One In A Million

Hannah and Nikki have entered a contest to meet One Direction. They have a one in a million chances of winning. Will they win?... They do!!! They priomised to never get in each others way. Both claiming a favorite in the group. Nikki and Zayn. Hannah and Louis. But their plan dosen't end up the way they want it. They run into all these promblems with fans and the other band members. Plus their Life and Death encounters. Will they survive the plan they entened and the one in a million chances. Wish us luck!!


12. The Last Day

****nikkis POV****
My eyes flutter open slowly. I can smell Zayn beside me. His warm arms over me. Holding me. Claiming me. I can hear his slow inhales and exhales indicating he's still asleep. I just lay still. The moment stretches and seems to last forever. Until he stirs and wakes up. I turn to him to see his sparkling eyes looking back at me. He moves his hand to my head and brushes my hair out of my eyes and smiles softly.
"Nice bed head love." He smiles as says in a soft whisper. His British accent breaking the silence smoothly.
"Thank you but I wouldn't talk." I whisper back playfully and give him a quick pat on the head. I put my arms on his shoulders and he moves his hands down to my waist. I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him in to a bear hug. He wraps his arms around my lower back and hugs back. He rests his head on my shoulder and I pull back to loosen the hug and he lays on his back rather than his side. I flip to where I can rest my head on his chest. I lay with my head sideways so I can see his face. I slowly rub my hand across his rough bread on his face. He wraps his arms around me as I do this. He takes one hand and caresses my face. Going from my hair to the edge of my chin. He lift my chin and starts to lean in. I follow and lean in too. I look him in the eyes and I see his eyes look from my eyes to my lips. I do the say to show him it's okay. We continue to lean in slowly until out lips brush against each others. Then we hear a cough at the door. We quickly pull back and he blushes. I look to the door. It was Niall.
"Sorry to interrupt but breakfast is ready. I was told to come find you. Sorry."
"It's fine Niall." I sigh and sit up. I wiggle away from warm soft Zayn. I see I still have my basketball shorts on and I smile remembering last night. I feel arms wrap around me from behind. I giggle under his strength and he jumps at my giggle.
"What's wrong love?" He whispers into my ears and I can feel him smiling softly against my ear.
"You. Your so perfect." I smile and spin around to face him. I lean into him and he hold me. I pull back and jump when I hear Hannah in the kitchen.
"Are you coming or what! There's bacon!" She yells at me. Man, she knows me too well. My mouth starts to water as the smell of bacon hits me for the first time.
"Mhhh common lets go! I'm hungry." I whisper back. He laughs and intertwined our fingers. We walk side by side into the kitchen area. I see Niall hunched over in a chair, Hannah and Louis on he couch snuggling. Liam at the stove and Harry is probably downstairs. Zayn leads me to the couch and he sits down. I sit on his lap and lean against his chest. He wraps his arms around my belly and pokes my side. I yelp and jump up. Everybody looks at me. The room goes quiet. Zayn starts laughing and soon everybody in cracking up. Harry waltz up the stairs and stops in surprise.
"What happened while I was gone?" He yells over us.
"Nothing. Just Zayn and now everybody else found out my ticklish spot." I give them a dirty look.
"Oh where is it." He says and Hannah jumps up yelping. Louis is laughing and Hannah is giving him a dirty look.
"There!" He manages to gulp out.
"Sorry hon. Come sit back down." Zayn leans forward and pats his legs. I look at the ground smiling. I feel my cheeks getting red.
"Fine." I slowly make my way back to Zayn and sit next to him. He wraps his arm around my shoulder and I rest my head on his left shoulder. He leans into my ear and whispers to me.
"Sorry. I didn't know."
"It's okay Zaynie." I tease back. I feel him smile and move away.
"Breakfast is served!" Liam yells at us from the kitchen. Louis grabs Hannah's hand and helps her up and into the kitchen. I look into Zayn's eyes. Everybody has left the room. He puts his hand on the back if my neck. I turn to face him and he starts to lean in. He looks from my eyes to my lips and I do the same reassuring him. We both lean in closer and closer. Until our lips brush together.
