One In A Million

Hannah and Nikki have entered a contest to meet One Direction. They have a one in a million chances of winning. Will they win?... They do!!! They priomised to never get in each others way. Both claiming a favorite in the group. Nikki and Zayn. Hannah and Louis. But their plan dosen't end up the way they want it. They run into all these promblems with fans and the other band members. Plus their Life and Death encounters. Will they survive the plan they entened and the one in a million chances. Wish us luck!!


4. Freak Outs

Chapter 4
*Hannah's POV*
I chase after Nikki as she runs to the basement. I find her lugging out suitcases. "Why," I say.

"We have to pack for tour!" She says.

"Right!" I say running over, grabbing my suitcase. I bound up the stairs two at a time, then run to my room. I grab all of my jeans out of the drawer, and all of my shirts from the closet. I throw all the hangers in an empty laundry basket, and shove it in the corner. I fold all the shirts and put them on one side, then fold the jeans and put them on the other. I set my red jeans off to the side. After packing everything else I can't zip my suitcase! "NIKKI!!!" I call.

"YOU COME FIRST!" Nikki yells. I walk in her room to see her laying on her suitcase, trying to zip it.

"Need help?" I say laughing.

"Ya think!" She tells me. I walk over and zip her suitcase. Then she comes to my room, and I sit on the suitcase. She zips it. "So... When are the guys coming?" Nikki asks. When I'm about to answer y phone buzzes. I pick it up and see I got a text. Number I don't recognize... I open the text and it reads:

"Hey Hannah! It's Louis from one direction! We'll be over around 8 in the morning your time. So be ready, bright eyed an bushy tailed! See ya then! KEVIN!!!"

I fall back on my bed and smile at the ceiling. "Well who was it?" Nikki asks. I hand her the phone. When she finishes she screams. "LOUIS TEXTED YOU!"

"I KNOW RIGHT!" I say jumping up. I grab my phone back from her and reply, "Hey Louis! Thanks for telling me. See ya then! :) OH! And can you do me a favor and have Zayn text my sister? Here's her number *number*"

I get a reply in a few minutes. "Sure! ;) see ya tomorrow then!"

In a few seconds I hear Nikki scream. I can't hear out of my left ear! "WHAT!" I shout.

"ZAYN TEXTED ME!" She says jumping up and down.

"Well go text him back!" I say smiling. She skips out of my room and head to the basement. I get out my phone and text Louis.

Me:Thank you! I totally owe you one.

Louis:Hey it's fine! :)

Me:No. I owe ya one. :3

Louis:Suit yourself. ;)

Me:Should I be scared? o.o

Louis:No! Maybe... Eh. No!

Me:Okay... Well hurry up and hop on a plane out here! We're excited! :)

Louis:We're on the way now. :) text ya when we land! Later love ;) KEVIN!

Me:Bye!!! :D

I look at the clock. 7 o clock already! I just had a conversation with Louis Tomlinson. I skip around my room the run downstairs. "I JUST HAD A CONVERSATION WITH LOUIS TOMLINSON!" I shriek.

"I JUST HAD A CONVERSATION WITH ZAYN MALIK!" Nikki shrieks at me. We hop around the basement until we're tired. We plop on the couch, and fall asleep, excited for tomorrow.

What will the girls say? Will the guys like them? Will Louis remember to text Hannah? All that and more in the next chapter ;)

~CAPTAIN AMERICA~ one of your authors ;{D
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