One In A Million

Hannah and Nikki have entered a contest to meet One Direction. They have a one in a million chances of winning. Will they win?... They do!!! They priomised to never get in each others way. Both claiming a favorite in the group. Nikki and Zayn. Hannah and Louis. But their plan dosen't end up the way they want it. They run into all these promblems with fans and the other band members. Plus their Life and Death encounters. Will they survive the plan they entened and the one in a million chances. Wish us luck!!


19. From Laughs to Shrieks in the WHACK of the Frying Pan

***Louis' POV***

"Lou?" Someone says. The voice sounds distant in my thoughts. "Lou. Louis. Louis Tomlinson! LOUIS 'THE TOMMO' TOMLINSON!"

"Huh?!" I say snapping my head out if my thoughts.

"Louis that's the third time in the past half hour we've had to do that. They're fine!" Niall says.

"How do you know?" I ask.

"Do you want to call them? We can do that," Liam tells me.

"Can we?" I say.

Liam gets out a phone and dials the number. He hands the phone to me. I place it to my ear and listen to the rings. Finally someone picks up.

"Hello?" It's Nikki.

"HI NIKKI!" I scream into the phone.

"Hi Louis!" She says back. "Wait shouldn't you be rehearsing?"

"Yeah... But... Um..." I stutter.

"We're fine Lou," Nikki assures me.

"Okay," I say with a smile. "How's-" I start.

"Who ya talking to?" Someone says in the background. It's Hannah. I can recognize her voice instantly. I feel a flutter inside.

"Who ya talking to?" Zayn says waltzing up.

"Louis," Nikki says through the phone.

"Nikki," I tell Zayn.

"I WANNA TALK I WANNA TALK!" Comes from both the phone and Zayn.

Zayn comes over and snatches the phone. "Aggressive," I say.

"Hello?" He asks. "Oh hey Hannah!"

"I WANNA TALK!" I burst out. I snatch the phone back. "Hi love," I say with a smile.

"Hi Lou," she says back.

"Are you okay? Every thing is fine over there?" I ask urgently.

"Yes, we're fine," she assures me. "How's rehearsal?"

"Should be going better now," I tell her.

"Can I talk to MY boyfriend on MY phone?" Nikki's voice says through the speaker.

"Can Nikki talk to Zayn?" Hannah sighs.

"Uh sure," I say. "I'll call you on my phone." I smile.

I hand the phone to Zayn and a smile lights up his face. I go to my stuff and search for my phone. I can't seem to find it. I must have left it at the apartment. "Niall can I use your phone?" I ask.

"Sure," Niall says handing me his phone.

"Thanks," I smile dialing the number. One ring. Two rings.

"Niall?" Her sweet voice rings in my ears.

"HANNAH!" I scream into the phone.

"LOUIS!" She screams back. She catches on fast!:P I catch a giggle coming from the phone. I smile because her giggle is so cute.

"What?" I say to the guys who were giving me weird looks.

"You guys are crazy," Liam says shaking his head and smiling.

"Thank you," I yell at him.

"THANKS LIAM!" Hannah screams out the phone. I look at the phone and smile then look at Liam. He's shaking his head and smiling. I turn my attention back to the phone. Hannah's talking to Nikki through the phone. "Oh don't give me that look. You always knew I was weird!"

"Well I find it adorable," I say.

"I find you adorable," she says back.

"Oh, you're all so adorable," says a voice I don't recognize.

"Hannah, who is that?" I ask in an urgent whisper. No answer. 

"Hannah," I say. Nothing. "Hannah!" I say loudly.

"Lou, come back quick. Hurry. We're in trouble. We might not be here when you get back, but you'll need to find us," Hannah whispers urgently. "And if I don't see you again, Remember. Louis William Tomlinson, I love you."

"Hannah," I say my voice cracking. "Hannah Jane Davis I will find you. We will see each other again. I love you."

"Bye Lou," she whispered. Call ended.

"Guys? What just happened?" Harry asks.

I take a deep breath. I can't break right now. I need to stay strong. "Apartment. Now," I say. Two words. It's all I can manage.

