We'll Stay Gold Forever (The Wanted Fanfic)

Hannah Ferrier is just a normal girl starting work as a journalist for a teen magazine. But when she is assigned the job of interviewing The Wanted, her whole life begins to change. She finds herself falling for the gorgeous Nathan Sykes, and he begins to feel the same way for her. But nothing is as perfect as it seems, and Hannah and Nathan find themselves walking into a path of love...and danger. When things turn dark and dangerous, can Hannah and Nathan's love for each other survive?


4. Chapter 4 ~ Replace Your Heart

We walk back down to Tom’s flat. The party has died down everyone’s starting to clear away things and tidy up.

“Ooh, so where have you two been?” Jay questions with a smile as we enter the room.

“I was just showing Hannah the stars,” Nathan says truthfully, but leaves out what else happened up on the roof.

“Aww that was nice,” Kelsey says, shooting me a smile from across the room. I smile back, and try to stop a yawn from escaping my mouth but Nathan sees it.

“Are you tired?” He asks me,

“No,” I lie, but just then I yawn again, “Well, maybe, just a little bit.”

“It is quite late,” I hear Nareesha say, “its past midnight.”

“We should all probably be going,” Siva trails off,

“Come on sleepyhead,” Nathan says, standing up and holding out his hand, “let’s get you home.”

I agree and thank everyone for an amazing night and then I get up and walk out the door with Nathan.

“You don’t need to come home with me,” I begin to say, “I mean, you probably need to get home as well and I don’t want to delay you and...” I trail off as Nathan stops me in my tracks and places a finger on my lips,

“Shh, don’t be silly. I’m coming whether you like it or not.”

“Alright then,” I say, subsiding with a smile. As we walk out to my car I realise something, “Nathan, if we’re going in my car, how are you going to get home?” I ask him,

“Oh don’t worry about me; I’ll call for a taxi or something,”

“A taxi would have a hard time trying to find my house,” I mutter,

“What was that?”

“Oh nothing, just the fact that I live in the middle of nowhere and that a taxi would probably take forever trying to find my house,” I say,

“Well that’s good then, it means I can spend forever with you,” Nathan says, flashing me a grin which lights up his eyes.

We drive to my house, laughing and talking about our night all the way there. When we do arrive, Nathan exclaims,

“Wow, your house really is in the middle of nowhere!” He says with a laugh,

“I told you! But I quite like it, it’s nice and peaceful, it feels safe as well.” I reply.

“Aren’t you going to invite me in?” Nathan says, teasing.

“Well come on then!” I retort back, stepping out of the car, and we both head up to the sky blue door of my house.

"Wow, your house is so pretty," Nathan says quietly, stepping underneath the archway of white roses and over the doorstep, into my house. I pause and put the key back in its rightful place underneath the doormat.

"Are you sure that's safe?" Nathan questions me,

"Oh yes, I'm positive," I reply, "I've been in this house for a few years now and I've always kept the key there, anyway, let's be honest, no one's really going to find my house are they? It's so islolated. And I know you won't tell anyone where I hide the key, at least I hope not," I tell him,

"I see your point," Nathan says, "I should probably phone for that taxi now shouldn't I?"

"Yes, I suppose so," I say with a sigh, I don't want Nathan to go. It can get so lonely here all on my own and Nathan makes me feel so special, like I actually mean something. He makes me feel loved and that's not really something I've ever experienced before.

Whilst Nathan phones for the taxi, I put the kettle on and decide to make us both some tea while we wait for the taxi to arrive. Once the phone call has ended I take him through to the living room and sit down on the sofa next to him, trying to make him feel comfortable.

"Thank you," he says quietly, then after a long pause, "Hannah, can I ask you something?"

