Fallen Stars

Dylan and Harry has been dating for two years. They were the perfect couple until Harry comes back drunk one night and calls Dylan and whore and a slut, hurt by the words she packs her things and leaves. After three months solid, Harry isn't doing to well. Louis and the boys are conerned. That's when Louis takes him to the doctor and finds out some shocking news...


7. It's So Different...

After I spazzed out seeing Harry yesterday..I couldn't get his sad look out of my mind. I mean I shouldn't have said those things. 'YOU LOWLIFE BASTARD!' I remember shouting. I totally regretted it. Then telling him to go to hell.. I went too far. RIING!!! My phone went off. I picked it up and it's Lou. "Hey Louis, what's up?" I greet him. "Dylan it's Harry.. I took him to the doctor's and they said that he has manic depression and he's.. like.. bipolar.. and it maybe a chance..that's he'd thinking about suicde." My heart stops. What have I done?!?!
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