I shove my miscellaneous stuff and shove it in my bag. I slip on my jacket and swing the bag on my back. I look back at the guys, and Zayn is ready and next to me. The other guys are packing up but don't understand. I can't wait much longer. I'm about to run out the doors to the hotel, when the guys come up all ready. I bolt for the door.

"Louis wait!" They yell after me.
I jump into the limo. I can't wait. I need to go.

"What the hell is wrong with you!?" Harry asks panting when the guys get in the limo.

I look at Zayn for help. Her voice rings in my ears. "I love you." "Bye Lou."

"I'm sorry Lou," someone says snapping my from my thoughts. 

Zayn must have said. I look to see who talked. It was Liam. I give a small nod to show I heard him. I look out the window. We're driving, fast. I didn't even know we left. I try to tell where we are but the buildings are going by so fast you can't really tell. The limo slows down and I can see we're at the apartment. I throw my seat belt off and swing the door open.

"Louis wait!" They shout at me. I'm not waiting. I jump out the limo past the door. I can't believe I just did that! Haha. I jumped out of a moving vehicle! I bolt for the doors. As I'm about to run through them someone grabs my bag, making me jerk back.

"Liam what the hell!" I say struggling a bit.

"We need to be careful. If the people at the hotel see five guys running like wildfire into the hotel they'll know something's up," he says.

Good point, but I don't care! "Okay, then you guys can walk up the stairs and I'll run with Zayn, okay ready GO!" I yell running like hell to the doors. I barge in and run for the stairs, taking them three at a time. I get to our floor and push the door open. Zayn runs past me. I take off after him. Zayn's scrambling to get a key to open the door.

"No no! Do THIS," I say and kick at the door.

"LOUIS!" He says.

"WHAT!? The door isn't broken!" I say and barge through it.

***Nikki's POV***

WHAM! Goes the frying pan.

Let me go back a bit...

"Bye Zayn," I whisper into the phone. I slip my phone into my boot when she isn't looking. God she's a crazy bitch. We didn't tell him to dump her! Anyway...

Hannah's phone was just snatched out of her hand by two huge guys. They then walk over to me.

"Phone," one of them says in a deep voice.

"Don't have one," I say sassily.

"We just saw you talking on it. Where is it," the other says in a high pitched squeaky voice. I have to bite my tongue to not burst out laughing.

"Check the boots," she says pointing at my boots. I glare at her as they find my phone.

She is staring me down and so are the two huge thugs. I stare her in the eyes. No one is looking at Hannah. They know she's injured she won't pull something drastic.

"Alright boys. Let's go," she says.

"Go where?" I ask.

"You'll see when we're there," she says with a smirk as she turns away from me.


I feel a sharp pain at the back of my head and I'm tumbling toward the ground. I hear a distant shriek, and I black out.

***Hannah's POV***

I'm frozen in my spot by the couch. They just hit Nikki over the head with a frying pan! The guy with the high voice throws her over his shoulder. I know whats coming next. i just need to make sure Louis' phone stays in my shoe. He left it on the table, and i slipped it in my boot after they snatched my phone and were staring down Nikki. Next thing I know I'm getting dizzy and lightheaded. I haven't been hit over the head, but I still fall forward onto the floor, and I black out.

~Sometime Later~

I giant jerk wakes me up. I have a massive headache. I try to move my hand to my face to wipe my groggy eyes, but I can't seem to move them.

I open my eyes and see my face is inches away from a giant piece of metal. I can barely tell because it's so dark. I look next to me and see Nikki. She's not awake yet. That blow to the head must have been hard!

We go over a bump and I slam my face into the metal. Bump? We must be in a car trunk! I feel the car slowing down. I close my eyes quickly when I feel the car stop. The trunk opens, and I hear talking.

"Pick them up," she says.

"Where too Miss Trixy?" The low voiced guy says. Miss Trixy? You've got to be kidding me.

"First hallway you get inside, go all the way down, take a right and it's the first door on the left," she snaps.

Next thing I know I feel an arm brush my own. Nikki is lifted out of the trunk.

Next I'm lifted out of the car, and thrown over a shoulder. I make sure my feet are level with the ground. I don't want Louis' phone to get taken away. At the moment, it's a life line. Literally.

