One In A Million

Hannah and Nikki have entered a contest to meet One Direction. They have a one in a million chances of winning. Will they win?... They do!!! They priomised to never get in each others way. Both claiming a favorite in the group. Nikki and Zayn. Hannah and Louis. But their plan dosen't end up the way they want it. They run into all these promblems with fans and the other band members. Plus their Life and Death encounters. Will they survive the plan they entened and the one in a million chances. Wish us luck!!


18. Interesting

****nikkis pov***
"HANNAH!" I scream from my bed. Nobody answers. I finally give up and I start to stand up. I get to my get and run to the group. I sit by Hannah and hold her hand while she explains what happened.
"I walked into the kitchen and I got tripped by a trip line. See it's still up." She motions towards the doorway. Then She turns to me. "What the heck do you think your doing out of bed!" She shouts.
"You screamed. I ran. Sorry." I apologized.
"Okay but this." She points to her legs. Liam pushes me down and gets to Hannah.
"Hospital now." He yells and picks up Hannah. I grab her phone and iPod and little things she'll need and we head out the door. We get to the door the crowd is nuts today. We run trough the crowd and too the car. We all file in. Liam never letting go of Hannah. He's such a daddy! We pull into the hospital and Liam carries Hannah in the doors. We set down as Harry talks to the lady at the desk. He comes back with a ton of paperwork. He hands me the papers and I get to work. Ten minuets later I put the pen down and hand the clipboard back to Harry. He walks up and the lady at the desk calls for the doctor. He comes out and takes Hannah away. I quickly stand up and follow. I hear feet behind me and a hand is put on my shoulder. I turn and see Zayn and the rest if the boys. A tear falls down my cheek and I feel a hand wrap around mine on my left and right side. I see Zayn in my right and Louis on my left. He's crying. Poor Lou. We get to her room and wave at her. I walk in quickly followed by the rest. The doctor leaves and I tell Hannah I'm gunna go get her a surprise. I grab Zayn and head down to the gift shop. We get balloons and blow them up with the helium. I walk back up and into the room.
"OH MY GOD BALLOONS!!" Everybody in the room yells.
"Yupp. Here!" I say handing them to Hannah. "And!" I take the rest of the unblown balloons out and throw one at Harry. He starts to blow it up and I get one too. I slap it too Niall and we pass it around.
"Hey carful!" Liam yells at us.
"What?" I yell back.
"You head and back. Hannah ankle possibly leg. Danger!!" He shouts at us and we nod.
"Awl well!" I shout back and slap the balloon to Zayn.
"Wait!" I shout and grab the balloon and walk to Harry. "Hold him down!" I shout and they do and I take the balloon and rub it back and forth on Harry's hair.
"NOOO!" He shouts at me. I just continue till I'm satisfied. And he gets up to look in the mirror. His hair is standing strait up!
"Hey I kinda like this." He says and struts out the door.
"Hey where you going!" I shout.
"To get food."
"WAIT FOR ME!" Niall and I shout.
"But but but!" I hear Hannah beside me.
"I'll bring you back something. Now. Wait I'm coming!"
*****Hannah's POV****
They all run out and Liam and Louis are the only ones left with me.
"Liam louis you know you could have gone."
"We know but we can't leave you." Louis spoke softly scooting a chair closer to me. He leans in and kisses my cheek. I giggle and turn to Liam.
"Soo what are we going to do?" I question and they both look at the t.v. "Okay." I flip on the tv to the children's channel and they are both happy. I tilt back my head to the pillow and shut my eyes just alittle. I hear a scream from down the hall and my head shoots up. Why! I see Harry run towards the window then Niall tackling him. Nikki gets in the middle and Zayn is standing by the door.
"Liam would you please." I say to Liam and he stands up.
"HEY! Put the food down." He shouts and everybody freezes. I laugh to myself as Liam paces the floor. "Give Hannah her food and share the rest." Nikki runs to my and hands my food to me and backs up. The doctor walking. They are all standing in a strait line in front of Liam.
"Don't want know." He laughs at us. "Okay soo Hannah's ankle is strained. Very majorly too. Soo just take pain medication and stay of it for three days and you'll be fine. Here let me get you crutches." He walks out and comes back with a wrap a brace and crutches. "Here keep this wrap and brace on and stay off the leg for three days. Now you can leave and get some rest hon. Oh and nice to meet you boys. You two girls got quite a bunch of nice gentlemen here. Let me wrap this first." He wraps my ankle and says his goodbyes and leaves.
"Woah! You get crutches! No fair!" Nikki yells at me. She's never broken a bone and never needs crutches or a sling. Even though she's majorly accident prone. I stick my tongue at her.
