We'll Stay Gold Forever (The Wanted Fanfic)

Hannah Ferrier is just a normal girl starting work as a journalist for a teen magazine. But when she is assigned the job of interviewing The Wanted, her whole life begins to change. She finds herself falling for the gorgeous Nathan Sykes, and he begins to feel the same way for her. But nothing is as perfect as it seems, and Hannah and Nathan find themselves walking into a path of love...and danger. When things turn dark and dangerous, can Hannah and Nathan's love for each other survive?


9. Chapter 9 ~ Weakness

Nathan and I drove to the ice rink, talking and laughing all the way. When we arrived we were greeted by the rest of the boys and Nareesha and Kelsey. As we walked in through the entrance we were met with a crowd of screaming young girls. The boys stopped for a few moments for photographs, autographs and a little chat with them. I nervosuly scanned the group, half expecting the girl with the blue eyes to be there, thankfully she wasn't. We all went and changed into our skates, as we walked out, wobbling slightly on the edges I turned to Nathan and said,

"Nath, I'm not too sure how to skate properly, I went a few times when I was younger but-" I trail off,

"It's alright, I'm not the best either, just hang on to me and we can fall over together!" He replies, laughing. We step out onto the ice. First of all I cling to the edge helplessly and just go around slowly, pulling myself along and watching other people zooming around and trying to work out how I could do that. I got the fright of my life when Nathan came up behind me and placed his hands on my shoulders.
"God Nathan!" I exclaimed, "don't scare me like that!"
"Haha, sorry, I just couldn't resist," he replied with a cheeky smile. He took my hand in his and I felt secure and safe. Nathan gently lead me away from the edge and out into the middle of the rink. "There, look, you're skating!" He said to me, pulling me close to avoid the fast, confident skaters whooshing past.
"I wouldn't call it skating," I said, "more like you dragging me along."
"Yeah but, it's a start." Nathan said, looking down at me with a smile.

We spend the rest of the morning and into the afternoon skating, I eventually manage to get the hang of it, sort of. I spend most of my time clinging on to Nathan tightly, in fear of falling over. Then he turns and says to me,

"Why don't you have a go on your own?"

I feel unsure, but because Nath trusts me, I decide to give it a go. I take a cautious step and then, whoosh... I'm away, it's more fun than I thought it would be. Lost in the moment, I turn around to face Nathan and shout,

"Look at me! I'm ice skating! I'm actually ice skating!" I say with happiness, my laugh echoing around the rink. But then suddenly someone comes rushing past me and accidentally brushes my arm, it isn't much but it's enough for me to lose my balance, and my newly found confidence. I take a slight stagger backwards, and my legs begin to wobble and then before I realise what's happening I'm falling down, I brace myself for the hard, cold impact, but instead I find myself landing in Nathan's arms. He's caught my head in one hand and his other arm is resting in the small of my back. I look up into his mesmerising green eyes and whisper,

"That was a close one,"

"Too close," Nathan says, pulling me up close to him and hugging me against his chest, I can hear and feel his heart thumping quickly in his chest.

"It's alright, I'm fine, really." I say to him, looking him in the eyes, they are filled with worry.

"Hmm..." Nathan huffs, "but still, I worry about you, I can't help it, you're my weakness. I can't stop thinking about you and worrying about you. I didn't think I'd catch you in time."

"But you did, so there's nothing to trouble you now," I say,

"Anyway, I think we should just stay together you know? Incase you fall again." Nathan tells me,

"That sounds like a perfect plan." I say, smiling up at him and he smiles back. Just looking at him like that makes me heart beat quicker and I feel all tingly and warm inside, like I'm melting or something like that.

We spend the rest of our time there going round and round hand in hand. Until we both agree that our feet are so sore that we should probably stop. As we step off the rink, Nathan gives me a light, delicate kiss on the lips and we walk over to the little cafe beside the ice rink and order some drinks while we wait for the others to get fed up. Eventually we all exit and decide to go back to Nath's to watch a DVD. We choose a comedy and everyone squishes in to the living room to watch it. I end up sitting in between Nathan and Kesley on the floor on top of these massive beanbags.

"God these are ginormous Nath!" I exclaim, "A baby elephant would be able to sit comfortably in one of these!"

