One In A Million

Hannah and Nikki have entered a contest to meet One Direction. They have a one in a million chances of winning. Will they win?... They do!!! They priomised to never get in each others way. Both claiming a favorite in the group. Nikki and Zayn. Hannah and Louis. But their plan dosen't end up the way they want it. They run into all these promblems with fans and the other band members. Plus their Life and Death encounters. Will they survive the plan they entened and the one in a million chances. Wish us luck!!


15. What's Going To Happen?

Chp 15

What is going to happen?
***nikki POV of the concert***
Hannah and I join back up with the guys after rehearsal. I hear Hannah behind me.
"Hey Lou can I talk to you." I giggle to myself as I see her grab Louis's hand and drag him to the empty room her and I found.
"What?" Zayn asks me. I check my watch and see they had 7 mins. I wrap my arms around Zayn's neck standing on my tip toes and a tear falls onto his skin.
"Why are you crying?" He asks pulling away and wiping the tear off of my cheek.
"What if they hate us?"
"Who?" He says concerned. I see him tense up slightly.
"Your fans. They are going to hate us."
"Why would you say that."
"Because Hannah and I are both dating one of the members of One Direction. They are going to hate us." I feel a tear roll out down my cheek. Zayn swipes away the tear with his thumb.
"Don't worry. And please don't cry." He wraps his arms under my arms and rests his chin on my shoulder. I feel a tear threw my shirt. He was crying. I pull back away from him and look into his smooth brown eyes.
"Why?" I ask. And check the clock behind him. 5 mins.
"Because I don't know whether to tell the world or hide it."
"Do whatever feels right." I wrap my arms around his neck and whisper in his ear. "I love you. Do good." He pulls back and interlocks his fingers behind me.
"I will be singing to you. I love you too Nikki." His eyes say it all. The soft brown showing how much he really does love me.
"LET'S GO!" Somebody yells signaling there is 2 mins.
"I'll see you later. Bye." He whispers and lets go. Hannah comes behind me and we go to find of seats. We sit through the song laughing at the guys and ourselves. The songs that stick our are kiss you, little things, and what makes you beautiful. Zayn has his eyes looking at me the whole time through those songs. Hannah and I stand up and sing along. I see Louis smile and Zayn winks.
****after the concert**** (to lazy to type it allXD)
We meet up with the guys backstage. They are too hyper to deal with soo Hannah and I slip off to buy some t-shirts. "Hopefully we can get them to sign them." I laugh at Hannah.
"I would hope soo!" She hopes too. We make our way back to the boys.
"Awesome show!" Hannah and I both say. We turn to each other and blink stunned. The boys just laugh. Zayn comes beside me and interlocks our fingers. I see Louis our of the corner of my eyes do the same. I smile and face the rest of the group.
"Ready to go home?" Liam asks.
"Sure but before!" I pull the shirt out from behind my back. "Can you please sign this!" I ask with puppy dog eyes. I feel a sting on my arm. She slapped me!"Oh, and Hannah's too!"
"Of corse!" They all exclaim. Zayn switches my hand to his left and sets the shirt on the nearest table. He takes a sharpie and writes his name real pretty with ~love ya under it. He hands it around the table after signing Hannah's. he writes haven fun yet? On hers. They all sign with perfect signatures and I pull out my camera. Zayn holds my shirt and Lou holds Hannah's . I tell Paul to take a picture and he happily does.
"Nice to meet you now that your not asleep." He says handing my phone back.
"Yeah sorry bout that." He just shakes his head and laughs at us.
"We'll we better start heading home." Paul says to us and Zayn pulls me towards the back door. I stay standing.
"Carry me!" I say like a little kid and fling my arms out. Hannah jumps on Louis's back. Zayn sweeps me up bridal style and runs towards Paul holding the limo door open. We all file in and I sit holding Zayn's hand and Louis has his arms around Hannah. I look to Hannah. I text her.
Me: did you guys kiss yet?
Hannah: yup
I look up from my phone shocked.