"Hey guys! It's getting cold!" Liam walks into the room. Zayn and I immediately separate. And Scootch away from each other.
"Oh sorry!" Liam gasps.
"It's fine." I say out loud but I'm thinking to myself. 'Again! Really? Again!' I look to Zayn and he's thinking the same thing. He nods toward the kitchen area and Liam backs out. He stands up slowly and grabs my hand. He leans into my ear and hold me close. Engulfing me in him.
"Don't worry. It'll happen." I smile and he just laughs. He lets me go and grabs my hand and leads me to the table. We sit down and grab our plates and dig into the yummy breakfast Liam has prepared.

*******Hannah's POV********
----My eyes slowly part to see Louis face. His beautiful cheeks and lips. His hair all messed up from sleeping. I giggle. This makes his eyes flutter open. He sees me and smiles.
"Hello Hannah." He smiles to me.
"Hey Lou." I giggle out only making him smile more. His arms are wrapped around my waist and his head was on my shoulder until he lifted it. I wrapped my arms around him and lay my head on his chest. He rests his chin on the top of my head. I lift my head and rest my chin on his shoulder and pull him closer. He wraps his arms around my sides and interlocks his fingers behind my back. I wrap my arms around his neck and snuggle into the crank of his neck. I can smell his cologne lingering on his skin. It smells so good right now. I lean out and look into his eyes deeply. He looks back into mine. He starts to lean in like yesterday. He looks from my eyes to my lips and back a couple times. I look from his eyes to his nose to his lips slowly and back up to his sea green eyes that are glistening. I lean in too. We slowly lean in and then hear murmuring coming from behind me. I pull away quickly and my cheeks turn red immediately.
"What are you guys doing?" I hear Harry's voice from behind me then a snicker. I flip over to find Harry and Liam staring at me and Louis. I see Liam snicker and Harry look away.
"Sorry. Kind of interrupted you two. We just came up to make breakfast. Sorry." Liam spoke quietly. I could hear the embarrassment in his tone.
"It's fine you guys. Don't worry about it."-----
"Hannah can you pass the bacon." Nikki spoke. I realize I was dreaming about what happened this morning.
"Sure. Here." Nikki gives me a concerned look. I must have been thinking for awhile. She leans into me.
"You okay?" She asks me so only I can hear while the boys fight over the last bit of potatoes.
"Yeah fine." She sits back In her chair and realizes what going on.
"Hey guy! Ladies first!" She leans in and takes the last bit of the potatoes and the boys whine back.
"But Nikki!" They whine as she slowly eats the potatoes. I just laugh and get dirty looks from the guys.
"So what are we don't today?" I ask them. Nikki jumps up full of ideas.
"How about the amusement park that just opened down the road!" She jumps up and down squealing. I laugh at her. I see Zayn give her a worried look. She's always looking for an adventure!
"Are you sure about that Nikki?" I question her and everybody else nods asking the same thing.
"Yeah common it'll be fun!" She convinces Louis Niall and Liam but not Harry Zayn and I. "Please! Please!" She pleaded to me. I finally gave in but Zayn and Harry still stood tall.
"I don't know." Harry questions.
"Just try." Nikki protests. Harry nods but Zayn still looks stunned.
"Please Zaynie?" Nikki teases Zayn and I try to hold back a giggle. She puffs out her bottom lip and has puppy dog eyes. Man she's good.
"Okay but you can't leave me." Zayn looks at her still concerned.
"I promise." She celebrates.
"Alright let's finish up and get ready." Liam tells us all.
"Yes daddy Liam." We all say in unison. We quickly finish and head off to get ready. I grab my blue jeans short that stop about mid thigh and my pink tank top with spaghetti straps. I find my yellow blue and green strap on sandals and change. I get some light brown eye shadow and black mascara to set off my features. And today I decide to wear my contacts. I brush out my strawberry blonde hair And head out to the kitchen area.
