We'll Stay Gold Forever (The Wanted Fanfic)

Hannah Ferrier is just a normal girl starting work as a journalist for a teen magazine. But when she is assigned the job of interviewing The Wanted, her whole life begins to change. She finds herself falling for the gorgeous Nathan Sykes, and he begins to feel the same way for her. But nothing is as perfect as it seems, and Hannah and Nathan find themselves walking into a path of love...and danger. When things turn dark and dangerous, can Hannah and Nathan's love for each other survive?


2. Chapter 2 ~ The Way I Feel

Chapter 2 ~

I woke up lying on a soft, plush bed. The ceiling was painted a soft, burgundy red and the sheets were made of fine silky satin embroidered with a thin, gold thread. I began to sit up, but a wave of dizziness overcame me and I had to lie back down again. I heard soft footsteps padding towards me and out of the corner of my eye saw a tall silhouette making its way towards me.

"Hannah, thank goodness you're alright," I heard Nathan's soft, gentle voice say to me as he sat down on the bed beside me.

"What happened?" I asked, attempting to sit up again, and looking into his deep green eyes filled with concern.

"After you left the interview room, you fell down the stairs. There's no serious damage, just a small cut on your forehead and a twisted ankle, thank God it was only that. I've been so worried about you Hannah,"

"Oh, I remember now." I whispered in shock, I also remember him sitting beside me, crying and stroking my hair, I decided not to mention this to him. "You were worried about me?" I questioned him,

"Umm yes, I was. You see, well, umm..." Nathan trailed off, looking uncomfortable. "I guess this is probably the right time to tell you Hannah, you see, the thing is, I love you. I've never felt this way before about anyone. When I walked into the interview room and gave you a hug, it just felt right. When I hug other people, yes it's nice, but when I hugged you, something just felt like it was meant to be. I couldn't bear the thought of never seeing you again, that's why I asked for your number. And then when I saw you lying crumpled at the bottom of the stairs, bruised and broken and hurting, it felt as if someone had punched me in the stomach. I love you Hannah Ferrier, I guess what I'm trying to say is, will you go out with me?" Nathan looked at me, brown hair falling down onto his forehead, green eyes piercing my soul.

"Oh Nathan, yes, yes, of course I will, I love you too, yes of course!" I replied with a wide smile. I watched his eyes light up with that beautiful smile and he leaned forward to give me a hug. His warm breath tickling my ear, the feeling of his heart beating strongly in his chest, his hands caressing my hair and then my face; giving my stomach butterflies. And then, his lips connected with mine, soft and gentle yet with a hint of longing something more, something powerful. Noses touching, eyelashes fluttering against each other's skin, we broke away from each other, the kiss still lingering on my lips.

"You do realise things are going to get a lot harder now?" he asked me, taking my hand.

"Yes, I do, but we'll be fine. I know we will." I told him.

"Great! Now, shall we go and find the rest of the lads?" Nathan asked, "I think I need to properly introduce you to them. They're waiting downstairs in the reception area."

But suddenly I became very nervous, "Nathan, what if they don't like me?" I asked, terrified.

"Oh don't be silly, they love you already! Come on," Nathan said, taking my hand and pulling me up. But we'd both forgotten about my twisted ankle. I tried to hide the pain in my eyes and limped along beside Nathan, but he understood what was happening immediately and before I could protest, he had lifted me up off my feet and was carrying me out of the hotel room and along the corridor.

"Oh no Nathan, please, do you have to?"

"Yes I most certainly do." He replied, walking into the reception area. Every person in the room turned to stare at us. I turned my head away, into Nathan's chest, my cheeks flushing crimson with embarrassment.

"Talk about a way to make an entrance," I muttered, and I heard Nathan chuckle. He finally set me down on a sofa when we reached the others, and sat down beside me.

"Guys," Nathan started off, "I'd like you to meet my girlfriend, Hannah." His last sentence was replied with cheering, wolf whistles and applause from Siva, Max, Jay and Tom.

"Whoo! That's brilliant mate!" Max exclaimed, and came to pat him on the back.

"Oi, Nathan, I thought we had something going on?" Jay teased with a wink and a grin.

"Welcome to the madness Hannah," Tom said to me.

"You'll need to meet Nareesha and Kelsey!" Siva told me.

"Well why don't we all go out somewhere tonight? Why don't we go bowling?" Nathan suggested.

"That would be great!" I said with a smile and the rest of the boys agreed enthusiastically.

We all got up and the rest of the boys gathered their things and Nathan and walked out of the hotel with me, holding my hand.

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