One In A Million

Hannah and Nikki have entered a contest to meet One Direction. They have a one in a million chances of winning. Will they win?... They do!!! They priomised to never get in each others way. Both claiming a favorite in the group. Nikki and Zayn. Hannah and Louis. But their plan dosen't end up the way they want it. They run into all these promblems with fans and the other band members. Plus their Life and Death encounters. Will they survive the plan they entened and the one in a million chances. Wish us luck!!


14. Plane ride!

***Hannah's POV***
We pile in the van. Harry drives, Liam in the passenger seat, Lou, Nialler, Zayn in the back and Nikki on Zayn's lap and me on Lou's. Lou wraps his arms around my waist and I lay my head on his shoulder and lean my head next to his. I stare out the window and watch our beautiful house disappear. I place my hand on the window and whisper, "goodbye."
We get about a block away from the house and Lou breaks the silence by shouting, "KEVIN!" And pointing out the window. I jump about a foot in the air off his lap, no arms to stop me since his are pointing out the window. We all burst out laughing. I'm not sure if its at me or at Lou... Maybe both. Probably both! (c:) "sorry for the scare love," he whispers in my ear while everyone is laughing.
"It's fine," I say.
"You sure?" He says.
I jump up yelping. I get a surge through my side and then land on Lou's lap with him cracking up. Everyone looks at me concerned. I just give Lou a slight glare.
"Found it on the other side this time," he gets out.
He attempts to do it again but I jump in Nialler's lap before he can. Nikki yelps and then runs to Louis. I see Zayn cracking up now. I can tell Niall's about to try it on me but I grab his fingers before he can. "Don't you dare do it Horan," I say completely serious. Then, seeing the look on the guys faces especially Niall's face, burst out laughing. I can hear Nikki's laugh too.
"How did you know!?" Niall exclaims when we settle down.
"Well, I am a ninja," I say holding up my hands in a karate pose. We pull into the airport with everyone bursting out laughing again. Liam opens the door and helps Nikki and I out. Nikki goes to help Harry with the bags, and I help the guys out. The other guys help Nikki and Harry but Louis waits as I crawl back inside the van to get my purse. I see Nikki's phone and iPod in the car and grab them.
"Whose are those?" Lou asks.
"Nikki's," I whisper.
"Why are you whispering?" He whispers.
"Cause," I whisper back.
"Oh," Lou says. Whispering.
"HEY!" Nikki yells coming over to me. "Those are mine!"
"Oh they're yours?" I ask.
"*sarcastic* NOOOO!" She say trying to take them.
I swing my arms up, and the electronics are JUST out of her reach. "Remember when we would debate who's taller? And you would win? Looks like it's come back to bite ya!" I say running around the van, electronics over head. I ram them into Niall's hands and whisper, "Nikki's. Keep away. RUN!"
Niall runs away to the side of the van. Next thing I know I'm on the ground. "OW!" I yell in her face.
"Sorry! now HAND THEM OVER!" She yells.
"Nikki, what are you talking about?" I ask.
"The electronics. Hand them over."
"What electronics?" I say in an innocent voice.
Nikki gets lifted off of me and someone picks me up bridal style. Liam. Harry has a squirmy Nikki. "Thanks Li," I say.
"No problem," he says. He sets me down and I hide behind him. A few minutes go by and Liam turns around and says, "she's calmed down."
"What happened!?" I ask. "Oh," I say seeing Zayn kissing her. Louis comes from behind and hugs me around the waist.
"GET A ROOM!" We yell at Nikki and Zayn at the same time. We both smile at each other.
They pull apart and say, "SHUT IT YOU TWO!"
Lou and I laugh and I whisper in his ear, "where's Nialler go? Gave him the electronics."
"He slipped them in her carry on," Lou said.
"OH!" I say pulling Lou over to the luggage. I grab my carry on backpack and shove my purse inside. I sling the backpack over my shoulder and grab my purple suitcase. I take the handle in one hand and intertwine mine and Lou's fingers with the other. "Daddy Direction. Our plane leaves in 45 minutes," I say.
Liam gets everyone ready and then leads the way inside. Before we get inside I yell, "WAIT!" Everyone freezes.
"WHAT!" They all yell back.