******Nikki's POV******
I finish breakfast and rush off to my room. I go strait to my closet and pick out clothes. I find my blue jean shorts that stop about mid thigh and my neon green tank top with spaghetti straps. I find my blue yellow and pink strap on sandals. I quickly change then brush out my hair into a side part and put in my contacts. I apply light sparkly green eyeshadow and black mascara and grab my phone off the charger then rush out to the kitchen to meet Hannah.
"Geez they take forever." She says to me.
"Yeah for once I'm not the last one!" She laughs at me. "Hey you got your phone?" I ask her.
"Yes momma Liam!" She teases me. I playfully punch her arm. Then Liam comes bursting up the staircase.
"Hey you girls go you phones and everything you need? Oh and bring swimsuit!"
"Thanks daddy Liam." Hannah and I say and smile then run off to our rooms. I get a purple bikini top and a light green bikini bottom. I run over to Hannah's room to show her. She nods and shows me hers. She had a pink rose bikini top and bright baby blue swimming shorts.
"Awesome now let's go!" I grab her wrist and drag her meeting the rest of the boys. I get a bag from the closet and we shove our swim suits and towels in it. I sling it over my shoulder and turn back to the boys. They are talking among themselves and Hannah and I walk over to them.
"Ready to go?" I ask them.
"Yes but we've gotta be back by three tonight. The plane leaves at six. And we've gotta pack and drive there." Liam tells us all and we nod. He stops talking and I run to the door and to the van. I see the boys follow and Hannah lock the door behind her. Harry gets in the drivers seat and Niall in the front seat Liam gets all the way in the back and Louis gets in. I wait till Hannah sits on his lap and then Zayn gets in. I sit on Zayn's lap and shut the door. The car starts and we head on our way to the park. I look to Hannah and Louis has wrapped her up again. Her eyes are closed and she's smiling. I laugh to myself and feel hands on my hips. I turn and face Zayn. He looks from my eyes to my lips. I do the same. We start to lean in.
"Hey everybody we're here!" Niall yells and turns around. Zayn and I cringe and he helps me out. I help him and everybody else out too.
"Sorry." Zayn whispers in my ear.
"It's fine." We start towards the gates.
"How many?" The lady questions. "Seven please."
"That'll be 65 please."
"Wow that's cheap and here you go." She stamps out hands and we walk in the doors to the empty park. Only a few people are here.
"Woah. Talk bout empty!" Harry says.
"Let's go!" I grab Zayn's wrist and run towards the tallest roller coaster. He stops making me fly back and land on my butt.
"Sorry." He helps me up.
"Why did you stop?"
"We'll I'm kinda afraid if heights."
"It's okay. Just stay with me and sit with me and you'll be fine." I smile and give him a hug. I pull back and he smiles and says okay. I pull him to the line and we are fifth in line. The rest of the group gets behind us. Zayn and I get the first cart in the front. I smile at him and he gives me a weak smile. I buckle in and he does the same. I spin around and see Liam and Niall together and Lou and Hannah together and Harry alone. I turn back around and look at Zayn. I take his hand in mine and the roller coaster starts to click. He panics.
"It's okay baby. Calm down." That helps alittle. I snuggle closer to him. He clams down more. I look up and see the first hill. We start our climb and I look back at everybody. Giant smiles are plastered on their faces. I think to myself best day ever and we stop at the top of the hill. I look at Zayn and throw my hands in the air. One still attached to Zayn's. It picks up speed and starts our fast descend. I see Zayn's other arm go up into the air and he looks at me a smile on his face. The twist and turns are soon over and we pull to a stop. We go to the booth to see our pictures. It was perfect. Zayn and my hands in the air one hand interlocked together. Smiling. Then Louis and Hannah in the same poistion behind us. All in one picture. I had to buy one and I do and show Hannah.
"Oh my gosh that's coming with us to London!"
"I was planning on it!" I say back.
"Okay so where to next?" Harry asks.
