One In A Million

Hannah and Nikki have entered a contest to meet One Direction. They have a one in a million chances of winning. Will they win?... They do!!! They priomised to never get in each others way. Both claiming a favorite in the group. Nikki and Zayn. Hannah and Louis. But their plan dosen't end up the way they want it. They run into all these promblems with fans and the other band members. Plus their Life and Death encounters. Will they survive the plan they entened and the one in a million chances. Wish us luck!!


16. Are You Okay?

***Hannah's POV***
We go down to the pool, and walk in the area being very careful. Zayn sets Nikki in a chair, and Louis sets me down somewhere without a ton of water on the ground. I carefully walk over to Nikki and see she's protesting.
"But I want to swim," she complains.
"Nikki, I don't think you should. It could effect your cut," I say seriously.
"Fine," she groans.
I lean over to her ear, and whisper, "sorry sis. I just don't want you to get hurt any more." I pull away and hug her.
She hugs back and whispers, "be careful. You know how we are, and look at this place!"
I pull away and say, "should have seen me at swim practice in middle school and high school. I mastered the slippery floor."
I get a laugh out of Nikki. I throw my fist in the air, and puff out my chest. "Score one for Hannah!" I holler. I get a laugh from everyone. I see no one is in the pool yet. I sneak up behind Lou, and push him in. I see his face give a small panic, then he grabs his nose and he hits the water. I stare at him, acting like I don't know what happened. The guys look around worried. I sneak up behind Harry and push him in. Same thing again, to Liam. Zayn hurries over to sit next to Nikki. I look around for Niall. Next thing you know I'm getting hurled at the pool. I grab my nose before impact with the water. I swim up to the surface, and see Niall looking worried at me. Next thing you know, he gets pushed in and I swim away frantically. I look up to where Niall was standing and see Louis. I climb to the edge of the pool, and pull myself out and sit on the edge. Zayn is standing near the edge if the pool talking to Liam, who's in the pool. I take the opportunity to shove him in too. I can sense someone behind me. I slide to the side as they are about to shove me in, and I see its Niall. He almost falls in, but catches his balance. I take the opportunity to push him in too.
"WOO! I gotcha all!" I say laughing, letting my guard down. Next thing I know, four hands are shoving me in the pool. I grab my nose again, and spin around when I come up. Nikki and Louis are trying to not crack up. I swim under the water, and to the stairs. I climb out and push Louis in. I jump in next to him before he can take in what happened.
He comes up and points his finger at Nikki. "YOU!" 
"Not me! Her!" Nikki says pointing a finger at me.
"How? She's in the pool!" He says.
"She jumped in!" Nikki says.
"Did you push me in the pool," Lou says.
I give a fake gasp, and say, "me?"
"I'll take that as a yes," he says.
Next thing I know, the guys jump out of the pool. I look at Nikki for help, because I know what's coming next. I swim to the side, and she pulls me out. We scramble out of the splash zone. As I'm running off, the guys jump in, I slip on the water, and fall on my butt. I lean back in defeat. Nikki screeches, and the guys swim up to the surface.
"WHAT HAPPENED?!" They shout.
I pop back up at the yelling. "I FELL!" I yell back.
Lou scrambles out of the pool. I hold up my hands. "SLOW!" I say.
He slows down and walks over to me. He helps me up, and holds my face in his hands. "Are you okay?!" He asks. He keeps examining my face for bruising. He looks at my body for more bruises, scratches and scrapes.
"I'm fine Lou. I do it at home all the time," I say. I look over at Nikki and the other guys. All worried faces staring at me. I hide behind Lou. He spins around and looks me in the eyes. He seems white as a ghost. "I'm fine. Honest," I say. They all stare at me a bit longer, then swim away from the edge.
"Just be careful," Lou says, kissing my head.
"I know. I'm used to it though. You should see me and Nikki at home," I say with a slight giggle at the end. Lou intertwines our fingers, and I see all the guys get out again. "Wanna?" He asks me.
"You kidding?" I say. I walk up to the edge of the pool with Lou. The guys start to jump, and I do too. We all come up to the surface, and I see an extra head. I look around the pool, and don't see Nikki. "NIKKI!" I yell.
"WHAT!" She yells spinning around.
I give her a glare. "You're in the pool," I say.
