We'll Stay Gold Forever (The Wanted Fanfic)

Hannah Ferrier is just a normal girl starting work as a journalist for a teen magazine. But when she is assigned the job of interviewing The Wanted, her whole life begins to change. She finds herself falling for the gorgeous Nathan Sykes, and he begins to feel the same way for her. But nothing is as perfect as it seems, and Hannah and Nathan find themselves walking into a path of love...and danger. When things turn dark and dangerous, can Hannah and Nathan's love for each other survive?


5. Chapter 5 ~ The Weekend

I head indoors and try to ignore the sick, worried feeling creeping through my body. It will be ok, I tell myself, everything is going to be fine, this kind of reaction is expected from the press. To take my mind off of my troubles, I place my shopping bags on the kitchen table and begin unpacking everything, halfway through my phone buzzes yet again with another message, this time, it's from Sophie:

Hey babe!!!! It was amazing seeing you today!!!! We need a proper catch up soon, I've got a holiday next week, are you free then? :) oh and by the way...do you know what day it is tomorrow????? xx

I reply happily, with a smile on my face, Sophie can always make me smile:

Heyyy, oh it was great seeing you as well! Yes, that sounds fantastic and yes I think I'll be free. Uh, its Sunday tomorrow xx

While I wondered why she was asking me what day it was tomorrow, I took my dress upstairs to my bedroom and took it out of it's bag and hung it up in front of my wardrobe so I could take a proper good luck at it. Wow, I thought, stepping back and taking in every tiny detail, it was actually a gorgeous dress. It was a long, white, floorlength dress with short sleeves. But designed on it were lots of little red flowers, starting at the waist of the dress and scattered around randomly, although they became scarce near the hem of the dress. Sophie had made a fantastic job of repairing it.

I went back downstairs to see I had a reply from Sophie:

That's good, well it's a date then. Oh Hannah you're hopeless, yes it is Sunday tomorrow, but it's also the 14th February which means.................it's Valentine's Day!!!!! xx

Oh no, how could I have forgotten? Should I have got Nathan something? He hadn't mentioned anything but he might be planning something secretly. Instead of replying to Sophie I ran back out to my car and clambered in, heading quickly back to town. What on earth was I going to get him? I parked my car and got out, quickly scanning every shop to see if they had something. Then suddenly an idea hit me and I knew exactly what to get Nathan.

About half an hour later, I was back at my house, hopefully I wouldn't have to leave again. I ran up to the spare bedroom and grabbed a handful of tissue paper and wrapped up Nathan's present. Ah yes, I thought, looking down at it with satisfaction, this was perfect.

I went back downstairs again, not sure what to do, I had been excused from work for a few weeks because they felt bad about my accident and they said they wanted to give me some time to recover. That was fine with me but I was a bit bored. I'm one of those people who always have to be doing something. I went through to the kitchen and caught sight of the ingredients I'd bought earlier today and I knew exactly what to do. I spent a good couple of hours baking. First of all I managed to bake some biscuits and once they'd cooled, I iced them with tiny hearts and flowers, now that I was in the mood for Valentine's day. Following my theme, I also decided to cook a small cake and found a heart shaped cake tin. Once it had been cooked and cooled, I iced it with red icing and then made miniature 3D roses and flowers out of other icing and placed them around the cake artistically and wrote on the whole thing: Happy Valentine's Day in black icing with swirly handwriting.

By the time I'd finished all of that, it was nearly 11pm, and I was tired after today's events, so with heavy eyelids, I crawled upstairs to bed and fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up super early, without the aid of my alarm, which was unusual. I had a happy and excited feeling inside of me, and I wasn't too sure why. Then I remembered, Valentine's day. I jumped out of bed and took a quick shower and then got dressed into navy jeans and a white stappy top with a nice grey-silver oversized jumper. I left my hair loose and just plaited a small section at the front and pinned it back. I put on my charm bracelet and headed down for breakfast. After breakfast I checked on my baking again, it still looked perfectly fine and untouched. I couldn't wait to surprise Nathan with them. I wasn't too sure what to do after breakfast. I went to check my phone, but there were no messages, not even from Nathan. I was a little surprised at that, and I felt a little hurt for some reason, but I told myself not to worry about it, he's probably very busy. I told myself, so I took the first step this time and texted him:

Hey, how are you? xxxx

It wasn't much but it would start conversation, I hoped. Hours passed but there was still no reply. That was strange, I thought. Maybe his phone has broken, I thought, or he has no signal, or maybe he's just forgotten about Valentine's day, he has such a busy schedule. But I couldn't stop thoughts swirling around saying that he'd got fed up with me. All the media attention yesterday might've scared him away from me, I thought. With a heavy heart, I got up and headed towards where the cake and the biscuits were in the kitchen. I was about to scrape the cake into the bin when a loud knock at my door made me jump and nearly drop the cake. I placed the cake back on the table and walked towards the door, wondering who on earth it would be, as I opened the door I was greeted with an armful of flowers and Nathan's face appeared round the other side, shouting "Surprise!" With a big laugh.