"How about the Ferris wheel?" Niall asks.
"No!" Hannah and I both say.
"Why not?" Liam questions.
"To many bad stories on tv. Ferris wheels are not reliable." I say to them and they nod. "How about the dove tunnel?" I ask.
"Sure." Zayn grins and puts his arm around me. I giggle at this. Louis nods and grabs Hannah's hand and interlocks their fingers. I smile at my good idea. Harry gets between Niall and Liam. He puts his arms around their shoulder.
"We'll go together!" He winks. Hannah and I just look at say other and laugh. We make our way to the other side of the park. To the empty ride. We line up Louis and Hannah in the first boat. They take off then Zayn and I get in one. We take of and I imagine Harry Liam and Niall get in the third one all together.
***Hannah's POV of the ride***
We get in the boat and start flouting along Louis scoots closer to me. His soft smile and his arms comforts me into him. The dark tunnel soon turns to pink and red lights. They dance around us and a heart lights up. I turn to Lou. He's look at me. Has he been looking at me the whole time? I quickly shake off the question and study his eyes. The sea green seems to last forever and the black pupils flash around my flash. I smile shyly as he looks deeply into my eyes. It feels like he can read my mind. All I'm thinking is how luck am I.
"Do you know how lucky I am?" I ask softly.
"No and why?" He questions raising an eyebrow.
"You. I'm so lucky because of you." I smile back.
"I'm the lucky one." He smiles and starts to lean in. His eyes flash from my eyes to my lips. He takes two fingers and lifts my face slightly. I meet his eyes. I lean in too. Slowly and treasuring the moment. We get close and the tunnel turns bright. It was over. We pull back quickly embarrassed. I sigh part from it was too early and I really wanted to kiss him. We get off and he grabs my hand. We wait for the rest of the group.
******Louis's POV of the ride******
I lead Hannah to the boat and we get locked in. The boat moves forward. I scoot closer too her. I mean it is a "Love tunnel" right? I smile softly at her and wrap my arms around her fragile looking shoulder. I set my arm down carefully. Studding her face. The lights begin to flash around us. The pinks and endless reds. The beautiful seen makes her face light up. This only makes me smile bigger. I couldn't take my eyes off her. She beautiful. She turns to me and meets my eyes. I blush slightly getting caught. I look from her eyes to her cute little nose to her soft pink lips to her slightly pink cheeks and back at her eyes. I look into he eyes. The hazel that makes me smile. Her eyes make me lose myself. I see her cheeks raise slightly with a smile. I was taken. She's mine. I can't believe that.
"Do you know how lucky I am." Her soft voice breaks my thoughts.
"No and why?" I question and my eye brow raises with my question.
"You. I'm soo lucky because of you." She says softly. Her smile widens.
I search my mind for something to say. "I'm the lucky one." The words slip past my mind and lips. They seemed just right. I lean in slowly and look from her hazel eyes to her pink lips and back. I take my first and second fingers of my left hand and lift her chin softly. She meets my eyes and I start to lean in. She follows. All of a sudden the dim light turns to the bright sunlight outside and we pull away. I see her cheeks turn a slight red and I help her off the ride. I take her hand and wait for the rest.
*****Nikki's POV of the ride****
I stand with Zayn waiting for the next boat. We get in the boat and slowly flout to the dark tunnel. I take his arm and place it around my shoulders and I snuggle closer to him. He holds me tighter. I look up at him. I see his rough beard still. He didn't shave. I smile at him. He looks down at me and see me smiling this makes him smile. I think to myself the perfect relationship is when you smile your partner smiles with your smile. God do I love him. Everything about him. I mean I loved him before but getting to know him the feelings go deeper. Now I can't be without him. It's been three days and it feels like a million. I savor every moment.
"I love you Nikki." He smiles and brushes me hair out of my eyes.
"I love you too Zayn. I really do." I confess to him. I look from his eyes to his lips and back up. He smiles wider.