"What's wrong?" Liam asks. I flash my eyes to Hannah. She shakes her head no.
"Nothing." I laugh and get a glare from Hannah. Kiss you comes on the radio speakers. Hannah and I jump and I beat her to the volume button. I turn it up all the way and start singing to Zayn's part. I feel Zayn wrap his arms around me and sing in my ear.
"Oh, I just wanna take you anywhere that you like
We could go out any day, any night
Baby I'll take you there, take you there
Baby I'll take you there, yeah" I giggle and turn to him. He acts like nothing is going on as Harry sings. I see his eyes flash at me and he laughs. I pick back up with the song and sing along till the music dies out. I turn down the volume. I turn around to face Zayn. Paul opens the door.
"Alright boys! Lets go!" Niall, Liam and Harry get out.
"Common!" Paul says and waves at Zayn and Louis. They both shake their heads no and the door closes. We pull around back and Paul was there to walk us in. We get up to apartment 2J. I jab Hannah's side and laugh as we walk in. I see the digital clock read ten. I fall on a chair the boys aren't using. Louis and Hannah snuggle on the couch. Liam and Niall are laying on the floor with Harry under the coffee table. Zayn sits beside me and I snuggle into him and drift if to the sound of him singing More Than This too me.
My eyes shoot open when I get a surge through my side. I jump up and run for Hannah. I look back to the chair and see Niall and Zayn sitting there laughing their butts off. I see Hannah looking at me with big eyes.
"They did it again!" I say falling into Hannah.
"We'll this is a nice way to start the day! Hey turn on the news!" She shouts at Niall. Who's still asleep on the floor. I stand up and laugh. Put on the serious face and go!
"Let's go! We woke up late and we ARE late!" I shout making Liam and Niall jump up scared as heck. I fall back to Hannah laughing as Harry pulls out from under the coffee table. He grunts and wipes his eyes.
"We're late for what!" Dang he remembered.
"For you to wake up!" I manage to gasp out between laughing. "Hey Niall love could you do me a favor?" I ask being sweet. I get a glare from Zayn. Jealous much? "Could you pretty please turn on London news?" I ask being sweet again. Zayn gives me another look. Geez.
"Sure thing." He says grabbing the remote and flipping to the news. It comes up and I snuggle up next to Hannah and turn to see Zayn staring at me. I just laugh and turn to the t.v.
"It seems to me Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson from One Direction have girlfriends. See here in this picture of them both holding hand with a girl. And this one of them hugging the girls." I turn to Zayn and shock and run to him. I bury my head in his shoulder and cry.
"See they hate us." I say.
"Nikki no. It's okay. Shhh." He comforts me. I hear Hannah crying to. I turn and see her with Louis. I hop up and go to the panel doors that have a little porch. I don't step out but hide behind the door. I hear the fans yell at us. I hear the names Hannah and Nikki. I turn to Zayn and wave my hand to the outside.
"THEY EVEN KNOW OUR NAMES!" I shout. I fall to the floor. Tear roll off my noes but I just stay still. I hear feet and Hannah is near me. She hugs me and I feel a tear on my back. I rub her back. I'm picked up by Zayn and sat on the couch. Hannah is sat next to me. Then Zayn and Louis step on the porch.
"NO!" I say but they just shrug me off.
*****Zayn's POV*****
"NO!" Nikki yells behind us but I have to do this.
"Quiet!" I shout. But this only sends the fans to screaming. This isn't gunna be easy. I see Louis beside me. I hear feet behind me. I turn to see Harry Liam and Niall behind me. But not Nikki or Hannah.
"Hey! Yes I have a girlfriend. Her name is Nikki and I love her. I know you all know. So don't freak out every time you see us hug or hold hands." I shout to them once they calm down.
"And I'm dating Nikki's sister. Hannah and I've fallen for her." Louis shouts to them. This sends them into a frenzy. Maybe we shouldn't have done this. I think as I turn on my heels and usher the rest of the guys inside. I shut the door and the sound quiets.
