One In A Million

Hannah and Nikki have entered a contest to meet One Direction. They have a one in a million chances of winning. Will they win?... They do!!! They priomised to never get in each others way. Both claiming a favorite in the group. Nikki and Zayn. Hannah and Louis. But their plan dosen't end up the way they want it. They run into all these promblems with fans and the other band members. Plus their Life and Death encounters. Will they survive the plan they entened and the one in a million chances. Wish us luck!!


5. Here They Come! Oh boy...

****Nikki's POV****

All I hear is Hannah's phone ringing. My eyes flutter open as One Direction blares on he phone. I untwine from Hannah and answer her phone. "Hello?" I say groggily into the speakers still not awake. "Hi! This is Zayn! We just landed and will be there in about two hours. Hope you loves are ready!" The voice bounces threw my ears. "Okay sure. Thanks love! See you at eight! Bye!" I wanna shout but wait till he says good bye. I scream and Hannah jumps. "What the hell! It's six in the morning!" "Did you forget!!! The boys will be here in two hours now get around!" I grab her ankles and flip her onto my back potato sack style. "Hey what do you think your doing!" "I am dragging you up with me! We need to get ready!! Lets go!" "Fine. Lets get going." I take Hannah into the bathroom and splash water in her face. She spurts until a she wide awake. "Better? Now let's go love!" "Thanks momma Liam!" Hannah screams at me as I walk away. I get to my room and change into my red skinny jeans and my white tee covered with horizontal thin blue strips. I slap on the sparkly purple suspenders and grab my new black TOMS. I tie the black laces tight then rush through the hall to Hannah making me some bacon! "I smell bacon! Oh wait look we twins!! Yippie!" I scream at her and gnaw on a piece if bacon. It's already ten to seven and the boys will be here in about an hour. I rush downstairs and brush on some mascara. You know a little never hurts. I grab a brush and run back to Hannah. "Help!" She just looks at me and laughs. Turns off the stove and sets down the plate. She brushes out my hair to a side part. Bands on my right part on my left. Her hair is already perfect. Brushed strait with a sparkly headband. I hear my phone in the other room playing 'Moment' by One Direction and rush to get it. "Hello?" I question. "Hi just reminding you girls we'll be there in an hour! Can't wait to meet you loves! Oh and can we stay at your place for the three days while we are here?" It was Zayn. "Okay thanks bunches! And yes we'll be happy too! This is gunna be good!" I squeal. "I know. Okay so we'll see you then." "Absolutely! Bye!" "Bye sweet." I hang up the phone and shove it in my butt pocket. I quickly rush to Hannah. "Hey Hannah you do know we have to house the boys for three days. Oh and they'll be here in an hour!" "Wait they are staying here!" "Yes!! This is gunna be good!" I scream jumping up and down. She jumps with me. I suddenly stop and run to the basement. "What are you doing?" "I am cleaning!" I scream running around like a crazy chick. "OH SNAP LET ME HELP YOU!!!" We rush around the basement cleaning up rooms until we hear the door bell. We look at each other and scream! "Okay we have to calm down and be cool not creepers" I say to her grabbing her shoulders. "Okay can do." We hear another bell and look at each other and try to sqeeze through the door way at the same time. We finally unpin ourselves and rush upstairs me in the lead. "No fair! You play football basketball and softball! I swim! Swimmers don't run." All I can do is laugh at that. I get to the door and unlock it, sling it open but nobody is there. I turn around and see Hannah turn the corner. "What?" She asked as she meets my eyes. I motion my hand to the door and Hannah sees it too. NOBODY! "Where are they! I heard the bell!" She screams as she walks up next to me. Next thing I know five boys jump from both sides of the door. I jump into Hannah's arms and scream and hide my face in her shoulder. They just laugh. I recognize those laughs anywhere. I hop outta Hannah's arms and hug Zayn first then Louis Harry Niall and Liam. Hannah follows me by starting with Louis. I usher them in. "Hi so you guys have stuff?" I say to the five of them. "Yup it's all in the trunk." Liam responds "Uhh that van? It's huge!" "Yes. We needed room for all of our stuff!" Harry laugh was he walks in. His eyes light up at the sight of our house. "Wow it's brilliant! Loves you girls live in a gobsmacking house!" Harry shouts bounce off the walls and return to us. "Wow your right it's amazayn!" Zayn says to the group but looks at me. My heart speeds up but I quickly calm down remembering what I promised Hannah. I see Louis looking around confused. He soon shouts KEVIN! Hannah replies with "where?" Making Louis laugh and run into Hannah giving her a hug. "You see him too." He looks up with kid eyes. Hannah was laughing but she slipped and feel. Louis quickly sweeps her up before she hits the ground. Bridal style. I grab my phone as quick as I can and snap a pic. Their faces go from smiles to shock when they hear the flutter if a camera from my phone. "How about a tour fellas?" They all nod their head. Hannah still in Louis's arms. I know she's light but how long can he hold her! I show them the upstairs. Hannah and my rooms that are full of suit cases. The bathroom and kitchen also the living room with a huge flat screen. Lets just say we aren't poor but we aren't rich either. We walk down the stairs. Louis still having Hannah in his arms. All I can do is think well Hannah aren't your lucky! I show them were the games are and then to their rooms. We have two extra rooms just for them. "Okay guys here are your rooms and down the hall is a bathroom. You have to split up or you can stay in one." I see Zayn and Louis ( Hannah still in his arms) and Harry line up outside one room and Liam and Niall go Ito the other room. They look around the rooms a little then rush upstairs. They go to their van. Louis calls for me. "Yeah Louis?" "Can you carry my bags I'm kinda busy with this bag." He laughs at Hannah just looks at me surprised. "Sure thing!" I grab two of his. The only ones left after the others already took there's. I whisper to Hannah as I walk by, "Lucky!" All of the boys are all ready unpacking making themselves at home. I spy Hannah and Louis side by side laying down on one of the beds in the room. I finally get all of Louis's stuff in and set it in a pile. I sit on the couch by Zayn. "Hi love." His British accent fills my ears making me giggle. "Hi. What cha doin?" I speak softly so only he can hear me. The boys are all in one room all ready tapping into the game they brought in from the game room. Zayn has to lean in to hear me. "Just watching these bonkers!" He shouts so they could hear him. He turns to me and meets my eyes. I couldn't take it. I had to look away. "Hey you guys got any food!" I hear Niall about over the noise. "Yeah upstairs fridge. Help yourself!" Oh crap I just told Niall to help himself to my fridge. Oops all well I'm sitting with Zayn! My phone goes off in my pocket and I pull it out. It's Hannah. Hannah: having fun?!? Me: yes I am! I checked my clock and it was eleven all ready! They've been her for three hours already! Wow. I plug my iPod into the amp in the room and "loved you first" came on. I tried to change it but they started to sing along to into it. I looked to Hannah and shrugged. We started to song along. Just as Nialler walked into the room the song had ended. He gives all a frown but soon pulls five bags of chips from behind his back. I look to Hannah and give her the 'oh no' look. All the boys dive for a bag and return to their seats. Munching down on the chips making a huge mess! My OCD kicked in. "Boys! Be carefully!" "Ohh a momma Lima!" Zayn explains at me. All I do is go to Hannah and hide. Zayn soon. Comes over. "Hey it's fine. I kinda like that in a girl."     -------ZAYN AWAY!!!-------one of your authors XD
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