"One Direction walking in a crowded airport with two girls. Each girl holding hands with a member. No disguises. See the problem?" I say.
"Riiiiiight," the guys say. The each reach into their carry on's and grab a hat and sunglasses. We walk into the airport and head to our flight.
*after security and everything* (I'm too lazy to write it okay! :P)
*On the plane*
Louis leads the way to the plane, and gets on first. He takes a seat by the window, and I sit next to him. He puts the luggage up, and Nialler comes and puts his up next to ours and plops in the seat next to me. Nikki sits in the seat in front of me, next to Zayn. Harry and Liam sit behind Louis, Niall and I. I get my iPhone out and unlock it. I see the pass code lock, and Niall looking over my shoulder, Louis doing the same. I pull the phone up to my eyes, less than an inch away from my nose and put in the pass code.
"It's not good to keep secrets," Louis says.
"Well when you want to get into my phone just tell me. You too Niall," I say when I see Niall's fake offended face.
I go into settings and switch my phone to 'airplane mode' then open my camera. "Gather round everyone!" I say.
Nikki and Zayn get behind us and Liam and Harry get closer. I get my camera ready and hold my arms far put in front of my. Everyone makes a goofy face. I cross my eyes and stick my tongue out. I snap the pic then we all take another with all of us smiling normally. After the pictures Nikki and Zayn go back to their seats and Harry and Liam sit down. I look at the pictures and smile. When I look at the goofy one I burst out laughing. Liam has three pairs of bunny ears. There are puffed cheeks, crossed eyes, tongues out, eyebrows raised, and well a lot of goofy faces. I set the picture as my lock screen and smile. We are told to put on our seat belts, so I do so. I give Lou a smile and he intertwines our fingers. I feel the blood rush to my cheeks. We take off, and start to have a steady flight. I reach for my bag and set it on my lap. A flight attendant comes by and I ask for a soda. I pull out my coloring book and crayons and he Nikki laugh.
"What?" I ask her with a grin.
"You're pulling a Jennifer Lawrence aren't you?" She asks.
"What makes you think that?" I ask sarcastically. Nikki turns away smiling and shaking her head. I pull out my book. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
"Whatcha reading?" Nialler asks.
"Harry Potter," I say showing him the cover.
"Isn't that the one where the trio is looking for horcruxes?" He asks.
"Yeah!" I say.
"Why didn't they go back to Hogwarts that year?" Lou asks.
"Well they needed to find the horcruxes," I say. The attendant comes back with my drink and I don't notice yet. I tell Lou, "also the Ministry had taken over Hogwarts at the time." I notice my drink had come and I take it trying to hold back the laughter. "Thank you," I say weakly. Nikki looks at me and we share the same look as the attendant walks away. Nikki has been watching the whole thing. She walks through the curtains and I hand my soda to Lou to hold. I give Niall my bag and burst out laughing. I slide down my seat, and my feet come up so my face is facing my knees. I see the weird looks from the guys so I grab my phone, and pull up a picture. It has Jennifer Lawrence talking about how she hates first class. Everyone has their newspapers and computers and she asks for a coloring book. The thing that happens with Harry Potter here, almost exactly happened to her. They understand and gives OOOOOH's. I burst out laughing again. I try to contain myself, but it makes me laugh more. I finally calm down when Lou hugs me and won't let go until I stop laughing. When I stop laughing I sit up and take my pop from him and start to drink it. I take my bag back from Niall and put it behind my back. I grab my phone and start to watch videos I have on my phone that I bought from iTunes. Kiss You comes up and I just giggle.
"What?" Lou asks.
"You guys," I say.
Lou and Niall look at my phone and understand. To my surprise they start to take out my headphones from my ears and my phone. They turn up the volume, restart the video, and hit play. They start to sing along. I smile and sit back in my seat. Nikki looks at me and I just shrug. All the guys jump in and sing their parts. I see Lou looking at me the whole time and smiling through his singing. He touches my arm slightly when they sing "so tell me girl of everytime we touch you get this kind of rush." I felt my cheeks blush, and sling along when they sing, "baby say yeah yeah yeah." I see his cheeks grow a slight pink and giggle to myself. The guys finish singing when the song ends and I turn the videos off. I lock my phone and slide it into my bag. Louis intertwines our fingers, and I smile. Niall just groans sarcastically and I whack his arm. I laugh when he does.