"It was too tempting!" She says.
***Nikki's POV***
She gives me a glare. "You're in the pool," Hannah says.
"It was too tempting!" I say.
She swims over to me. She looks at the bruise on my arm. She brushes over it lightly barely touching it, as Lou and Zayn swim over. I wince, and she pulls back immediately.
"See! What I someone whacked you!" She complains. Then she looks at my forehead. She gets a worried look on her face again. My hand shoots up to my forehead. I pull it away, and see its red, with a mix from the pool water. She grabs my arm without the bruise, and paddles over to the ladder. She gets out, and pulls me out of the pool.
"GUYS APARTMENT NOW," Hannah yells.
"Aw no!" I say. She gives me a look. "Okay." I pout.
Zayn walks over with a towel, and wraps me up. He sweeps me off my feet, and I feel someone grab my hand. I look at the nails, and see marble nail polish. Hannah. I see she has Louis' hand in her other. He's wrapped up in a lot of towels, same with all the other guys. Hannah doesn't even have a towel on.
"You guys are such wimps," Hannah giggles.
"How are you not cold!?" Liam asks/yells at her.
"Swimmer," she shrugs. "Pool rooms heated, pool's ice cold when you dive in. Then you have to go outside with wet hair, in the winter."
"It's true," I say. "I came along to get her after every practice. She sits through my practices, but I never sat through hers. I had basketball in the morning and went home and passed out on the couch."
Everyone laughs, then stop short. They all just noticed my forehead. We hurry up to the apartment taking the stairs. Hannah manages to trip up three of them. Lou's face has gone white as a sheet again.
"Stairs. Hannah. Bad mix," she says. He's still worried. She leans over and kisses his cheek, after whispering something in his ear. Probably saying she's fine. "Wait how did I trip up the stairs and no one else did, when you all have towels around your legs?!" Hannah asks.
"You can manage it," I say. She gives me a look, so I say, "love ya sis."
"Love ya sis," she says back.
We rush into the apartment, and Zayn sets me down on my bed. I hear a thud, and Hannah walks in with a pink mark on her arm.
"I fell I'm fine though," Hannah confirms.
"Okay," I say unsure.
I see Hannah has a white towel from the hotel, and it's wet too. I brace myself for the pain. She wipes off the dried blood from my face, then warns me. She hands me a pillow. I'm guessing to scream into. I put one end of it in my mouth as Hannah takes the bandaid off. She wipes the blood from around the cut. She then takes my hand in hers as she wipes off the cut. I scream into the pillow. Hannah places some more medicine on the cut and places a bandaid on it.
"I'm sorry sis," she say on the verge of tears.
"It's okay," I say. I can feel the shakiness in my voice. "I'll be fine."
"Just be careful," Hannah says, placing a hand on my shoulder. She lightly kisses my head above my cut. She grabs some clothes, and her shampoo and soap, and scrambles to the bathroom. I put my hair up in a pony tail, and change into sweats and a tee. I slip on my slippers and walk to the living room.
***Hannah's POV***
After my shower, I dry off and change into sweats and a tee. I slide on my baggy sweatshirt from swim. I braid my hair, and slip on my glasses and walk to the living room. I walk in and Zayn and Nikki are cuddled on the couch. Niall is in a chair, and Liam is in the seat across from him. Harry's looking out the balcony. I look for Louis. Nikki looks back at me and points to the coffee table and I see Lou's under it watching TV. I walk over and lean down to look at him. I stand up straight, and point at Lou. "Why," I say to Nikki.
"He won't say," Nikki relies.
"It's comfy!" Lou yells.
I lay down on my back and scoot under the table, and snuggle with Lou.
"What are they doing out there?" Liam asks Harry.
"Screaming, cause they see me," Harry says. He walks back over and sits in another chair. "And why are you under the coffee table?"
"It's comfy!" Lou and I both shout.
"Alright, alright!" Harry says holding up his hands. Everyone laughs.
"Well we have to leave tomorrow morning," Niall says after everyone calms down.
"What time?" Nikki asks.
"8," Niall says.
"Merp! That's early!" Nikki and I say.
"Merp?" The guys repeat.
"Yes merp," we reply.
"Not even gonna ask," Liam says shaking his head and smiling.