"No no no. Nikki don't say that!" Liam yells. "Knock on wood quickly!" Nikki runs and knocks on my head and back away. "WHY DID YOU DO THAT!" Liam yells again. My poor head.
"Alright no need to stay here." I say trying to get up. But a pair of arms are wrapped around me picking me off the bed. I turn to see who it was. Harry? I see Lou grab my crutches, medication and extra wrap and follow. I look back and see Niall pick up Nikki and run past us and I see Zayn run after them.
"NO this is a hospital! Zayn! Niall! Nikki!" Liam runs out he hall.
"Well let's go." Louis sighs. Harry starts out the doors to the car. Liam is by the front door with the rest in chair.
"Time out?" I ask and Liam nods. "NICE!" I laugh and look to Nikki. She sticks her tongue out at me.
"Do you know how bad I want to use wanna one these fingers right now!!" She screams back.
"Hey one in a hospital. Two be a good Nikki!" Liam teases Nikki and she crosses her arms.
"Can we go home now?" Niall complains from the chair.
"Yes please!" Harry says scaring me. What, why is he carrying me.
"Hey Harry? Um not to complain but why are you carrying me not Louis." He starts walking before answering.
"I don't know. Just didn't want you to walk on the crutches."
"Ohh. Okay." I answer and lay my head back and almost close my eyes.
"STOP! Stop stop!" Nikki screams over everybody. Oh great now what. Harry sets me down in the van and I open my eyes to see a huge sissy fight going on.
"GUYS CAR NOW!" I scream and they stop and freeze. "HOME WE GO!" I yell again and they all file in. Niall and Louis fit in the back. Zayn gets beside me and Nikki sits on him. Harry driving and daddy Liam in the front seat. The car starts and we head home. I have a pain in my leg and I turn to Lou.
"Can I take another pain pill?" He nods and gets into the bottle and pulls out a pill. He reaches for a water and hands me both. I swallow both put the water back in Lou's hand. I lay my head back and fall asleep.
*****Liam's POV****
We pull into the back drive way and I look back and see Nikki and Hannah asleep.
"Lou get Hannah. Zayn get Nikki. Good?"
"Good!" I get two answers. Good. I turn around and see Nialler asleep too. I grab Niall and walk through the back door first then to the elevator. Harry pushes the buttons and we walk to our room. I set Niall down on a chair. Zayn sets Nikki in her bed and cuddled up next to her and falls asleep. I see Hannah and Louis on the couch snoring. I check the time. 9 o'clock. My yawns finally reach me and I yawn. I turn to see Harry in his underwear.
"Harry either you keep your pants on or you stay in the room."
"Fine." He turns back around and I hear a spring pop from the bed. I finally take my rounds checking if everybody's asleep and they are. I get to my bed and slap on the bed. I'm out.
*****harry's pov******
My eyes flick open and I'm facing the clock. Midnight great. I sit up and uncover myself. I walk out to the fridge and grab an apple. I toss it up.
"Hello?" It drops to the floor. One of the girls. I walk to the couch and see Hannah.
"Can you please get me a glass of water."
"Absolutely." I walk to the kitchen and grab a glass and fill it half way before bringing it back to Hannah. She drinks it all.
"Thanks. And put some pants on." She whispers handing me the glass. I just grin. She snuggles back into Lou and falls asleep. I waddle back into the kitchen and put he glass on the counter. I walk through the house a bit. I see a light on in Nikki's room. I crack the door open a bit more and they snap there head towards me.
"Why aren't you guys asleep?" I ask.
"Because we can't sleep. We sat here for almost two hours talking. Soo we chose to turn on the Telly." Zayn answers.
"Oh so what you watching?" I question and walk into the room. Nikki is wrapped in Zayn some how. I see her and I get alittle nervous. With the fan stuff I don't know how she'll act.
"You felling okay?" I ask Nikki before she can answer my first question.
"Yeah just a headache. That's why I can't sleep."
"Do you need some medicine? I can get it for you."
"Could you please? And put on some pants!"
"Sure no problem." I cheerfully walk out the door and to her purse on the table and I see a flash.
"How the heck?" I whisper under my breath. The paparazzi has some how gotten on the patio thingy outside. I open the door and I'm blinded.
"OUT!" I yell. Great paparazzi pictures of me in my undies. I hear feet behind me and see Nikki at the door and Hannah on Lou's back. Zayn close behind with sunglasses and hats.
"Put these on." I hear him as they walk out. I see Niall and Liam on my left and right side. I reach for the camera and take it from the guy.
"What the!"
"No." I cut him off. "Why are you here and how did you get on our patio!"
"Because I came up here to get some pictures of your girlfriends."
