One In A Million

Hannah and Nikki have entered a contest to meet One Direction. They have a one in a million chances of winning. Will they win?... They do!!! They priomised to never get in each others way. Both claiming a favorite in the group. Nikki and Zayn. Hannah and Louis. But their plan dosen't end up the way they want it. They run into all these promblems with fans and the other band members. Plus their Life and Death encounters. Will they survive the plan they entened and the one in a million chances. Wish us luck!!


8. Oh. No.

******Hannah's POV*******
I open my eyes and smell the wonderful smell of coffee in the morning. I hear a pan drop in the kitchen. "OH NIKKI," I yell with a smile. I hop out of bed and brush my hair, then go to the kitchen to help Nikki. I jump back in surprise when I see Louis picking up pans. "Need help?" I say walking over.
"What the hell it's 7 in the morning!!" Nikki protests walking in the room.
"Sorry," Louis says blushing.
"It's okay, it's just 7 o'clock in the morning!" Nikki says blushing. "Now what are you making me?" Nikki shouts then we hear Niall yell the same thing from the basement. Spooky!
"Hello what's for breakfast?" Zayn says coming up besides Nikki. I stand by Louis while he fries the bacon.
"KEVIN?!" He shouts.
"Where?!" Nikki and I jump.
"In the park we'll go later and see him." Louis says winking at me.
"Sounds great," I say giving a soft smile to him. I see Zayn give Louis a smile. I wonder what's going on. Oh well!
"Well, breakfast should be ready in 10 minutes," Lou says, then whispers to me as everyone leaves, "sorry for waking you up, it was supposed to be a surprise."
"It's fine, it's the thought that counts," I smile softy.
I help Lou finish the cooking and then set the table. Louis calls everyone up for breakfast, and we all get full. Even Niall. After breakfast we all pile on the couch downstairs. We won't all fit sitting one next to another, so Niall, Harry and Liam get up and turn the Wii on. When it turns on they see what game we have in. Just Dance 4 of coarse! They jump with excitement, and Niall runs up stairs. We all look at him questionably and then at each other the same way. We shrug, and get back to the game. Zayn and Louis jump up from the couch and grab remotes. They search through the playlist and then find "What Makes You Beautiful." They select it, the alternate expert level. Nikki and I look at each other and laugh as they try it. Niall comes back halfway though, and sits next to me. When they finish Nikki, Niall and I all burst out laughing. Nikki and I stand up, tears in our eyes and tell them, "Step aside boys. We'll show ya how its done." I grab Louis remote from him, and wink at him. He smiles at me and sits down next to Zayn and Niall. Nikki grabbed Zayn's remote. We go through the song like its nothing, each scoring 5 stars. "And that's how it's done," we say high fiving.
"Oh! Sassy!" Harry says to us. We snap or fingers in a 'z' formation sending the boys into historical laughter. Niall and Harry jump up and snatch the remotes from Nikki and I. With Zayn, Louis and Liam sitting on the couch we don't have enough room. So Nikki looks at me and I sit on Louis's lap and she sits on Zayn's lap.
*******Nikki's POV******
I feel a pair of arms loop and lock together in front if me. I gets pulled back into Zayn and rest my head on his left shoulder.
"Better?" He turns his head and whispers into my ear.
"Much better." I smile lovingly at him and turn to see Hannah. Louis has wrapped her up in the same manner. I reach across Liam and fist bump Hannah. Liam just looks at me then Hannah and laughs.
"I knew it!"
"Knew what?" I question him.
"Oh nothing" he smirks at me and Hannah. Well that's weird. I turn to see Harry and Niall playing just dance 4 and start laughing.
"What?" Zayn questions. "Did I do something?" He worries.
"No it's not you it's them." I motion to the boys dancing. I lean in closer and whisper in his ear. "They can't dance!"
"We'll I'd like to see you do better." He challenges me.
"Okay!" I grab his wrist and pull him up." But we are doing a duet!" The boys turn our way and gasp. "What?" I ask.
"Uhh Zayn don't dance!" They all yell at me.
"Common. You'll do fine. As long as your dancing with me." I get up and pick the "beauty and the beat VS. call me maybe" battle. I know what we do in this song. So I choose the girl and Zayn picks the guy.
"This better be worth it." He whispers playfully at me. Battle songs are when the player with the most points wins the round it switches to their song. I have call me maybe, Zayn has the J.B. song. We begin to dance. Round 1 is me also with round 2 and 3.But in round 4 it gets lovey right. One of the moves is the boy hugs the girl and picks her up and spins around. So Zayn picks me up and hides his face in my back. I feel him smile and set me down. The next move is she grabs his hand and sets it on her shoulder and kiss his cheek for the finally. I go to kiss Zayn's cheek and everybody oooos behind me. I stop and second guess it but I kiss his cheek anyways. Now Hannah realizes why I picked this song and she ohhs and jumps out of Louis lap. She comes up to me to take my remote.
"Nice choice and good move." She laughs into my ear. Zayn sits on the floor and calls me over.
"Zayn and Nikki sitting in a tree." Harry shouts but I interrupt him with shut up. But I smile at Zayn and shrug. He quickly looks away. I sit next to him.
"Hey can we go to the park now." Louis jumps seeming too excited.
"Sure. Here you guys go get into the car. Hannah come up here with me." I walk up the stairs behind the guys. I grab Hannah wrist and drag her into my room. I wait till I hear the door shut and ten feet hit the steps then speak.
