Fallen Stars

Dylan and Harry has been dating for two years. They were the perfect couple until Harry comes back drunk one night and calls Dylan and whore and a slut, hurt by the words she packs her things and leaves. After three months solid, Harry isn't doing to well. Louis and the boys are conerned. That's when Louis takes him to the doctor and finds out some shocking news...


5. Surpising.

We arrive at the mall and split up. I go into Hollister and buy shorts and a tank. I walk out and go into Apple. I get a iPad Mini. As I'm putting the iPad in my purse, a familiar voice calls my name. I look up and see HIM. He walks up to me. His curls are messy as if they were being run through too many times. His eyes were bloodshot and he had bags under his eyes. "H..Harry?" I asked in disbelief. "Dyl-" cut him off by shouting at him. I then left. I turned around and saw Harry crying and he was on his knees calling my name and Louis. I met the girls at the food court. I told them what I bought. I didn't bring up Harry or anything. I look down at my hands. What have I done? To myself? To Harry? HORRIBLE! I screamed in my head. TERRIBLE PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so freaking horrible.
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