Nathan just laughs and takes my hand in his and we all settle down, ready to watch the movie. Tom walks in with a big bowl of popcorn that he's just made in the microwave. We all start handing it around but then forget about it once we become absorbed in the movie. It really is hilarious and has everyone laughing their heads off, Nathan's laugh is just so cute, I think to myself with a little smile. Halfway through the movie, Nathan places his arm around my shoulders and pulls me close, and I rest my head against his chest. I can hear his heart beating rhythmically, it's strangely relaxing and despite the hilarity of the film, I can't seem to keep my eyes open and eventually find myself drifting off.

I'm awoken by someone delicately shaking my shoulder and someone's voice whispering gently in my ear, their breath tickling my face,

"Hannah, Hannah wake up now love," I open my eyes to see Nathan staring down at me, a smile on his lips, I smile back and sit up, just as a piece of popcorn come flying through the air, in between our heads.

"Damn it, I missed." We all heard Jay mutter, which started an epic and very intese popcorn fight. It was flung through the air at everyone.

"Who cares about snow when you can have popcorn!" Siva exclaimed, throwing popcorn back at Jay.

Tom grabbed a handful from the bowl and propelled it at Nathan and I, Nathan, stood in front of me and tried to shield me from the oncoming shower of popcorn, but with no such luck. Unfortunately, we were the furthest away from the popcorn bowl, so Nathan put his arm around my shoulder and we ran for cover behind the sofa,

"EVERYONE! GET NANNAH!!!!" We heard Tom and Jay shout in unision. I glanced towards Nathan, excitement and thrill in my eyes, adrenaline rushing through my body, even though it was only popcorn, and I saw the same cheeky glint in his green eyes that I'd seen a few times before.

"I have a plan," he whispered to me, "just trust me,"

"Always," I replied.

We heard cautious footsteps heading our way, but before we became covered in popcorn, Nathan and I stood up quickly and threw one of the beanbags that was behind the sofa at the first person we saw, which happened to be Tom. Because it was so big and because of the force at which we'd thrown it, it hit Tom right in the chest and threw him backwards on to the floor. It was just too funny and everyone burst out in hysterics, whilst that distracted them, Nathan grabbed my hand and we ran out of the living room and up the stairs. Nathan led me around corridor after corridor until we entered a bedroom, but we didn't stop there. Nathan brought me over to the window and swiftly unlocked it and we climbed out onto a small balcony. Nathan then proceded to go on to the roof.

"Nathan!" I gasped, "Isn't that extremely dangerous?"

"Nah," he replied, "I've gone up here tons of times, it's a good place to think." He concluded, stretching down a hand to pull me up. I placed all my trust in him and got up onto the roof as well. It was still littered with a light dusting of snow. We looked up at the sky, it was sprinkled with hundreds and thousands of tiny, shining little stars. It was magical.

"That was mental," I said, turning to Nathan as we lay down on the roof,

"Tell me about it," Nathan sighed with a smile, "you better get used to it, we're all a bit crazy." As he finishes talking, a few light drops of snow begin falling from the sky, until it gets heavier and becomes a steady flow of snowflakes.

"Snow? In March? This is insane," Nathan says to me,

"This is Britain," I conclude, which makes him laugh. I shiver, suddenly feeling the cold. Nathan notices and takes off his jacket and puts it around my bare shoulders and pulls me in close beside him.

"Thank you," I whisper, looking up at him, the snowflakes falling perfectly around him and tumbling into his hair, the moon shining brightly in the sky and casting shadows across his face.

"You're welcome," he replies, and bends down and kisses my hair, wet with the snow. Below us we can hear the others shouting out and looking for us. "They'll never find us," Nathan says with a smile, but then we hear the front door open up,

"You spoke too soon," I reply with a grin as we both watch Jay step out and spot us,

"Guys! They're on the bloody roof!" We hear him exclaim, and both laugh at the suprised expression on his face. Everyone else clambers out of the house to see whether Jay is lying or if we really are up there.

"Right, payback time!" We hear Tom shout, and he picks up a lump of snow, carefully shapes it into a ball and brings his arm back to throw it.

"Uh oh, we better move," Nathan says, as we begin to clim back down to the balcony, the snowball is launched and hits Nathan square in the face, the expression of shock on his face mixed with the remains of the snowball is just so funny that I burst out laughing,

"I-I'm sorry," I stutter, trying to wipe the snow of his shoulders, but another snowball comes up and hits him on the leg this time,

"Oi!" Nathan shouts down, leaning over the balcony, "You were the one's who started this!"