"Well they aren't here. Now." I grab his arm. "Leave." I pull him out the door into the hall. "Good-bye." And I slam the door.
"That was close." Liam snorted behind me.
"Yeah i know. Good thinking Zayn." He nods at me. "Alright everybody back to bed!" I say as cheerful as I can.
"Since when did you turn into daddy Liam?" Hannah asked teasingly.
"Ever since you girls keep getting hurt." They laugh at me and waddle back to their rooms. I go back to my bed and I hit the pillow and I'm out.
***Hannah's POV***
*next day*
I wake up and attempt to get up but remember I can't. I rest back my head and see my crutches. I grab them and slip from Lou. I start to make my way to the bathroom but soon I'm picked up. My eyes are covered and my crutches are dropped.
"Lou?" I question the pair of hands on my eyes.
"Nope!" He dramatically huffed out.
"Yupp!" His voice returned to normal. "Thought you might need a lift!" His cheerful voice was a relief from the long sleepless night.
"Yeah thanks." I sounded tired.
"Long night?" I guess he could tell.
"Yeah I couldn't sleep. Now can I go pee now?"
"Oh yeah." He set me on my good leg by the door and I hopped into the bathroom. I'm getting pretty good at hopping now. I walk out the bathroom and see Niall in the fridge. I look around and see my crutches by the door. I grab them to balance myself. I see Lou still passed out on the couch and Harry on the counter. I walk past my and Nikki's room. The doors cracked so I look in. I see Nikki in Zayn's arms with her head on us chest. Their fingers intertwined. I take my phone and snap a quick picture. The light sun made it look perfect. As I made a mental note to develop these I was picked up again.
"Who is it now?"
"Who do you think?" The deepened voice asks. They enjoy doing this to me.
"Uhh. Lou?" He's always my first guess.
"No. Try again."
"Yeah. How'd you know?"
"I don't know. Your kinda daddy Liam soo connect the dots. So what you making me?"
"No this is for me!" Niall shouts from the kitchen.
"I'm making everybody cereal!"
"Nummy. Now can you carry me to my boyfriend?"
"Yeah." He set my down carefully next to Lou. I moved closer to him and my eyes just closed.
"CONCERT TONIGHT!!!" Nikki bursts into the room. Of course my eyes snap open and I try to get up by fall back onto the floor.
"HANNAH?" Nikki screams again.
"Volume please." I yell at her.
"Sorry. Soo. What's for breakfast!" She turns to Liam.
"Yeah it's not like I'm on the floor or anything." I scream at them.
"Oh gosh sorry!" Harry helps me up to Lou.
"You okay? Lou?" He was still asleep. I kiss his cheek.
"Grr five more minuets mom." He slurs out. I tap his arm.
"Yes moms here baby. Mommys here." I try to stifle my laughter. The rest of the group goes to the kitchen to laugh. Lou sits up slowly. "Thanks mum." He whispers and hugs me.
"No problem hon." He opens his eyes and back up and shakes his head.
"YOUR NOT MY MUM!" He screams.
"Yeah I'm you girlfriend."
"Oh yah!" He eyes light up and he kisses my cheek. "Okay seriously I had the weirdest dream."
"Yeah that was a dream." I say looking away.
"You played a prank on my didn't you." I nod to answer his question. He tackles me playfully. "Now just remember I'll have to get you back."
"Oh no."
"Oh YES!"
"Guys! Breakfast!" Liam yells from the kitchen.
"Okay!" I shout back. Lou gets up and picks me up and carries me to the small table. Nikki and Zayn is sitting on the counter and Niall's on the floor. Harry and Liam is at the table. Lou sits down beside me and Liam reaches for a fork. With cereal. I do the same.
"Really Hannah?" Nikki questions from behind me.
"YUP!" Everybody laughs. We finish our meals quickly and Lou picks me up and carries me to my bedroom. He sets me on the bed and lays next to me.
"Common lets take a nap. I'm super tired and I know you are too soo go to sleep love." He whispers and kisses my cheek.
"Okay." And I feel asleep.
***Nikki's POV****
Hannah gets taken to our room and I feel a pair of arms behind me. I see a "zap" tattoo on his arm and smile.
"So? When do we leave? Or you guys leave."
"Noon. We have four hours. The concert starts at eight soo Paul will pick you up at six." Liam answers.
"Thanks daddy Liam!!" I laugh and go to run away but I am pulled back by Zayn. Dang. I'm attacked from both sides everybody poking my sides. Lucky Hannah! I slip from Zayn's arms and dart for the door to the hall. I run down the hall not looking back. I hear four pairs of feet behind me then a thud. My back and sides hurt right away. I'm the one that fell?