"Now this time we won't be interrupted." I laugh at this and he leans in. His eyes look from my eyes to my lips and back. I lean in slowly so does he. Until our lips brush. We continue to move closer sealing our kiss. The dim light that surrounded us turns to bright. I hear Hannah laughing and Zayn slowly pulls back. I look into his eyes smiling. I see the smite look on his face.
"You felt that too right?" He questions me.
"Yeah." My cheeks turn bright pink and I smile shyly. He helps me off and we walk hand in hand to Hannah and Louis. Zayn wraps me up in a hug from behind. His arms around my neck and his chin on my head. My hand touch his arms, smiling.
*****Zayn's POV of the ride****
I stand studying Nikki's face. Her dimples as she smiles. Her crystal blue eyes and her soft pink lips and her pale skin that ties her up. I see her dirty blonde hair droop down her shoulders and I look down at he hand at her side. I grab it and intertwine our fingers. The boat pulls up and I lead her too it. I get in first then her. I hold her hand in the middle of us. She untwined our fingers and wraps my right arm around her shoulders and she tucks into me closer. I look up and see her studding me. I look down and see her smiling. I smile too. I think to myself how much I love her. I think about the time together. The third day. It seems like forever. Like I've known her forever.
"I love you Nikki." I let that slip out Loud. I take my left hand and brush across he forehead moving her hair.
"I love you too Zayn. I really do." She admits to me. I smile wider and I see her eyes shift from my eyes to my lips and back.
"Now this time we won't be interrupted." She laughs at my comment and I lean in. I look from her deep eyes to her pink lips and back and she leans in. We come closer until our lips brush. A shiver runs up my spine. I move in closer sealing our kiss. The dim light that surrounded us turns bright as we pull apart. I hear Hannah laugh and open my eyes to see her. My Nikki. That kiss was nothing like anything I felt before. I know this is cheesy but I felt fireworks. I swear.
"Did you feel that too?" I question her. I want to make sure I'm not the the only one.
"Yeah." She smiles shyly and her cheeks turn a pink in the summer sun. I help her off the ride and walk with her to Hannah and Louis. I wrap her up from behind. My arms around her neck loosely. My chin on her soft hair and my smile wide. Her hands on my arms tie it off.
***Nikki's POV****
*after the group meets up*
"Soo now where?" I question still tied to Zayn.
"How about the water park!" Niall exclaims to us.
"Sure just let us change." I smile and peck Zayn on the cheek and get away to the girl a restroom to change with Hannah close at my heels.
"Oh my god! You and Zayn kissed!" She practically screams.
"Yeah I know." I shyly reply.
"Don't be shy! It's cute and adorable!" She screams again.
"Yeah. I guess." I say as I dive into a stall. I quickly change and shove my cloths into the bag. Hannah hand me her cloths and I put her cloths in the bag too. I throw it over my back and walk out. The guys all have changed too. Seeing them shirtless in life in nothing like the pictures. Hannah and I turn around on our heels and head back got he bathroom running. I run and slam the door behind me.
"Hannah! Fan girl moment!" I scream!
"Yeah I know! They are hotter in real life!"
"Okay now lets try this again. Calm." She laughs and we walk back out to the boys.
"What was that all about?" Harry questions. I couldn't help but look at his abs. He poses along with the rest of the guys.
"DO YOU FIND THIS DISTRACTING!" They all shout at the same time.
"Just alittle." I answer. They laugh at me and Hannah. Zayn come up and hugs me I hug him back. Hannah and I pull together and pose too.
"DO YOU FIND THIS DISTRACTING!?" We question them. Zayn and Louis nods at us. We couldn't help but laugh. Zayn sweeps me off my feet and carries me to the lockers. He takes Hannah and mine stuff and shoves it into the locker with the boys stuff too. He spins around and starts back to the guys. I see Hannah on Louis back and Niall in Harry's arms. I give them a questionable look and they laugh. We head off to the water slides. Zayn sets me down to walk and I grab his hand faster than you could say 'Zany Malik'. We get in the shorts line, him and I in front. He spins me around and kisses my cheek.