We enter the building. I can tell its two doors, and the building is air conditioned. We go down the hallway, and take a right. We walk a few more feet, and take a left. I hear one thumb, and next thing I know I'm thrown down too. I feel the phone slide up and I panic inside. My leg gives a small twitch and it sends the phone down.

"Did you see that?" The high pitched guy asks.

"Yea," the low voiced one says.

"Frying pan?"

I feel cold sweat form a layer on my body in panic. Next thing I now, I black out with a pain at the back of my head.

~Another time later~

I finally wake up after a while. I'm face to face with a clean white floor. I try to sit up but it's a challenge with tied legs and ankles. My ankle is swelling and I can barely move it. I look over where Nikki should be and I see she's gone. I look around the room and see her facing me, her hands untied and working on her ankles.

"How-" I start.

"I found a rusty nail stuck in the wall and managed to cut the ropes on my hands," she whisper yells across the room.

"How long-"

"I've been awake for about 30 minutes. When I woke up the guys had just dropped us in here because they were leaving," she whisper yells again.

"Finish getting your ankles, I need to tell your something," I say.

I know how far we are from the hotel. I need to text Louis or Niall or someone quickly.

Nikki gets her ankles and my hands and we both work on the bonds on my ankles. It's a struggle because of my sprained ankle.

I hold my breathe as she has to cut the bonds on it. When she gets them off it's a huge relief. I relax against the wall. Nikki lays on the ground, I'm guessing to think of a plan. I just relax for a minute, and then it hits me.

I scramble for my shoe and grab Louis' phone. I check the battery life. We have about 80% so not full but close. I slip the phone into my pocket and look up at the door. I see a key hole. I reach in my hair, and pull out a bobby pin. I hop/limp over to the door.

I check to make sure it's locked, and it is. I unlock the door with my bobby pin. I slowly creak open the door and no one is in the hallway.

"How?!" Is all Nikki can manage to say.

"Later! Come," I say and walk to the exit.

I'm almost to the door, when someone says "Going somewhere?"

I spin around and see her. Trixy. Her dirty blonde hair is up in a pony tail. She's smirking at me.

Next thing I know, get a pain at the back of my head. It knocks me into my knees but I'm not out. There's another whack, and I fall to the ground unconscious.

***Nikki's POV***

I shriek slips past my lips. This is enough.

I run at the man who whacked my sister. Obviously, Trixy thinks I'm running for Hannah.

"I wouldn't do that unless you want to join her," she smirks.

I snatch the frying pan from the man, and whack his own head.

"What are you doing?!" Trixy shrieks and runs at me.

I ignore her. I whack the other man who came out of the room down the hall looking shocked. He tumbles over unconscious. I look around for Trixy, but all I notice is Hannah is no longer at my feet.

I look up at the corner and see the end of Trixy's pony tail flicker out of sight.

"Not on my watch," I say under my breath.

I run after them, frying pan in hand. I see Trixy run down the hall and I run full speed after her. I'm a few feet away. I can almost reach her. I speed up a bit and then swing. I hit her dirty blonde head, and she goes tumbling, along with Hannah. I dive to save my sister.

I push Trixy off of us, and then set Hannah down. I brush myself off and throw Trixy over my shoulder. I go to the room she trapped us in, and slide her across the floor. I then go to the men and do the same with them. I lock the door, and then the down to Hannah.

She's stirring awake, a small groan escaping her lips. I pick her up and find a room somewhere down another hallway and set her down on a couch.

Then I remember.

I scramble to Hannah's boot and pull out Louis' phone.

***Niall's POV***

NO! We were to late!! The boys and I are all sitting on the couch discussing where they could be or why could have happened. I can see the panic rising behind Louis' and Zayn's calm faces.

Next thing I know my phone buzzes.

The guys look at me. "What?" I say defensively.

I look at the name. "Louis" That's curious...

I walk into the hallway and answer the phone.

"Hello?" I answer.

"NIALL!" She screams in my ear.

"Nikki!?" I say back.

"Yes Nikki! Now listen," she says. "You guys need to come here quick-"

I cut her off. "Come where?!"

"Uh, hold on," she says quickly. 


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