"Sorry Niall," I say.
"I'll get you," he starts. He pokes my side and I squeal. "Back for that." He starts to laugh.
I give him a glare then laugh. "Even Steven?" I ask Niall.
"Even Steven," Niall confirms.
"Oh Lou!" Nikki exclaims. "Remember. If you break her heart. I'll kick the snot outta you."
My eyes go wide as I look at her. Louis eyes are wide like mine, and the boys are laughing.
Lou leans over and whispers to me, "I don't plan on breaking your heart. You're mine, and that's how I want it."
I smile and whisper back to him, "and you are mine. I hope it stays that way." I rest my head on his shoulder and shut my eyes. I drift off to sleep.
*Niall's POV*
*we have landed*
"Well who gets Hannah's bags?" I ask.
"And Nikki's," Liam adds.
"And mine," Lou says hopefully.
"You have two arms! They aren't broken!" Harry tells him.
"Well I plan on carrying my girlfriend," he protests.
"I do as well," Zayn says quietly picking up Nikki bridal style. Louis then proceeds to pick up Hannah. I reach up and grab Hannah's suitcase and sling her backpack over my shoulder. I get my luggage from up top. The other guys each grab a suitcase or two and then we walk off the plane. We have our shades and beanies on and we walk through the airport. We get outside and pile in a limo. Louis and Zayn sit next to each other. I sit next to Louis and Harry and Liam sit across from us. Hannah and Nikki's heads are leaning on each others. I laugh and snap a pic. We get to the hotel, and we see a lot of fans waiting outside the hotel. We all give each other nervous looks. Paul knocks on the window from outside the car. Liam rolls down the window and we all give him our worried looks.
"I will take Hannah and Nikole in a different way. Now you guys go into the hotel. Your stuff is on it's way to the room now," Paul says.
"I'm not going on without Hannah," Louis says.
"And I'm not going without Nikki," Zayn says.
"Then you can come with me then around back," Paul says.
They agree and Harry, Liam and I get out of the limo. We walk through the crowd after Paul, and into the hotel. Paul says he'll meet us upstairs with Louis and Zayn. We nod and go to the front desk.
"Reservation under Styles," Harry tells the lady at the desk.
"2J," the lady says giving us our room keys. We thank her and head to the elevator. Liam decides to wait in the lobby for the others. I walk into the apartment and walk straight for a bedroom. I plop onto the bed with my luggage at the foot of it, and sigh.
"Long flight?" Harry asks plopping on the other bed.
"Yes," I breathe out.
I shut my eyes and I'm out like a light.
***Zayn's POV***
Paul takes Lou and I around back and we enter that way. We carry Hannah and Nikki inside, and see Liam in the lobby. We walk up to him. "What are you doing?" I ask.
"Waiting for you," he says.
"Oh," Lou says. We walk over to the elevator and get in. Paul walks with us to the apartment. We walk inside and say goodbye to Paul. I find the room with Hannah and Nikki's stuff. I set Nikki down on the bed with we stuff at the foot, and Lou sets Hannah in the other. We walk to our room and plop on the beds. Lou and I have our own room, and Liam Harry and Niall share a room. I close my eyes, and I'm out like a light.
***Nikki's POV***
I flutter my eyes open. I look around and take in my surroundings. We must be at the hotel. I see Hannah in the bed across from mine. I pull my phone out from my pocket, and check the time. 9 AM. I walk over to Hannah and shake her awake.
"5 more minutes," she grumbles. I whip the blanket off of her and sit in her stomach. She groans and pushes me off. She sits up and digs in her purse, and pulls out a hairbrush. She runs it through her hair and I grab it from her hand when she's done. I brush my own hair and throw it back in her purse. I pull out my soap and clothes and walk to the bathroom. I see a flash of color by my eye and see Hannah standing int the bathroom door.
"Hey!" I say.