"Good," Nikki and I say. I lean my head back to look at her, and we are looking at each other. Then we laugh.
"Well what should we do?" Harry asks.
"REAL LIFE FR-" the guys start.
"NO!" Nikki and I yell.
"Aw! Why?!" The guys complain.
"Injured Nikki, and tripping Hannah. With knives. NO," Nikki and I explain.
"True," the guys say.
"Then what?" Harry asks.
"I'M STARVING!" Nikki and I simultaneously yell.
"ME TOO!" Niall says.
"Lets order something," Harry suggests.
"I got it!" Niall says picking up the phone.
Zayn stops Niall. "Liam can do it," he says. Niall starts to pout.
"No pouting Horan," I say with a slight laugh.
Niall stands up, and walks over. He grabs my ankles and drags me out from under the coffee table. Lou had his arms around me so we both slide out.
"Yes Niall?" I ask.
"I really don't know," he replies.
"Okay then," I say standing up. I take Lou's hands, and pull him up.
"I ordered pizza," Liam says.
"YAY," Nikki, Niall and I say throwing our arms in the air.
Lou wraps his arms around my waist.
"Now what?" I ask.
"A game?" Nikki suggests.
"Twister!" The guys exclaim.
"Sure!" Nikki and I giggle.
Lou and Niall set up the game. "Who's up first?" I ask when they're done.
"ME!" Nikki, Harry, Niall, and Liam exclaim. Zayn gets a worried look.
"It'll be fine Zayn. Promise," Nikki says.
"Okay," he says quietly.
They start to play. Louis, Zayn and I sit on the back of the couch and watch. I'm in the middle of the two. Nikki goes first. Then Niall, Liam, and Harry. After a while, Niall gets left foot red. The closest dot to his foot is right in front of Nikki's face. Zayn and I both notice and we yell, "CAREFUL!"
"I KNOW! Calm!" Niall yells back.
They play, and everytime that happens Zayn and I do the same thing. We always get the same answer. Nikki beats all the guys.
"SCORE ONE FOR NIKKI!" She shouts will her arm in the air.
"Alright then. Lets see if you can beat me," I say.
We get the game going. I try to stay away from her forehead, and her arm. After about a 10 minute game, I win!
"SCORE ONE FOR HANNAH!" I say with my hand in the air.
"Good game sis," Nikki says brushing herself off. "Well who's up next!?" She asks.
I check my watch. It's 10. "I say, no one sis. Time for bed!" I say dragging her to the bedroom.
"NIGHT!" We yell at the guys.
"NIGHT!" They yell back.
Lou and Zayn walk behind us. They walk in, and Lou shuts the door. He and Zayn make a wall in front of it.
"Yes boys?" We ask.
They just walk over. Lou sits on my bed, and Zayn sits on Nikki's. Zayn wraps his arms around Nikki, and leans back. I hear they're breathing slow. They have fallen asleep.
Lou is laying down with his back to the wall. I lay down and face him. He intertwines my fingers with his. He leans in and kisses my lips. We smile, and press our foreheads together.
He pecks my nose.
"Ya missed," I say kissing him on the lips and getting a passionate kiss back. After we finished we smile, and I drift off to sleep.
~The Next Day~
"WAKE UP YOU SLEEPY HEADED COUPLES!" Three voices yell waking me up with a start. I jump out of the bed and grab the closest thing on the night stand. I see Nikki did the same thing.
"NOT FUNNY!" We yell at them.
"Are you two just in sync this morning?!" The guys laugh.
"No," we both say. "Maybe," we say again. "Okay yes," we say. We face each other. I raise my left hand and Nikki mirrors it in sync. "Okay, this is creepy," we say in sync again. "STOP IT!" We yell. We both manage to sit on put beds and hug our boyfriends in sync.
"This is scary," Lou says.
"No kidding," I say without Nikki.
"YOU FIXED IT!" Nikki yells. The guys laugh. I don't. "What? We once did that for an hour!" She exclaims.
"Really?" Zayn says looking at her.
"Yes!" She says.
"Whoa," the guys say.
Nikki and I laugh. "We'll let's get ready!" I say.