"Yes, of course," I reply, suddenly worried for some reason, "you can ask me anything,"

"This may sound a bit weird, but, before I met you, were you a fan of The Wanted? You don't need to say yes I won't be offended or anything, but I'm just curious and I still don't know you that well," he pauses for breath, green eyes glinting in the candle light, "you're so shy," he adds,

I take a deep breath, I decided to be truthful with him and tell him everything,

"Yes, yes I was. A huge fan, right from the start. But you see, the reason why I loved you all was that you taught me to be myself and to not give up on my dreams and ignore the haters, because you see, I was bullied at both of my schools, badly. First at my primary school because I prefered to stay indoors at break time and read a book or write a story instead of going outside and playing hide and seek and imaginary games. I went through primary school with no friends and with people, even people in the years below me telling me I was a failure and that I was ugly and freakishly tall and that I was no good for anything, which really knocked my confidence. And then I moved on to high school and then, believe it or not, things got a lot worse. In my first and second year I got really bad acne, and at the start of the year I had a nice, small group of friends, but as soon as my acne sprung up they all abandoned me because I looked terrible. So throughout the rest of my high school I spent break times inside the library where I knew no one would come looking for me and read books and listened to music and ocasionally wrote a song if I felt like it. But you see, the one thing that really got me down was that I really liked this particular boy, in my eyes back then he was amazing. And a lot of other girls thought so too, and it broke my heart to see him everyday flirting with all the popular and pretty girls and knowing that he'd never love me. In my last year of school I wrote a song for him and performed it in our Easter concert. I think it was then that people started to realise that I wasn't a complete nobody, but it still didn't make them want to be my friends and it didn't stop the harsh comments. I was still told that I was ugly and nobody would ever love me. And those remarks really knocked my confidence. And that's why I was so surprised when you told me you loved me, because I bet you've seen a lot of girls far more beautiful than me. At one point in the middle of high school things got so bad I just wanted to end my life, but that's when I found you and your music and you five made me believe again and your music helped me through the darker times. So yes, I am a fan, a big one." I finished, only just realising how much I'd told him.

Nathan just stared back at me, speechless, lost for words, emotions flashing through his piercing green eyes.

"Oh Hannah," he said, his voice barely a whisper, "I hadn't realised...I didn't know you'd gone through all that. Listen to me, ok? Do not ever, ever doubt yourself ever again. You are an utterly amazing girl and I love you to pieces. Don't ever think that you're not good enough. You are gorgeous and you have such a great personality and you are so much fun to be around. All those people at your school have no idea on what they missed out. Listen to me, I know you sometimes feel insecure and unconfident about what you experienced earlier in life, but let me tell you this, you don't ever need to feel like that again, ok? I know you must've gone through a terrible heartbreak, but can I tell you something, I am so, so glad that I am your first love and I hope and pray that I am your last as well, I mean that. I'll help you fix your broken heart. I'm here for you, ok?" He finishes.

I'm so surprised at what he's just told me that I'm lost for words. Just then I hear the taxi arrive and Nathan stands up to leave. I walk with him to the door and he pulls me in to a hug,

"Thank you," I whisper into his ear,

"No problem, I'm here for you ok?" He says, walking away with a small smile. I close the door quietly and head upstairs and get ready for bed. As I climb under the sheets I go over in my mind what I've just heard. I am glad that I'm your first love and I hope and pray that I am your last... What did that mean? Was he being serious or did he just feel sorry for me? He certainly sounded sincere. I let these thoughts swirl around in my mind before drifting off into a dreamless slumber.


The next morning I rose from my bed, bleary eyed and still tired at seven. Oh god I'd slept in! I had so much to do today. I quickly clambered out of bed, had a quick shower and got dressed into my favourite pair of comfy turquoise jeans, a simple black top and cropped denim jacket. I grabbed a small bowl of cereal and then ran up to my room to get my phone. There was a good morning message from Nathan and I smiled at the screen, replying back quickly and then heading out of the door to my car.

I headed towards the local supermarket to buy some essentials, I felt in a baking mood so I also bought some ingredients and decided I'd take a look at them later if I had the time. I was walking along the high street when my phone vibrated in my pocket, I opened the message, it was from Nathan yet again:

Turn around... xxx

Bewildered, I stopped and turned around, only to be given the fright of my life when someone grabbed me from behind and whispered: "Surprise!" in my ear,

"Oh my gosh Nathan!" I exclaimed, "You gave me the fright of my life!"