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," I say to him,

"Why not?" Nathan asks, and I just manage to push him out the way before another snowball hits him.

"Now that would've hit you right in the face if I didn't shove you out the way," I say to him, smiling at the bewildered expression on his face from being standing up one moment, to lying down on the ground the next. I stretch out my hand to him to help him up. Then I walk to the front of the balcony, just in time to watch a snowball, launched by Max I'm guessing, shoot past me, narrowly missing my right ear. I see Jay bending down to scoop up another handful of snow, and I shout down,

"You wouldn't hit a girl now would you?"

THUD. I'm hit square in the face by his snowball. It appears I was wrong. With snow in my hair and dripping down onto my shoulders and caking my eyelashes, I picked up a handful of snow from the roof and launched it straight down. It takes Jay by surprise and scatters all over his curls.

"Haha, good shot Hannah!" Nathan shouts to me, laughing with glee, but just then, about seven snowballs come shooting through the air, up towards the balcony,

"They're all throwing them!" I shout to Nathan, as we dive for cover underneath a metal table placed out on the balcony, although it doesn't shelter us very well.

"On the count of three," Nathan says to me, "get up and run for your life, ok?"

"Alright, got it," I respond,

"Jay is ruthless," he tells me,

"I know, I know," I say, gesturing to my soaking hair.

"One," Nathan whispers, "Two," he says, taking my hand, "THREE!" We both shout together, getting up, grabbing on to each other and slipping and sliding across the balcony, dodging snowballs launched at us left, right and centre. A few hit us in the back but we don't stop until we're safely inside the bedroom. But not safe enough, we watch as an avalanche of snowballs are hurled towards the open door. Nathan and I both scramble up, and slam the door shut behind us with our backs pressed firmly against it. THUD. THUD. THUDTHUDTHUD. We hear the snowballs hitting the glass behind us and the vibration from the force of the throws running through the door. Nathan takes my hand and we walk over and collapse next to each other on the bed.

"Whoa," he sighs, "finally, safe at last."

"Don't speak too soon, I'm half expecting Jay to walk through those doors with a bucketful of snow,"

"I know what you mean," Nathan says with a smile, as a couple more snowballs rebound off the door. Eventaully they stop, they must've given up. I glance at Nathan, his eyelashes wet with snow, the snow crumpled into his hair and drips running down his face off on to the bed and his cheeks turned red with the cold temperature. And then suddenly before I know what's happened, Nathan has pulled me into an embrace, and kisses me delicately on the lips and I kiss him back. His jacket falls off my shoulders and I can feel the fireworks inside me going off again. And then suddenly we're aware of the door opening, Jay is standing in the doorway. We quickly break away from each other and I look around warily, half expecting a snowball to appear. As if he knows what I'm thinking, Jay lifts his arms above his head and twirls around,

"No snowballs, I promise," he laughs, and we join in, "Nath, everyone's getting ready to go," he tells us,

"Alright, we'll come down," Nathan says, and we jump off the bed and follow Jay downstairs. We say our goodbyes to everyone and then I help Nathan clean up the mess in his living room. Once we've finished, Nathan drives me home. We sit in my driveway, just talking about our day, when Nathan turns to me and says,

"Hannah, I was wondering, do you erm, know what day it is tomorrow?" he asked, a thought flashed through my mind, did he remember?

"Tomorrow it's one month since we met," I say cautiously, hoping this was the right answer, judging by the amazing smile he gave me, it was.

"Yes! I was hoping you'd know,"

"How could I forget?" I ask,

"I don't know, anyway, so do you want to do something?"

"Yes, I'd love to!" I exclaim, "What would you like to do?"

"Well, I have something in mind," Nathan trails off mysteriously,

"Well thanks, that tells me a lot," I say sarcastically.

"Oh Hannah, you're about as sarcastic as me," Nathan says, laughing, "Just stay at your house tomorrow and I'll come and pick you up. And just bring yourself and all will be perfect," he finishes, giving me a quick goodbye kiss. I get out the car and wave goodbye, but then a though strikes me, I pick up a lump of snow, shape it quickly into a ball and throw it as hard as I can at Nathan's car window.

"Hey!" I hear him shout, though it's muffled because of the glass,

"Sorry! I just couldn't resist!" I shout through to him, giggling. I watch him drive away, laughing, and then I turn around and head back inside to the warmth and collapse on my bed in a state of exhaustion. And for once, I have a dreamless sleep with no nightmares whatsoever.

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