"Double or single inter-tube?" He asks me.
"Double please." He nods and goes to the tubs to grab and double and walks back over. He hold my hand with one of his and the big blown up tube with his other arms.
"Who are you sharing this with?" He whispers and gives a wild look.
"You silly!" I stand on my tip toes and wrap my arms around his neck. He laughs in my ear. I pat his head and get back to earth. We up at the the slides. It's covers so it'll be dark. I get in front when he lays down the tube. I put my feet on the bottom to hold us. He gets in and I let him put his legs under my arms. He puts his hands on my waist and the guy gives us a wink.
"Aww young love!" He guffawed at us. I blush and the guy pushes us down the slide. I scream at the immediate drop. Zayn leans into my back and holds me closer. My screams turns to laughs and he's giggling in my ear. We hit the bottom when Louis and Hannah come out the other slide laughing in the same position. I flip out surprising Zayn and swim to the edge and gets out. I help Zayn with the tube and we get it in the gate. The rest of the boys come down one by one. I look at the clock. Noon. Already!
"Hey guys we have like two hours left!"
"My goodness!" Liam jumps. Louis leans over and pokes my side and Zayn pokes Hannah side at the same time. That sends Hannah and I running in a random direction. Towards the water lazy river. We look to each other and laugh. I fall onto the ground. And Hannah falls on top of me. The boys are here soon and help us up. We both grab a double tube and wait for our boyfriend. Man that sounds good. I get in front of Zayn and Hannah gets in front of Louis. We sit not the water and let the current take us along. I lay my head back on Zayn. I see his face and smile. He smiles too until we hear splashing and yelling behind us. A whistle blares and we hear more yelling. We get to the next stair case and we get of since the others were kicked of of the lazy river.
"Now what since you guys ruined that!" I tease them. They just continue laughing and slapping each other sissy style. Soon Louis joins in and Zayn follow. I look to Hannah.
"Wanna yell break it up with me!?" I ask excited.
"Have at it sis." She smiles.
"BREAK IT UP!!!!" I yell and they freeze. Hannah falls to the ground laughing and I keep my serious face on. I slowly walk towards them. I look quickly at the clock before talking.
"We have less than and hour and a half left now stop fighting and let's have fun!" They nod like little kids in trouble. I laugh and fall with Hannah. I get picked up and look to see has me. It was Niall. He smiles and starts to run for the chairs at the lunch area. I turn my head and see nobody following. I turn around and see they are already there. I wrap my arms around Niall. He carries me all the way to the order area and orders me a large thing of cookie dough dips to share. I laugh and he grabs that and too spoons with me still in his arms. I see Liam and Hanna sharing one and Louis splitting with Zayn. And Harry eating off both. Niall sets me down next to Liam. The order is me, Liam, Hannah, Zayn, Louis then Niall. I start eating the cookie dough then take a scoop of the cotton candy and lean across the table to try the banana split. I go to sit back but Zayn leans on top of my to taste the cookies and cream and Hannah gets on too of him to reach the banana split. We laugh and I was squished. I try to get out but they wouldn't let me. Liam helps Hannah off but Zayn refuses to get off.
"Your squishing me!!" I tell him.
"Not until you give me a kiss." He pouts back.
"Let me roll over!" He lifts up slightly and I flip over. He immediately lays back down pining me to the table. I look him in the eyes and he leans down. We hear ohhhh from the rest of the group. I stop him.
"Hold on. SHUT UP!" I yells to the rest of them. Zayn laughs. "Now?" He asks. "Yes." I close my eyes and lean in. Our lips touch ever soo slightly and we hear another ahh from the group. My eyes shoot open to meet Zayn's. He shrugs. We ignore them. We lean in and our lips meet. The fireworks are felt again. He pulls away. My eyes finally open and meet his. Ohhs and ahhs come from everybody at the table. He gets off of me and Niall helps me back down to the seat. I look to Hannah and she laughs at me. My eyes are shocked but my mouth is in a small smile not showing teeth. I look to Louis and he's hiding behind Niall. I look to Niall and he's smiling at me softly then Liam. He's laugh at me and Zayn and quickly looks away when he sees I'm looking. I look to harry who is sitting shocked. Then to Zayn. He mouths to me. 'You felt that too?' I nod. I look to the time we only have an hour.