"Well that went well!" Nikki sassy to me with her hands on her hips. "What did I tell you. They hate us! Watch." She steps out the door and the crowd turns into a mad house. The door are getting bashed on downstairs and the crowd noise could burst my ear drums. She steps back in and shuts the door. "See!" She shout at us. I rub my neck with my hand and grind my teeth together. I see a tear fall from her face. I step towards her but she back away and runs around me to her room.
"What?" I ask Hannah.
"I don't know. Sorry." A tear has fallen from her cheek too.
"Did I do something?" I question her as another of her tears fall.
"Let me talk to her." She walks to her room and into the door.
"What did I do?" I question falling into a chair. Niall walks over and comforts me.
"It's okay. It's okay." He smooths. Oh this isn't gunna be easy.
***Hannah's POV****
I walk into our room and see Nikki cuddled up with her teddy bear and the photo i took when I caught them kissing and snapped a picture. It's framed in a purple and red frame. Her and Zayn's favorite color. She's crying.
"Nikki hon what's wrong." She sat up and I sit on her bed by her. She hugs me. She starts crying harder.
"Why?" She asks me.
"Why what?" I ask.
"Why do they have to hate us!" She shouts and throws the teddy bear at the wall.
"I don't know. But there is a guy out there that loves you all the way to the moon and back. And your in here ignoring him. Nikki."
"I know. He just told the whole world that. I should be out there. Shouldn't I?" She look up at me and shows the picture to me. "Remember this?" She smiles through her tears.
"Yes I do. It was at the amusement park. When we were in the car. It was soo cute."
"Now I had to get one like this for you and Lou!" She tells me. I laugh. She just grunts.
"Yeah." I grab the frame from her. "I love this frame. Red and purple. Your favorite and his favorite colors." I hand it back an she smiles.
"Come out when your ready." She leans over and grabs her football.
"I miss it." She says.
"Football. My summer practices. I miss the guys and football." She hugs the football.
"Bring it too. If you want but please come out soon."
"Okay." I close the door behind me. I come face to face with Zayn.
"What happened?" I could see he's close to crying.
"She okay. She was in there hold a teddy bear and a red and purple frame with her and you kissing."
"She has what now?" He asks smiling. "Can I go-" he gets interrupted by a door opening and Nikki stepping out. He steps toward her and hugs her. I can see she still has the football.
"Why?" Zayn asks pointing towards the football.
"I miss it." She hugs the football.
"What?" They all ask her.
"I miss football. I miss the summer practices." They laugh at her.
"Stop!" I say and stand in front of her. They give me looks. "Stop laughing at her."
"No it's fine. If my boyfriend what to laugh at me he can." She glares at them and Zayn steps toward her.
"I didn't mean it. I didn't laugh. They laughed."
"I saw you." She bites at him.
"STOP YOU TOO! YOU LOVE EACH OTHER." I shout at us. Nikki jumps. And Zayn turns to me and then back at Nikki.
"What happened? Nikki I love you. They have to realize that. They can't get between us. Nikki?" He steps toward her and wipes the tear from her cheek. "Did you hear me. I love you." He raises her chin and kisses her passionately. I turn to Louis. He's looking at me. I see his eyes flicker from my eyes to my lips and back. I smile and step towards him. I feel the rest of the boys' eyes on my back. He leans in and kiss me. The passion behind the kiss surprise him and I both. We finally pull back to see a surprised group. I just laugh it off.
"Lunch time." Niall shouts breaking the quiet room. Zayn wraps his arms around Nikki.
"We good?" He questions. I still see a tear near the corner of his eye.
"Yeah." Nikki leans in and connects their lips. Louis comes behind me and holds my waist.
"GET A ROOM!" Him and I yell.
"Okay!" Zayn happily yells back and sweeps nikki into her room.
"Hey!" I yell. "My phones in there!" Nikki opens the door and hands it too me. I grunt. "DONT DO ANYTHING OVER PG-13!" I yell at the door.
"I PROMISE MOM!" Nikki and Zayn yell back.