"Do Zayn and Louis seem uptight to you!"
"Yeah alittle."
"What do you think is goin on?"
"I don't know Nikki but! I see what you did downstairs! He hugged you and picked you up and put his hand on your shoulder and you kissed him!!!" She screamed.
"Shhhhhh! They might hear you! But yeah I know right haha! Now common Louis is really excited!"
"Mkay!" I grab her wrist and go to the van. Harry is driving an Liam's in the front seat. Niall is in the back. It's all filled so the only two seats are open and those that are taken by Louis and Zayn.
"Here you go Hannah." Lou says tapping his legs. Zayn gets out and let's her in. She sits on his lap smiling and Louis wraps his arms around her and she jumps." It's for safety reason!" He explains. Zayn hops in the seat and taps his legs.
"Last seat. Sorry."
"No it's fine! Best seat in the house!" I happily sit on his lap with a smile and a wink. Harry stars driving and Zayn wraps his arms around me. I jump but Zayn comforts me and leans back in the seat dragging me with him. I lay against his chest and smile to myself.
"What's the smile for?" Louis asks me. I jump and sputter.
"Uhh nothing. Absolutely nothing." I feel blood rush to my cheeks. Hannah points to her cheeks. I nod and turn to the window but Zayn looks at me from behind my neck. He rests his head on my shoulder and sighs. I shiver but he just holds me tighter."cold?" I nod and he pulls me closer as we pull into the park. Zayn grabs my hand and helps me out. He gets out and helps Hannah out. Hannah helps Louis and Niall out too. Harry is standing by Zayn whispering back and forth and Liam is by Niall and Louis whispering. Hannah and I just look at each other and run to the swings. We see the boys stroll over and get behind us. I feel two hands on my back pushing me. I look at Hannah and she's laughing getting pushed by Louis. Niall Harry and Liam walk over to a group of girls. I figure Zayn is behind me and I turn my neck around and nobody is behind me. I get stopped and look in front of me where Zayn is. He picks me up and carries me over to a bench. I see Hannah and the rest of the boys playing tag or hide and go seek or one of those games. Zayn sits next to me.
"Hey. Um I kinda have something to tell." He turns away but I make him look me in the eye.
"Okay go ahead. You can tell me anything."
"Okay well I really like you and was wondering how you felt." My heart skips a beat and I lose my breath. I tell myself to breath and talk.
"Really? Well I like you a lot just was afraid to tell you." I shyly turn my head to look at the trees and see two white doves take into flight. The symbol of love. They fly over Zayn and I then over Louis and Hannah.
"Well. uh. I don't have a girlfriend." His hand is rubbing the back of his neck. The other in his lap. He's facing me.
"Yes Zayn." I look into his eyes. He reaches over and grabs one of my hands. We get up to walk back to the group I think.
"Hey come this way real quick."
"Okay" he pulls me to a giant tree. It's beautiful and a perfect climbing tree.
"Here I'll show you." He climb to the first fork. And yells down."your turn!" I scramble up the tree quickly and climb higher than him to the branch that reaches over the lake. I climb out a bit. Enough to let Zayn sit by the trunk.
"We'll aren't you just a little climber." He sits down next to me. I grab onto him making sure not to fall. But he puts his arm around me and holds onto my shoulder.
"Now you won't fall." He smiles sweetly at me.
"Thanks you. It's beautiful up here. Between the maple leaves and the branches are huge!"
"Yes i know I saw it when we pulled in."
I gasped. "You planned this!"
"Yupp all of it with the guys. They know." He chuckles. I start to kick my legs back and forth. I see him getting nervous.
"I won't fall."
"Okay. But your accident prone so be careful."
"Okay!" But my legs slip.
"Hey!" He tries to grab me but too late I've already hit the water. "I told you!" I hear when I surface.
"Thanks be to god I left my phone in the car and my iPod at home!"
"No kidding!" I see him taking off his jacket and shoes and tossing them down by the trunk of the tree. I see his phone land next to it in the brush . He jumps up and skillfully dives into the pond. He swims by me.
"Nice day for a swim! And the waters warm!"
"No it's cool I wanted to swim!" I dive under the water and come up and start to free style to the shore. "No wait stay in the water!" I hear form behind me and turns around. I come face to face with Zayn.
"Hi." I whisper.
"Hello!" He says cheerfully and then bolts for the bridge.
"Hey wait!" I quickly catch up to him and pass him. I hop onto the bridge and wait with my feet dangling off touching the water. Zayn sits beside me and looks across the lake. I turn away and soon feel a warm hand touch mine and grasp my fingers between his. I look into his beautiful brown eyes while he looks into my eyes.
"You have the most brilliant blue eyes I've ever seen." He whispers out and I smile and blush. I see his white teeth when he smiles. I hear some yelling and turn to see the boys waving at us.
"Common that's our cue." He says and helps me up. We walk over and retrieve his stuff. I unstrap my sandals and carry them. Walking hand in hand with Zayn Malik over to the group. I see Hannah give me a thumbs off and a smile before going off into the woods. With Louis in the lead.

---ZAYN AWAY!---XD Hope its coming along. Plz like or comment and tell us!! ~One of you authors!

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