One In A Million

Hannah and Nikki have entered a contest to meet One Direction. They have a one in a million chances of winning. Will they win?... They do!!! They priomised to never get in each others way. Both claiming a favorite in the group. Nikki and Zayn. Hannah and Louis. But their plan dosen't end up the way they want it. They run into all these promblems with fans and the other band members. Plus their Life and Death encounters. Will they survive the plan they entened and the one in a million chances. Wish us luck!!


3. No That Did Not Just Happen!

***nikki's POV***

"What!" I screamed at Hannah when the phone she was talking on had the voices of one direction coming out of the speakers. "We won? We won!!" I laughed not believing what I heard. I grabbed the phone from Hannah and Zayn was on the phone. I about fainted when I heard his lovey voice. " are you serious right now?" I question him and see his face on the twitcam. All he does is laugh and hand the phone to Louis. I see this and switch the phone to Hannah. I hide the scene from Hannah so she doesn't know who's she's talking to. "Hello.?" Hannah questions into the phone. "KEVIN!" Louis screams. Hannah drops the phone but I quickly pick it up so I could talk to the boys about his trip I hear about. I spit out quickly at them. "Where!" I hear laughter from the phone and from Hannah. I couldn't hold it in any longer and start to laugh so hard I cry. "So what about this trip we won?" "We'll come to your address that you entered and see who you are and hang out. We have three days before we to London and preform. We are able to bring you two to fhe rest of our concerts this summer. We'll bring you around the world with us. Sound good?" Liam spoke with his British accent that makes Hannah and I swoon. "Oh my god. All of your tours!!" Hannah squeaks from behind me. "Yes. You didn't know that love?" Zayn smoothly breaks the silence making Hannah and I giggle. "Okay then. I'll take that as a yes. So we'll see you tomorrow love!" "Okay. Good luck finding our house!" I giggle uncontrollable. "Wait! Could you guys text your numbers to this number you called me on?" "Of course! Anything for you two sweet sounding girls." Louis's eyes get big on the screen and his voice gets higher. Hannah has to leave the room because she's laughing and doesn't want the guys to hear her. "Oh thank you! Okay then I'll see you all tomarrow! Hannah get in here tell them bye bye!!!" I scream to Hannah making the boys laugh. "Okay bye. Nikole and Hannah." The boys say in unison. "Bye!" Hannah and I say together. We hang up the phone and just stare at it. "Wait just happened?" I finally saw after five minuets of staring. I look to he and meet he glare. "Slap swear we always will stick together and stick to the plan." I say getting up and preparing myself for the pain about to come. "Okay slap swear! Ready?" "Okay go!" We do our thing and sit back down red faced and laughing. "Ouch? But thanks I feel better." ++++ Now your probably wonder what's the plan. The plan is we each pick a guy. Mines Zayn and Hannah's is Louis. We promised to neve ever get in each other's way. And the plan is if we ever meet the boys we won't let them or anybody get between us. Every time we get doubtful we do the slap swear. The slap swear is the all time swear over anything.++++ We finally recovered from that and just lay back. I can't believe we just talked to One Direction! How did we win that one in million chance? All well why complain!! " Hannah we need. I mean. You. Okay let's try this again. Lets just dance!!!" Hannah giggle when I scream this at the screen of the tv. We hop up and dance to 'What Makes You Beautiful' by One Direction. "I'm hungry!" I say falling onto the couch. "Your always hungry. Your gunna get along great with Nialler." "I know! But make us Mac and cheese. Please!!" "Fine you lazy butt!" She goes and starts boiling the water. I go to the fridge and lean against it. I look at Hannah with a funny face. She laughs. "Score one for Nikki !!" I scream so the neighbors could hear. "So can you believe we won?" Hannah turns away shyly. "No I can't can you?" "No. So what are we gunna do for about seven hours?" "Eat! And chose our outfits!! What jeans she i wear?" "Let's wear our matching red. And you can wear the new purple suspenders and I'll wear the green ones. Sound good?" "Will you do my hair!" I ask with puppy eyes And my bottom lip puckered out. "You know how I have 'troubles'" I use my fingers to air quote 'troubles'. This makes Hannah laugh and run to the back of our house. She comes back with a brush and a straightener. "Here we'll do this tonight and it'll make tomarrow a bunch easier." She explains to mean as I sit on a chair and stir the noddles. It's only 2:10 now but I'm super tired. "Can we watch Toy Story please!" I whimper sounding like a little kid. She nods with big eyes. We love that movie! The noddles are finally done and Hannah has finished y hair and put it back into a pony tail. We each eat a bowl and forks. ( no spoons for Liam!) Pop in the movie and share a blanket. The movie goes by fast leaving us still with four hours to spend waiting! "This is killing me! Why can't tomarrow come faster!!!!" I yell at the clock and Hannah just pokes my back. "What cha doin'?" "Just scream at this clock. You know normal stuff." I smile at her but she just gives me a look. "Normal for Nikki right?" "Yes Hannah. Who eles screams at clocks besides me?" "We'll that's a hard question! So do you thing they will like us?" "Who?" "Oh my word! One Direction Nikki!" "Oh of course. We the Davis sisters everybody that's crazy like them loves us." "Okay. I'll trust you then Nikki." "Yes you will!!!" I give her an evil laugh and run.   ------------ZAYN AWAY!!!---------- one of your authors! Hope you like it :)
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