"NIKKI!" I hear Zayn behind me. I look and see a girl smiling. Haven't I seem her before? Yeah she's the one hat tripped Niall when I was getting carried to the pool.
"Hi Nikole Davis. I'm Trixy. Remember me?"
"Oh my god. From middle school?"
"NIKKI? Are you okay? Who is this?" Niall lays his hand on my back. Zayn picks me up in his arms and I let tears go. I hear feet and turn to see Hannah in Lou's arms.
"WHAT HAPPENED?" Hannah demanded.
"This is Trixy. Remember middle school?"
"My word what happened to you?" She asked.
"Life is a b**** hon. Get use to it."
"Uhh can anybody explain this to me?"
"We were friends until her boyfriend started to hang with Hannah and I more than her. Then her boyfriend ends up breaking up with her for me. I said no because I couldn't do that to Trixy but she got pissy and moved away."
"By we didn't do anything!!" Hannah shouts from beside me.
"Okay guys common. Lets go." I hear Harry beside me and I look up to see Zayn giving Trixy the worst glare possible. I touch his chest.
"Let's go." I say to him softly.
"Fine." He mumbles but never looks at me.
"Well have fun at your concert tonight!" She grins.
"Zayn put me down. And Hannah TAKE MY EARRINGS! It's bout to get all Nikki up in here!" I shout but Trixy bursts towards the stairs.
"Told you she afraid of me." I laugh and everybody just gives me questionable looks.
"Uh Nikki are you okay?" Liam asks. I nod.
"Oh yeah. I just scared my worst enemy to peeing her pants!" I shout jumping up and down. But quickly I'm swiped off my feet and run towards the room.
"HEY! That MY girlfriend!" Zayn shouts from behind us. I look up too see Niall carrying me. He charges into the room and slams the door.
"I don't know about you but I'm really hungry."
"Niall you know that I'm always hungry too."
"Yeah food princess. Now." He bows before me. "Let's get our meals!" He grabs his wallet and there's pounding on the door.
"Who is it?" I ask in a high pitched voice.
"OH I DON'T KNOW HOW ABOT YOUR SISTER!" Hannah shouts back.
"Well." I open the door and Niall hold his wallet up. "Hungry anybody?" Hannah nods and she's picked up by Liam and they rush towards the elevator. I turn back to the guys an hear a scream.
"HANNAH!" I push all the guys down in one swift move and run towards Hannah. She's on the ground under Liam. I throw Liam off I her and pick her up.
"Geez now I know why your a football player!" Five guys say.
"Sorry. Sorry." I have tears in my eyes. "They fell and Hannah screamed. My. Sister. Was in pain."
"We understand." Lou says picking up Hannah from me.
"You okay?" He asks.
"Yeah." She says weakly.
"No you not. What hurts." I demand her.
"My ankle."
"Okay." I sigh. "Let's go wait in the apartment now. I walk in front of everybody and open the door. Lou carries Hannah to her bedroom and closes the door. I plop on the couch. The boys sit next to me rubbing various rug burns.
"Sorry guys."
"No it's fine but your dang strong!" Harry laughs. Everybody else gives me wide eyes and nods. I giggle under my breath.
"So?" Niall asks.
"Now what?" I finish his sentence and turn toward him. "I think we have some mental connection here." He nods in agreement. I feel an arm around my shoulders. I snuggle up and Harry flicks on the Telly.
"We'll I'm guessing the boys of One Direction have their girlfriends again! Here they are smooching! Oh and here holding hands walking to the limo." The pictures flash across the screen. "Here they are behind Harry in his underwear! I'm guessing the girls are getting plenty looks at the guys! Here they are attempting to go to the pool."
"Harry turn that off now." I yell startling everybody. I look for the clock. "Guys you have an hour. You should get ready now." They nod and Zayn pecks my cheek before walking away. I get up after the boys and go to my bedroom. "Lou it's time to get ready." I knock on the door and enter. He groans as he leaves but I ignore him. The boy quickly get ready while Hannah and I make small talk bout the guys and our time here. I take my phone out and show her the picture of the first time we meet and her and Lou kissing. I pull up the pic of Zayn and I kissing then swipe to the next pic. It's a half-half pic. Half was Zayn's and I the other was Lou and her. It had white letters saying 'sisters and boyfriends.' She laughs when the door opens.
"Paul's here. We gotta go." It was Harry.
"Okay bye." We give the boys good luck and goodbye hugs. They leave.
"HANNAH. LETS GET OUR OUTFITS!!" I shout soo loud the world can hear and pick her up and run with her towards our closet. Oh boy lets do this!!!


-------ZAYN AWAY------- XD Hope you guys like it. Please comment and tell us what you think :P

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