"Beat ya," she laughs. She shuts the door and I hear the click of a lock. I laugh and go to the kitchen. 15 minutes later I got some breakfast from the lobby, and Hannah is drying her hair. When Hannah has done her hair, she meets me in the kitchen. I go and take a shower, then do my own hair. I take about 30 minutes over all, just like Hannah did. We set the table. The guys are all still asleep. We wake up Harry, Liam and Niall first. They go into the living room and sit on the couch. Then we go to wake up Lou and Zayn. I give Zayn a kiss on the cheek and he wakes up smiling. I'm guessing Hannah did the same. We lead them into the kitchen and call the other guys over. We all eat, and then gather in the living room. Zayn, Louis, Hannah and I on the couch. Liam, Niall and Harry in chairs around the room.
"What should we do?" I ask.
"Toy Story!" Hannah and Liam say at the same time. They look at each other and high five, and everyone laughs. Harry gets up and places it in the DVD player.
"So when's the concert?" I ask.
"We need to be there at 5," Lou says.
"So we should leave after this," Liam says.
"Okay. What will we do?" Hannah asks.
"Well you each get to watch the show in the seats. We have some back stage passes for you as well," Harry says handing us the passes. I place mine around my neck. Hannah does too.
"Awesome," we smile.
We watch Toy Story, and talk. Afterwards, Louis walks into the kitchen. He comes back with a smile on his face. Harry walks up, and Louis hands him something so we can't see. They hold out their hands at the same time, and Liam bolts for his room. Spoons! They chase after him, but I hear the lock. Hannah walks up to them and holds her hand out.
"Hand them over," she says.
They refuse at first. She glares at them, and the. Walks to her room and locks the door.
"What is she doing?" Lou asks.
"She won't come out until you put the spoons away," I say.
"Really?" They ask.
Hannah comes back and sneaks up behind them. They have their hands at their sides so she snatches the spoons. She runs for the kitchen before they realize what happened. They chase after her once they notice.
I walk into the kitchen and see Hannah standing in front of the drawer with utensils in it. She has her hands over her sides.
"Please? Just one spoon?" Harry asks.
"No!" Hannah protests.
"Guys just give it up. She's not gonna move," I laugh.
They both groan and walk away. Hannah grins and walks over to Liam's room. She gets him to come out. They come back and he sits in his chair. Hannah stands in front of Harry and Louis, and I join her.
"Apologize," we say.
"Sorry Liam," they grumble in unison.
"Good," we smile and take our seats. Hannah pecks Louis cheek, and Zayn grabs my hand. We spend the next few hours talking an watching TV. Finally the time comes, and we need to leave. The guys get dressed and Hannah and I grab our phones and I get my iPod. We grab our jackets and wait for the guys. Hannah is wearing her bright blue skinny jeans, and her bright green tank top, with a white shirt that has a zebra pattern that is transparent. She also has her sparkly TOMs on. I'm wearing my purple skinny jeans, a black tank top, and sparkly white top and my brown UGGS. They guys come out, dressed for rehearsals. We go downstairs and I check the apartment door. Apartment 2J. I nudge Hannah in the side and point at the door. She just giggles. The guys give us looks, but we just laugh. We head to rehearsal. Hannah and I wait backstage while the guys rehearse.
*after rehearsals and before the concerts*
***Hannah's POV***
"Lou? Can I talk to you?" I ask.
"Uh yeah," he says. I lead him off to an empty room I found while wandering around with Nikki. I flip on the light switch. I check my watch, and see Louis has 5 minutes before he needs to be ready to go onstage.
"Well good luck tonight," I smile.
"Thanks," Lou smiles.
I give him a hug, and he hugs me back. We let go, but not all the way. I look into his sea green eyes, and he stares back into my hazel eyes. His eyes flicker down to my lips and back up to my eyes a few times. We lean in slowly. Our lips are an inch apart. Our lips are just brushing, and then we finally lean in to kiss. Our lips moving in sync.
We pull back and just smile. I give Lou one last hug.
"I love you Louis Tomlinson," I whisper in his ear.
"I love you too Hannah Davis," he whispers to me.
We go back out, and Louis waits with the guys. Nikki and I walk to our seats to watch the concert. I'm so excited! We are in the front row. A few minutes pass, and the guys come out on stage. I watch Louis, and I see he can't stop smiling. He sees me and his smile grows a bit bigger. Through the whole concert, he sings and smiles. I don't think I've ever heard him sing this way.

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