"Oh dear Lordy." I say and Liam laughs. I head towards the kitchen area were Niall is cooking tacos. Yum!
*****Nikki's POV****
Zayn and I laugh after we yell back at Hannah. I lay on my bed and get the picture out of the drawer.
"Look." I give him the frame. He smiles and chuckles. "What?" I ask. He just looks at me.
"You look soo pretty. And you look at home." He whispers. I feel my cheeks get warm. I turn away from him and hide my face. He touches my cheek and lightly moves my face to see his eyes.
"Don't hide your face." He smiles at me and takes my hand. He holds it in front of him and stares at our hands for a little. His hands are bigger then mine.
"Your hands are fits in mine like its made just for me. But bear this mind it was meant to be. And I'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks. And it all makes sense to me." He sang to me in a whisper. His voice makes my heart melt.
"Your voice is like heaven." I say back.
"Yeah. I wish I could only sing for you." He leans in and kisses my forehead. I start to hum 'be with you' by akon.
"What's that love?"
"Hold on." I flip of the bed and make a dramatic pose and I get a small applause from Zayn. I walk to the desk in the room and get my laptop and google that song. It plays out.
"I know they wanna come and separate us. But they can't do us nothin'. You're the one I want and I'ma continue lovin'. 'Cause you're considered wifey and I'm considered husband. And I'ma always be there for you" I smile and pause the song.
"It's a perfect song. Hold on. I can make it better." Zayn speaks as there's a knock at the door.
"What are you guys doing!!" Hannah yells as she walks in the door.
"Uhh singing. Listen." Zayn smiles softly at me and starts to sing the first verse of 'be with you'. "See it's better." He teases me.
"Yeah. You should record that!" I laugh and Zayn shakes his head and runs the back of his neck.
"No." He says shyly as Lou walks in.
"Why not. Just for me?" I ask with puppy dog eyes.
"But." I puff out my bottom lip and go extreme! "Fine." He shakes his head. I grab my phone and find a sing along version. I nod to him and hit record then play on my laptop. I set my phone down and watch him. He sings through the song, watching me. Hannah stands behind him and Lou stands next to her, holding her waist in one arm. I hit stop and hug Zayn.
"I'll play it back later!" I say with a wink and he grins. I turn to see Lou and Hannah have gone back into the kitchen.
"Hey! What are you cooking!" I yell as I walk into the kitchen. Zayn close behind me. I see tacos.
"Ohh I'm always hungry!" I shout rubbing my hand together. Niall walks in.
"Hey you sound like me." He exclaims with a strange look. "Maybe your the food princess I've been hearing about." His eyes go big and he mouth opens in a big 'o'. I laugh and grab a taco and quickly scarf it down. Niall gave me a weird look as I grabbed another. I finished my forth and payed back full. Everybody looked at me.
"A girl that size shouldn't eat more than a taco not four!" Niall screamed breaking the silence. "Especially in less than ten minuets!" He adds laughing. Soon everyone is laughing at me. I hide behind Hannah and I realize she's laughing too. I look around and a surge goes up my side. I jump and squeal and run to the front door. I open it and run. I hear noise behind me and I stop and spin around. I remembered there is a pool here. I pass everyone and they just laugh as I run back into the room. I jog to my suit case and grab my favorite bikini. A rainbow zebra top with blue polka dot bottoms. I look up and see everybody crowding in the door. I hold up the bathing suit.
"THEY HAVE A POOL!" I yell and Hannah freezes and runs for her suitcase faster than I've ever seen her run. She gets her pink surfer shirt with black and white zebra print bottoms. I look up at the boys and they turn around and rush to get their shorts. I close the door and lock it and Hannah and I change. I brush my hair down and wait for Hannah. We walk out together and see the boys. Not this again. I slow down and Hannah hides behind me. She whispers to me.
"Dang they are too. Well too. YOU KNOW!" I laugh at her stutter and she just slaps my arm playfully. I nod in agreement. I get to the group.
"Ready to go swimming?" Harry laughs. We nod and begin to walk towards the door of our room.
