed Sheeran.


1. The YouTube video

You sat in your bedroom tapping your pen on your notebook , 
Something came to you. You scribbled down some lyrics and chords ,
" Let's make an video Hannah "
You said to yourself. 
You fixed your hair and grabbed your orange video camera placed it on it's tripod and you put it on it's tripod. You sat on your bed. Your guitar Tommy was close to you. You picked it up and turned on the camera.
" I'm Hannah Smith and this is Song is called No Love .... "

You read all the comments ,

' Where did you get your top ? ' 

' Amazing Sweetheart '

' Do you do gigs ? '

' I love you '

You logged on to your twitter. You clicked on your interactions. You read the screen ,

' Ed Sheeran Followed '

Your mouth widened. You saw that you had one DM you clicked on it expecting it to be from your best friend Sarah ,  But it was from Ed Sheeran.

' Hi Honey ,
I saw your YouTube videos !
You are amazing sweetheart !
I'd love for you to tour with me !
I told Stu and he email you his number so we can talk x
Ed x '

You were crying thinking of an reply.

' Aw thank you Ed , That means the world to me I'll email Stu now x '

' No Problem ,
Also I bought your EP from iTunes ! '

You smiled and started to write an email to Stuart ,

' Hi Stuart ,
Ed told me to email you
Hannah x '

You got an reply straight away ,

' Hi Hannah !
Yes Ed told me ! '
Below that his number.

You typed his number into your phone and saved it as 'Stew'

Ring Ring Ring ,

" Hello , Stuart Camp talking "

" Hi Stuart it is Hannah ! "

" Oh Hi , I'll get Ed for you "

" Thanks Stew "

You heard Stu shout

You heard fast footsteps , 

" Hi Hannah "
" Hi Ed "
" Um have you thought about it ? "
" Yes , I'll tour with you ! "
" YES !!! Meet me outside the Hammersmith Apollo London in 2 hours "
" Okay Bye Ed "
" Bye Sweetheart "

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