Fallen Stars

Dylan and Harry has been dating for two years. They were the perfect couple until Harry comes back drunk one night and calls Dylan and whore and a slut, hurt by the words she packs her things and leaves. After three months solid, Harry isn't doing to well. Louis and the boys are conerned. That's when Louis takes him to the doctor and finds out some shocking news...


9. Before it's too late.

I ran into the hospital and I see Louis sitting in the waiting area. I ran to him and his eyes are puffy from crying. "Louis! What's wrong with Harry?!" I demaned. "Dy..he..tried..and they said..it's a ..chance..he's.." I ran to where Harry was before Louis can get the words out. I try to open the door the door but a doctor says I can't go in there. "NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!" I shout. I sit on the floor crying. A few minutes later I get up and go to my car. I know what I have to do to see Harry one last time. "Dylan. Don't do this." I hear Harry say. I look over and it's HIM.. but he's like a ghost. "You know I can't live without you! We're like Bella and Edward!" I shout through tears. I stop at the bridge. "Dylan I can come back if you want me to." He pleads. I shake my head. "No. No you don't." I say inching my car off the bridge. "We belong together dead. I love you my sweet Harry." I fall off the bridge. "DYLAN NO!!"
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