"WAIT! What if there are fans down there. They've seen our faces now. They will hurt us." I back up alittle before a pair of arms picks me up and runs. "HEY!" I scream and turn to see Niall. Why does he always do this? I mentally curse before he falls. Yeah! He falls and face first. I 'broke' his fall.
"Hey looks like I'm rubbing off of on you!" I laugh as he helps me off the carpeted floors. Everybody froze behind us. Zayn steps towards me.
"My god are you hurt!" Hannah asks. Niall looks at my arm and I see I have a bruise showing and I feel blood coming down my face. I pat my forehead and I see I have a cut about two inches wide on my forehead.
"Oh my god!" Niall screams almost in tears.
"Guys don't worry. Just alittle cut and bruise I can cover up with make up! That's what I do with my sports. Trust me I've had worse. And see I got up soo let me go clean up a bit." I walk to the bathroom down the hall. I hear feet and see Hannah following.
"Look and see who's momma Liam now." I tease her.
"Nikki stop covering. This is serious. Look in the mirror." She pointed and I spun around to see my bloody face. I touched my cheek.
"Oh. My." I said and I grabbed paper towel. I wetted it and wiped my face down except for the cut. "Hannah? Oh."
"Yeah. Why do you think Niall was soo worried. I know your strong but this isn't something to lie about. Are you okay?" She stepped towards me. I grabbed her hand as I began to wipe the cut. I screamed. Zayn walked into the bathroom. I saw him and jumped. I moved and hit the cut and screamed again.
"My gosh I'm soo sorry Nikki." He whispered in a soft voice.
"Nikki?" I heard Hannah question. I nodded. "Is everything okay?"
"Yeah just let me finish this." Zayn walks out after checking up on me. I finished wiping with many screams. I had to hold onto the counter to stand still while Hannah wiped the cut. After we finished that I checked on the bruise. It had turned a dark purple with a navy blue tint. It was bad. Probably the worse that I've ever had.
"Hannah i need a bandage. For my forehead." She grabbed my hand and drug me back to the room. She got the first aid kit and placed some oily crap on it making me groan in pain. She put a big pale bandage on it. The guys came in after she places the bandage. She smoothed it and put up the kit.
"Hey you okay?" Niall asked stroking my head.
"Yeah. So what exactly happened?" I asked.
"I got tripped." He said dead serious.
"Yeah." I noticed Harry and Liam wasn't in the room.
"By who?"
"Some fans. HARRY LIAM!" He shouted and they walked in with two girls struggling to get loose.
"They were the people. Two fans." He pointed towards them.
"Nikki?" Zayn asked. I stared at the girls with an evil look.
"NIKKI?" Hannah yelled.
"What? Oh sorry. Soo put them back outside and tell security to not let anybody in. And now let's try to go swimming again." They nodded and handed the two girls to the security that walked up. I get picked up by someone and they started to walk. It was Niall.
"I currently have the biggest muscles in the group!" Louis yells picking up Hannah. How come Zayn never carries me?
"Hey put me down." I say to Niall.
"Why?" He asks.
"Because I want my boyfriend to carry me."
"Fine." He grunted and I was set down on my feet lightly. I walk two steps to Zayn. He wraps his arms under my back and knees, bridal style. He lifts me higher and kisses me. I smile.
"Onward! To the pool!" I say laughing and pointing toward the elevator!
"Let's try this again." Niall mumbles. He sounds hurt. We walk to the elevator and hit the button for the first floor. I look up to find Zayn looking at me. I smile and look to Hannah in Louis's arms.
"Nikki are you alright?" She asks. I nod and put on a fake smile. It hurts. She smiles back. The elevator stops and we walk for the pool doors. Here we go.

----ZAYN AWAY!---- XD

NOTE: This chapter was written by Nikki. I (~CAPTAIN AMERICA~ ;{D) posted it because of her wifi issues. XD also, we might not post as much. We have swimming and basketball coming. We will still post, but not as often! ~CAPTAIN AMERICA~ ;{D like, comment, favorite!
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