"Oh Nathan! You're here! I thought, well, I thought something had happened!" I exclaim with happiness, deciding not to explain, it was too complicated.

"Well I'm here now, happy Valentine's day love," he says, walking in, setting the bouquet of flowers down and enveloping me into a hug.

"Oh you shouldn't have," I say, picking up the flowers,

"Well I did so don't stress about it, do you like them?" He asks,

"I absolutely love them! They're gorgeous!" I say with a happy smile.

"I'm sorry this is so short notice, my phone kinda ran out of battery and then I got lost quite a few times trying to get here," Nathan explains,

"Oh don't apologise," I say, "it's alright, I'm surprised you managed to find your way here and I'm so glad you're here now."

"What's this?" He asks, gesturing towards the cake and biscuits,

"Oh, just a little something I made last night,"

"You're just perfect, you're amazing, funny, gorgeous, cute and you can cook!"

"Well, I don't know if they're any good," I say, embarrassed,

"Stop being so modest," Nathan says, and with that, chooses a biscuit and bites into it. His facial expressions are quite hilarious but I'm not sure if he's pretending or not. "Wow Hannah, these are fantastic! Now, are you ready to go and have some fun?"

"You bet I am!" I say with enthusiasm, "just hang on one moment, I've got to go up and get something," I say, running upstairs quickly, grabbing his present and rushing back down again.

"This is for you, happy Valentine's day," I say with a smile,

"Oh thank you so much," Nathan says, "can I open it now?" He asks,

"You don't need to ask me! Go on though, I want to see your face when you open it,"

"Alright then," Nathan says, beginning to unwrap the present delicately, carefully peeling away the sellotape and pushing back the edges gently and then smoothing out the tissue paper, until the present finally falls out.

"Oh wow Hannah, that's just great!" He exclaims, picking up a black hat with '#nicely' written across it in white lettering. "That is one of the coolest hats I've ever seen! Where did you get it?"

"I got it custom made last night at a little shop on the high street. I'm glad you like it," I say, pleased with his reaction, a wide smile stretching across my face.

"RIght, now let's go and have some lunch!" Nathan says, taking my hand and pulling me out the door.

He drives me to a cute little cafe located in the countryside. We sit down at a table beside the window so we can take in the view of a cold February afternoon, the grass still has traces of frost left lingering on it and the sun shines dimly through the clouds. We both order some lunch and spend a good hour or two just sitting in the warmth and talking and laughing with each other. After we've finished, Nathan reaches inside inside his jacket pocket and pulls out a small velvet box outlined with gold thread.

"For you," he says, with a warm smile,

"Oh Nathan, thank you so much," I say,

"You don't even know if you like it yet," he says, "but you're welcome. Go on then, open it!" He says, urging me on. I gently lift the lid of the small, square box to find a tiny, silver butterfly resting on a navy cushion of velvet. I finger it gently, gasping in surprise as I realise what it is.

"Oh Nathan...how did you know?" I tell him, "it's perfect." I say, holding the butterfly up to the light. It's another charm for my charm bracelet.

"Well you're always wearing that bracelet and I just thought it would be nice if there was something from me on it you know? A small part of me, butterflies, butterflies, we were meant to fly." He says with a smile, lighting up his green eyes.

"It's gorgeous. Thank you so much," I say, leaning across the table and hugging him, "I'll take it to the jewellery shop on the way back home."

As we get up to leave, Nathan says to me,

"Hannah, there's something else I need to tell you, I know this is really short notice but, there's this thing tonight, it's called The Valentine's Day Ball and lots of other celebrities will be going and it's basically just a dinner and then a few dances and some people will be perfoming songs. We've been asked to go along and enjoy it and then perform a song as well, and the invitation said that you could bring a date with you, so do you want to come with me?"

"Oh I'd love to!" I reply happily, "but are you sure? I mean, I'm no one special and everyone else there will probably know each other and most likely will also be famous."

"Don't worry about, Kelsey and Nareesha are coming to and you know them, and I bet by the end of the night you'll know a lot more people than you do now." Nathan says with a wink and a smile, "I'm sorry it's such short notice, but I wanted to surprise you,"

"Ok, I'll come," I agree, "Oh you don't need to apologise, it was the most loveliest surprise ever." I say with a smile.

We head back to the car and on the way home drop my bracelet off at the local jewellery store, then Nathan drives me home and walks me up to my doorstep.

"I'll see you tonight gorgeous," he says, making me blush, "I'll come and pick you up at 8 if that's ok?"

"Perfect," I reply with a smile. Nathan steps backwards, out the door, kissing my hand softly, and then walks away, back to his car, and I go inside, smiling to myself and thinking about how lucky I am right now.

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