"I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist," he replied with a cheeky smile stretching across his face,

"What are you doing here?" I asked him,

"Oh we've just finshed another interview and we were heading off for a bite of early lunch,"

"Oh I see, I bet it wasn't as dramatic as the interview yesterday though," I say with a grin,

"Oh no, nothing could top that interview," Nathan replied,

"So are the rest of the boys here too?" I question,

"Oh yes, they're just over there," Nathan says, pointing behind him, and I peer round his shoulder to see all four of them still laughing and giggling at my reaction to Nathan sneaking up on me.

"I see," I reply, "well I hope you have a nice lunch," I tell him,

"Thank you, do you want to come as well?" he asks,

"Oh its very sweet of you and I'd love to but I have actually got so much to do, its crazy, but maybe another time?"

"I'd love to," Nathan replies and gives me a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek, and then he's running back to the rest of the boys and walking out of my sight. As I turn the corner I am bombarded with a crowd of people coming up to me and asking me millions of questions,

"Who are you?"

"Do you know Nathan?"

"Are you in a relationship with Nathan?"

"Do you know the rest of The Wanted?"

"How did you meet?"

"Is he your friend?"

"I'm sorry, but I don't think I'm in the position to answer those questions," I say calmly, trying to shake off the press and walk away. I eventaully get rid of them and get back into my car. There were just a few more things I had to do before returning home.

As I headed out of town into the quieter parts, I pulled up beside a small dress shop named 'Sophie's boutique', I had something special to pick up from here. I walked through the small wooden doorway, the bell ringing above me. A small girl with fair hair pulled back in a plait and hazel eyes looked up. This was Sophie. I'd known her since university and she was my first proper friends and we've stayed in touch ever since. She owns this dress shop and is absolutely amazing at designing.

"Hannah!" she exclaims as I walk in, "Oh my gosh I've missed you so much! Long time no see! Where have you been?"

"Oh I've missed you too Soph, it's great to see you again! Oh well you know, I've got a job for a teen magazine now and I'm a journalist there so you know, I've been busy."

"Ooh that sounds like fun, so what have you been up to?"

"Well, you won't believe this, but yesterday I interviewed The Wanted!"

"Your joking?"

"Nope," I say, laughing at the surprise on her face, "and you won't believe this either, I've got a boyfriend..."

"OMG yay! I need all the details! Is he funny? Cute? Handsome? Sweet? Tall? Short? Dark and mysterious?"

"Well...you know Nathan Sykes from The Wanted?"

"Now you're really pulling my leg!"

"No, I'm not!"

"Oh my god girl! You've got it good!" Sophie exclaims, coming out from behind the counter and hugging me. Then we start jumping up and down in excitement until another customer comes in.

"Ah, yes, umm why are you here?" Sophie asks, trying to calm down and act professional once again.

"Oh yes, my dress, has it been fixed?"

"Yes it most certainly has and it's looking gorgeous. Hang on a second whilst I go round the back and fetch it for you," Sophie wanders off as I stand in an awkward silence with the other customer.

"Do you know...?" She begins, gesturing to where Sophie went,

"Yes, a friend from university," I say,

"A best friend," Sophie concludes, walking back through with my dress wrapped neatly and securely in a bag. "There you go Hannah," she says with a smile,

"Bye Sophie!" I say, gathering my things together,

"Bye Hannah, I'll see you soon?"

"Yes, most definately," I say with sincerity.

"Good, I've been missing you, I've had Hannah withdrawals, it's not good for my health."

"Bye Soph!" I say, heading out the shop and laughing.

Finally, I think as I get into my car with a sigh. Finally, I can go home.

As I arrive back at my house, a message comes through from Nathan:

You might want to look at this... xxx

He's attached a link to a website in the message and as I click on it and open it I realise what's happened. Oh no, I think as I begin to read the online gossip article:

Nathan Sykes from The Wanted in a secret relationship?

Today, at around midday, Nathan Sykes from popular band, The Wanted, was spotted having a conversation with another young lady of around his age. The conversation ended when Nathan pulled the girl in for a hug and planted a kiss on her cheek and walked away, leaving reporters buzzing with questions. The girl (who has remained annonymous) refused to give answers to our journalists. Who was this mysterious girl and how does she know Nathan? And are they more than just friends? These are the questions left on the tongues of anxious fans awaiting all important answers.

Oh no, I think as I finish reading the article. My life has just become a whole lot more complicated, I think as I get up out of my car and head inside to my house.

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