One In A Million

Hannah and Nikki have entered a contest to meet One Direction. They have a one in a million chances of winning. Will they win?... They do!!! They priomised to never get in each others way. Both claiming a favorite in the group. Nikki and Zayn. Hannah and Louis. But their plan dosen't end up the way they want it. They run into all these promblems with fans and the other band members. Plus their Life and Death encounters. Will they survive the plan they entened and the one in a million chances. Wish us luck!!


10. He Did This All For Me?

*****Nikki's POV******
I sit on the couch with Hannah laughing while Niall, Harry and Liam dance to the expert version.
"Hey where's Zayn?" Hannah whispers to me.
"I have no clue. I came down here and everybody else but you Lou and Zayn was here. I saw you and Lou on the trampoline but Zayn's no where to be found. And the boys know they won't tell me."
"Oh it must be good then!" She smiles and winks at me.
"It is!" Louis exclaims.
"You know too!" I shout. "Man you guys love to work together!" I hear a squeak from the stairs behind me and Zayn smirks at Louis.
"Hey let's go outside!" Louis jumps up and fist bumps the air.
"Sure lets go toss the football around!" I shout and rush up the stairs. I stop when I hear Hannah behind me.
"You know I don't like football!!"
"I know but you and Lou can walk around and chat! Now let's go!" I scream at them then rush to my room. I grab my football from my bed and meet the guys on the porch. I see them and stop.
"Where are Lou and Hannah?"
"Over there taking a walk while we play sports."
"That's right I mean she is a swimmer!" I playfully yell so she can hear me.
"Shut it sis!" She yells back.
"Okay now can we go play?" Harry says to me. With that said I run to the huge front yard with the football in my arm tucked in like a running back. I hear feet behind me so I speed up. They tackle me. I sit up to see Liam.
"Hah! Got you Mrs. Football star!! Wait did that hurt?"
"Not at all I'm the quarterback how could that hurt!" I tease him and get up quickly. Zayn comes running.
"Love are you okay!" He worries giving me a hug.
"Yes I'm fine now stop worrying. The moment you worry is if I don't get up. Now spread out so we can play catch." Zayn let's me go and I steal the ball from Hazza (Harry) and whip it at Niall. He blocks it with his arms and screams.
"Oh my gosh Nialler! I'm soo sorry! I really didn't mean to. I can't help it." I rush over to him. He holds out his forearms to show us the bruise.
"Dang girl! Here throw me a pass." Liam yells at me.
"But I don't wanna hurt you!"
"It'll be revenge now go long!"
"Fine." I get into my stance and yell at him and let the ball fly. He jumps forwards and catches it.
"Golly! Zayn boy are you lucky!" He yells back.
"I know. I am." He whispers in my ear as he hold me tighter.
"Common lets play!" I shout as I get to ball back. I get away from Zayn's arms and catches to ball and pull it away from him.
"I just saved your life!" I smile to Zayn. He just sticks his tongue out at me as I run away. We toss the ball back and forth before one of the guys gets bored.
"I don't wanna play this anymore! I wanna play basketball!" Niall shouts from across the yard. They all nod in agreement and I rush up to my room and slid open my closet door. I grab my basketball shorts and change from my sweatpants. I then grab my ball from my chair and then walk out the door to the concrete slab where my hoop is. I see the boys horsing around. But this time Zayn isn't here. I feel arms behind my waist. He pulls me closer and picks me up.
"Here I'll help you with that." He carries down the steps.
"Thanks Zayn! By I have my own feet!"
"Yeah I know. Hey how about we let the boys play and you can see why I was gone so much today."
"Okay why? And hold on."I ask as I throw the ball at the boys. Niall takes it and shoots then taughts the others. "There they will be fine!"
"Now follow me or just relax. Piggie back ride?" He offers me by spinning around a crouching down a bit. I mean he is like five or six inches taller than me.
"Sure!" I hop up on to his back and wrap my arms around his neck. He hold me legs close to his sides. He starts of towards the woods.
"Where are we going?" I ask him.
"You'll see!" He laughs. He takes me to an opening in the woods. It had a checkered picnic blanket with a basket on it.