"Hey guys we have an hour. How about we go on another slide then change and go to be bungee jumped." They all agree and I throw away the trash and grab Niall's wrist and runs to the tallest slide. It's a single open slide that shoots straight down. They all give me questionable looks when they get behind me. I nod and climb the stairs. I beat everybody easily and quickly get in. It doesn't require a tube so I cross my arms and legs. The guys says go and I'm dropped into the slide I speed down the slide screaming. I get to the bottom and watch everybody else. They all scream. Zayn screams the most. That's right he is afraid of heights. I laugh when he finally gets down. The last one. I get grabbed by Niall's and he ran for the locker stations for dear life. I could hear screaming from behind but faintly over our laughs. We get to he locker and he rips the lock off and shoves my stuff into my hands.
"Run!" He says way to frantically. He takes his stuff locks the door and picks me up and runs for the bathrooms. He drops me off in front of the girls lockers and he runs into the boys. I hear a thud and an ow from there. Then him saying "I'm okay!" I laugh and wait for Hannah but run into the lockers when the boys come at me.
"Hey no fair!" They slam on the door. I wait till the noise is away and open it for Hannah.
"Thanks and nice escape plan." She laughs at me.
"Here. Now change." I order and hand her stuff to her. We come out of the bathroom fully changed in about ten minuets and meet the boys. I look at the clock. HALF AN HOUR! Dang.
"Common we have half an hour! Lets go on the Ferris wheel." Niall complains.
"No!" Hannah and I protest. But I'm quickly swept up by Niall, Hannah's swept up by Liam and Harry takes Zayn and runs us to the Ferris wheel. We get on and I'm sat between Niall and Zayn. Then Louis is besides Niall and Hannah. Then it's Liam and Harry on the other side. We start to move and Hannah Zayn and I panic. The others just laugh and try to calm us down. I cling to Niall and Zayn clings to me. Hannah clings to Louis and Louis clings to Niall. Niall sits shocked.
"Maybe this was a bad idea." He says and we nod. But I start to calm down after a bit. So does Louis and Hannah. I turn and hold onto Zayn. He holds onto me still scared. I whisper to him.
"It's okay baby. I'm here." He smiles. We get to the top and it stops. Harry jumps and hugs Liam. I laugh and he coughs and shuffles away from Liam. I look to Hannah and Louis. They are looking into each other's eyes. It was soo cute. I turn to Zayn. He's looking at me with his eyes. They are chocolate brown now. Smooth and luxury to me. I look into his eyes and he begins to lean in. The Ferris wheel starts to move and it scares me. I cling to Zayn. I look up at him and he starts to lean in again. I sit up and connect our lips. I linger on his lips. The soft lips owned by Zayn Malik chose to kiss me. I smile into the kiss and pull back when we get to the bottom. Harry and Liam get off first followed by Hannah Louis Niall and finally me and Zayn. We get out of the park and laughs and talk our way back to the van. We get in the same way we came. Harry driving Niall in the front and Liam in the back. Louis in the seat and Hannah on his lap. Finally Zayn then me on his lap. Louis wraps his arms around Hannah for 'safety reasons' and Hannah lays back against him. I feel hands on my hips and Zayn's head on my back. I smile.
The car ride is over way to fast. We run inside and start to pack the rest of out suitcases. The boys taking loads out. Our and their stuff has to fit in to car. We finally get done and we still have thirty minuets till we have to leave. I walk around inside making sure we didn't forget anything. We didn't so I say good bye to all my things and our beautiful yard. It's time to go and we get into the car altogether. Hannah and I say one final goodbye to the house for the summer and pull out the drive to head toward the privet jet waiting for us.

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