Lou and Zayn leave us to change, along with the other guys. I grab out my dark blue sweats, a tee, my swimming hoodie, and my tan UGGS. I go to the bathroom to change. I slip in my contacts after I'm dressed, and then walk to the living room. I see the guys watching the news. Nikki is cuddling with Zayn in a chair. She's wearing her grey sweatpants and a hoodie, and some sneakers. I walk over to the couch, and plop next to Louis and Liam.
I look up at the TV. A new story is on. "Contest Winners Nikole Davis and Hannah Davis not seen since last story. Our reporter..."
"Guys can you turn this off please. It's rubbish anyway," Lou says as I bury my face in his shoulder. Liam rubs my back as Lou pulls me into a hug.
Harry shuts it off. "We'll it was time to leave for our flight anyway. Lets go," Harry says getting up.
I run to my room and throw some things in my suitcase last minute. I grab my green SnapBack and my shades, and put them on. I see Nikki gets the same idea. She slides on her shades and my purple SnapBack. I sling my backpack over my shoulder and grab my suitcase. Nikki does the same. We walk out of the room, and Lou takes my suitcase from me. Zayn takes Nikki's from her. Harry takes our back packs. The guys tell us they will go first, and Paul will take us another way for our protection. They leave and shut the door behind them.
I look at Nikki and she looks at me. We walk towards each other and hug. I hug her tighter and she does the same. "It's going to be okay Nikki. The guys will fix it," I whisper.
"What happens if it doesn't work out right?" She asks.
"We can't afford to think like that. We just wait and see," I say back. I feel a tear through my sweatshirt. I let my own fall as well. Two strong arms wrap around Nikki and I. We get set on the couch and I panic a bit. I look up and see Paul.
"OH! It's you Paul," I say clutching my heart.
"Sorry to break that up," he apologizes.
"It's fine Paul," Nikki assured him.
Paul tells us he needs to leave for a few minutes. He comes back and tells us we need to go. We follow him out of the hotel, and we get into a car. We drive to the airport and meet up with the guys outside.
"Ready?" Lou asks me as we walk up.
"Ready as I'll every be," I sigh.
We walk inside and go to catch our flight.
~After Flight~ (I'm not typing it all XD)
***Nikki's POV***
We're walking through the airport. We're hiding our faces in the crowd. Paul's in the lead, taking us outside. Before the glass doors, he stops us.
"What's wrong Paul?" Liam asks.
"The paparazzi," he says.
"Well we have to go to the hotel soon. They won't leave until they see us," Niall says.
"I got this," I say walking out the door.
"NIKKI!" I hear them all yell. I ignore and keep walking.
I walk outside and I'm swarmed with the paparazzi. Some are grabbing me to interview me just or a few seconds. I rip my arm out of the grip, and hit someone in the face. I think the person I hit, kicked my shin. I jump up and down a bit in pain, then go bonkers. I'm punching and kicking whoever comes in my way. I don't care if this is the paparazzi. I will not let them get me. I go for a round house kick on one of the only 10 left. I miss by an inch, and fall on my back on the ground. The ones who were left, scramble away. I hear a scream, and then see a Hannah over me. I see tears in her eyes.
"Nikki?!" She cries over me. I don't move. I just shut my eyes and try to breathe. It's getting harder. I feel some hands on my shoulders. I open my eyes slightly, so no one can tell, and see Zayn right in front of my face. I can see other shadows around me.
"Nikki?" I hear Zayn's voice say. "Nikki?!" I hear it a bit desperately.
I can tell everyone is worried. I let out a loud groan. "NIKKI!" They all shout.
"Loud!" I say hoarsely.
"Sorry," they all whisper.
"Can we go now?" I mumble.
"Can you move?" Hannah sniffles.
"It hurts!" I groan.
I feel someone pick me up. I open my eyes and see Zayn. I look over for Hannah and see her almost fall again. Louis catches her and has her get on his back. We get into a car and Zayn won't let me go. We get to the hotel, and Hannah and Lou are walking hand in hand. The other guys are checking in, while Zayn, Hannah, Louis, and I wait. When the guys come back, we take the elevator. We go into the apartment, and Zayn sets me on my bed, and leaves to get me some water and some marshmallows.
I hear a thud, and a scream. I hear a gust if wind by my door. I sit bolt up right. I see a blur by my door, then three more. I see my sister in the middle of a circle of the boys of One Direction, clutching her ankle.

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