"You did this all for me." I gasp. I look around. The trees are so perfectly parted. The flowers are right yellow and pink. He sets me down on the blanket. I see him pull something out of the basket and hide it behind his back. I look at his face. A smile plastered across his face from ear to ear. I can't help but smile. He kneels down next to me.
"Here you go." He pulls a bouquet from behind his back made up of the flowers that surround us. Tied together with a red bow and a smile. I smell the flowers and just wish the moment will last forever.
"Yes." He looks me in the eyes. I study his brown eyes that glisten in the low sun light. It's getting close to dark. He pulls out a lantern and turns it on low. The sky is turning a light pink orange color.
"What do you have to eat?"
"This." He pulls out a meal just for two and sets up candles on the sides of the blanket and lights them. The ground has a wooden slab on it so we have flat ground to relax on. The candle light is enough so I turn out the lantern as the sky gets darker and the fireflies come out. A firefly lands on my nose. I giggle and look at Zayn. He has a phone. I smile and the flash lights up the night. I laugh even harder. I start munching on the apple that is on the blanket. He gets water bottles out and I sip a drink. He lays back and gasps.
"Oh love lay back and look at the stars." As I lay back he quickly lays his arm under my head.
"Ohh. A pillow again." I wink at him. He squirms closer to me and his side touches mine. He wraps his arm around my shoulder. He takes out the phone and hold it above us and snaps a picture of us together on our first day together. I see him send it too Hannah then He puts it to the side. I turn on my side to face him.
"Yes?" He asks me. I place my finger on his lips and make a shhh sound.
"Do you hear that? It's an owl. Listen to the hooting."
"Yeah it's says I love you." I look into his eyes. He was saying that to me?
"Wait is that towards me?" I was confused.
"Yes I'm saying that to you."
"I love you too Zayn." My phone starts blaring One Direction and I pick it up. It was Hannah.
"Sorry I HAVE to get this." I whisper to him.
(Phone Convo)
Me: hello?
Hannah: it's late where are you?
Me: with Zayn on a date.
Hannah: oh well please come home soon. I was worried.
Me: yeah be there in about an hour. Bye sis
Hannah: bye oh and have fun! Sis
I hang up the phone and put it back in my shorts pocket.
"Who was it?" Zayn asks me.
"It was Hannah. She was worried about me and you. But now she knows and she's happy." I gush out and blush.
"Oh? Oh. Oh!" He exclaims as he realizes what I mean.
"Yeah I told her we'd be back in an hour. Is that okay?"
"Yeah just enough time." He smiles and winks. "Now where were we?" He pats the blanket beside him. I lay next to him and stare at the moon. I look to him in the moonlight. I look away before he can see me. The fireflies still blink through the trees lightening the flowers and us snuggling on the couch. I see a phone light and turn to see Zayn look at his phone.
"I think it's time to go." He whispers to me.
"Okay." I pick up the blanket and food it into the basket. He has already had the basket in his arms. He picks me up and sweeps me into his arms bridal style.
"Oh." I giggle out. "Good moves Mr. Not dance!"
"Thanks." I see his cheeks turn pink.
"Oh. Your blushing Zayn! How sweet you really do love me." I giggle.
"I do. I really do love you. You look so beautiful with the moonlight and the fireflies. You always look pretty though."
"Thank you Zayn. I love you too. i csn't even say how much. Now can we go home?"
"Yes." He starts walking back out the woods and back into the house. He sets me down on the couch and puts the basket into the kitchen. I see Lou and Hannah asleep on the floor. I giggle and snap a pic as Zayn comes back.
"What?" He whispers.
"Them." I motion to Lou and Hannah.
"Yeah that's pretty funny." He picks me up and brings me to my room and lays me on the bed. "There. Now goodnight."
"No wait. Stay." He climbs on the bed beside me. I turn on my side and he lays behind me. His puts his arm around me. I snuggle into him and fall asleep.



------------ZAYN AWAY!!!------------------One of your authors XD

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