One In A Million

Hannah and Nikki have entered a contest to meet One Direction. They have a one in a million chances of winning. Will they win?... They do!!! They priomised to never get in each others way. Both claiming a favorite in the group. Nikki and Zayn. Hannah and Louis. But their plan dosen't end up the way they want it. They run into all these promblems with fans and the other band members. Plus their Life and Death encounters. Will they survive the plan they entened and the one in a million chances. Wish us luck!!


6. Game Time

****NIKKI POV****
A million things race through me at once. Should I kiss him? But he pulls up and sits next to me.
"Do you mind a pillow?" He said tapping his leg.
"Sure. I would enjoy a pillow." He picks my head up and slides his leg under my head. I lay watching the other guys play the Wii. Louis and Hannah are next to me. Laying side by side. I smile and I feel Zayn laughing so I look at him. I'm spooked by Zayn staring back at me. I jump slightly . He just chuckles more. Harry Liam and Niall all sit down for a break. They begin to whisper among themselves. I hear the words love birds and see a hand motion our way. I can't help but chuckle when I hear 'oh it's gunna happen' come from the boys. Zayn taps my head and bends down to my ear.
"Hey you up to playing truth or dare."
"Uh I don't know. Seems like a bad idea because truth or dare always turns violent."
"Come on please." He whispered in my ear bending in closer.
"Uh. Fine" this makes him smile and get up.
"Who's up for a game of truth or dare!" Louis's head shoots up.
"Oh oh meee!" He shouts at us.
"Hey Lou you know we are right here." I spat back.
"Yeah but come on it's truth or dare!" Everybody agrees to play and we get into a circle. Me next to Zayn, then Harry Niall Liam Louis and Hannah.
"Who wants to start!" Harry asks.
"I will!" Lou jumps up. "Now who do I start with. Niall! Truth or dare?" He gives an evil laugh and a funny face.
"Dare!" Niall's face turns to serious mode.
"I dare Niall Horan to. Hmmmm. To not eat for an hour."
Niall gasps and says, "A WHOLE HOUR?!" He puffs air out of his nose and says, "Fine." We all laugh but soon realize that it's impossible for him. "Ummm.. HANNAH!" I see Hannah jump when Niall calls her name. "Truth, or DARE?!"
"Dare," she says confidently.
"I dare you to put makeup on one of the guys." He says with an evil grin.
"Who?" She asks.
"Your choice," he says smiling.
"I pick," she decides with a thinking face, "Liam," she declares with an evil grin. Liam's eyes go big, and then he bolts for the stairs. Louis, Niall and Harry run after him. They form a wall in front of Liam right before he gets to the top of the stairs. They pick him up and bring him back to the circle.
"Well let's let her get to work!" Harry says. "Hannah. Liam. Go in that room over there. Show us the magic when your done," He says with an evil grin. Hannah and Liam go to the other room across from the group. Liam looks nervous, and so does Hannah.
I look at Louis as the door shuts, and I see him glaring at it. I nudge his side and say, "whatcha doin?" With a smile.
He shakes his head and look at me. Then he mumbles, "nothing."
"Okay," I say smiling. "SO!" I yell to get everyone's attention. "What's your favorite thing about America?" I ask the guys.
"The people! They are soo fun!" Zayn says looking at me.
"Any thing else?" I question them.
"The places to eat! Boy am I hungry!" Niall shout making me jump.
"So?" I say as Hannah and Liam walk in. Liam has green eyeshadow to complement his brown eyes. Black eyeliner and mascara bright red blush. His lips are bright pink and he's standing with his lips puckered and his right hip poked out with his hands on his hips.
"Am I a pretty girl?" He questions us. That sends us into hysterical laughter. I fall into Zayn's lap and Hannah lean against Louis' back.
"Okay now go wash it off! If you stay like that I couldn't look at you!" I say between laughs.
"No I look pretty." he says sitting down. Making a silly photo pose and I quickly grab my phone and snap a picture. His face turn to shock but soon shake it off an poses again.
"Photo shoot!" I yell. "Okay let's return to the game. Liam who do you pick?"
"I pick. Hmmmm. ZAYN!!" Zayn's head shoots up and looks at me.
"Truth please."
"Okay. Do you have your eye on a girl?" Liam teases.
"Actually I do." He smiles and looks at me and makes eye contact. I just look away smiling. I can't take it!
"Okay Zayn who do you pick?" I whisper in his ear.
"Nikki! Truth or dare?" He questions and raises an eyebrow.
"Truth please." I smile mocking his tone when he chose truth. He just smiles.
"Mkay. Which One Direction guy is your favorite!"
"I can't say! It's a secret!" I laugh but he just laughs when I look at him and smile and place my finger on my lips and make a shh sounds.
"So, who do you pick?" Nialler asks me.
"Harry!" I cheer. "Truth, or dare?"
"DARE!" He says smiling.
"I dare you to let me straighten your hair," I giggle.
"Fine," he says going to the bathroom. He comes back with the straightener. He plugs it in and calls me over. I straighten his hair in 10 minutes. He flips his hair and all the boys shout, "WHEN YOU FLIP YOUR HAIR IT GETS ME OVER WHELMED!"
"Well lads I don't feel the same way I'm afraid," he smiles. "Well, HANNAH!" Harry yells. "Truth, or dare?"
"Truth," she yells back.
"Do you like Louis?" He ask.
"Of coarse! I like all of you guys!" She giggles. "LOUIS! Truth or dare?" She giggles again.
"Dare," he says with an evil grin.
"I dare you to dress up as superman for the rest of the night," she says with a grin.
"SUPERMAN!" Louis jumps up from the ground, puffing his chest out. He grabs Hannah's hand and drags her into the other room. Three minutes later Hannah is back in her spot smiling.
I lean next to her and whisper in her ear, "what's the smile for?"
"His smile when he found the suit," she whispers back smiling. A few more minutes go by and Hannah doesn't stop smiling, then Louis bursts into the room dressed as superman. He zooms around the circle, and whispers something to Harry, then zooms back to his spot. "What was that about?" Hannah questions him.
"You'll see," he tells her giving a soft smile.
Harry jumps up, and runs over behind Hannah, and picks her up bridal style. He gives an evil laugh and says, "You'll never see her again!" He runs upstairs, laughing evilly.
"NOT WITH SUPERMAN HERE!" Lou says running up the stairs. I swear I see him smiling. I hear an ear slitting scream and see Louis burst through the door with Hannah in his arms.
"I saved her! Victory superman!" He shouts at us.
"Yeah I think we're done with the truth or dare. I'm going to bed." I say to them and grab Hannah's wrists but I hear Zayn whimper.
"No don't go! Stay and sleep with us!" Zayn complains.
"Good night guys!" Hannah and I say to them.
"Night!" They all jump at the bed. I walk really slow up the stairs hit my bed and fall asleep........

----ZAYN AWAY---- AND ~CAPTAIN AMERICA~ both of your authors ;{D XD

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