We'll Stay Gold Forever (The Wanted Fanfic)

Hannah Ferrier is just a normal girl starting work as a journalist for a teen magazine. But when she is assigned the job of interviewing The Wanted, her whole life begins to change. She finds herself falling for the gorgeous Nathan Sykes, and he begins to feel the same way for her. But nothing is as perfect as it seems, and Hannah and Nathan find themselves walking into a path of love...and danger. When things turn dark and dangerous, can Hannah and Nathan's love for each other survive?


17. Chapter 17 ~ Mad Man


**Hannah's POV**

"Don't utter a word!" A cold, hard, gruff and unfamiliar voice hissed in my ear. It was a voice I didn't recognise and I could tell from that and from his figure that my captor was male. I watched, trapped in the stranger's strong arms, as Nathan walked in through the front door, calling out my name cheerfully. And then again, this time more confused and worried when I failed to answer. Despite my best efforts to keep it it, I let out a small sob of fear.

"Shh!" They spat again, and terror raced through my heart like a lightning bolt when I felt the long, sharp, cool blade of a knife pressed up against my neck, teasing.

I watched silently, paralysed by fear, as Nathan walked blindly towards us, unaware of the current situation and danger.

"Come on, move!" They whispered, their words cruel and emotionless, with a vice-like grip on my wrist and the other still holding onto the knife, the person directed me towards the back door and then roughly shoved me out into the cool, dark night. Losing my balance I toppled over and landed on my right ankle awkwardly, spraining it. I saw this as my chance to get away and got up with a struggle, only to find the man towering over me, a sneer on his face. I looked at him properly for the first time, and my heart stopped as underneath a black balaclava, I saw those unmistakeable blue eyes peering down at me. But this wasn't Rory, or Nicole - this was someone else and I knew in an instant that things had become a whole lot more dangerous. Before I could make sense of anything else, panic took over me and I let out a scream and tried to run away, but I was stopped and a quick blow to the head from the man's fist shut me up and knocked me to the ground.

Dazed, I was aware of my arms being brought together behind my back, and then rough, coarse rope binding them together. As I was clumsily brought to my feet, the back door opened and the light from the hallway flooded out into the night, causing shadows to loom in the corners of my eyes. I looked up, and saw Nathan standing in the doorway. I hadn't cried yet, but seeing Nathan standing there brought tears to my eyes and letting out a sob, I broke down in a flood of tears.

"HEY!" I heard him shout, trying to sound confident, but I could hear the shake of fear in it. "Let her go now! Get away from her!" Nathan jumped down from the steps and began to run towards us. He stopped dead in his tracks and his deep green eyes widened in fright as he saw the knife pressed to my throat.

"That's right," the man said, almost snarling, "you stay right where you are. One more step towards us and your little girlfriend is as good as dead. Now listen to me, as I'm only going to say this once. I want you to go back into your house, sit down and pretend that none of this has happened. You will not call the police and you most certainly won't follow us. Because I'll know. And if you do, well, I think you can guess what will happen..." He said, in a taunting, deadly whisper, slowly and carefully dragging the knife across my neck, teasing Nathan. letting him know how dangerous he really was and what he could be capapble of. Nathan's eyes clouded with anger, but he didn't move.

"Right then, come on," the man spoke to me gruffly, dragging me away into the night, leaving Nathan further and further behind. But then suddenly, I heard his voice cry out,

"NO!" I was spun around by my captor as he turned to see what was happening. Nathan was sprinting towards us at full pelt. I saw the man's eyes harden and tried to call out to Nathan to warn him that he might get hurt, but before I could utter a word, a sharp, searing pain jabbed at my side. I heard Nathan let out a scream, and as a wave of dizziness overcame me, I looked down, and saw a big gaping hole in my side, and it was bleeding heavily. Confused, I glanced to the side, and saw in the man's right hand, what was once a clean blade, now covered in dark, red blood. Before I passed out in pain, I could hear soft, sad and terrified sobs coming from Nathan.

**Nathan's POV**

They disappeared off into the darkness, and then everywhere was silent, calm and peaceful. Although it wasn't really, was it? I got up off the ground and brushed the tears from my face. How could I have let that happen? God I was so stupid. If Hannah died, then it would all be my fault. I can't even bear to think that, she means the world to me. She'd still be alive wouldn't she? The blade didn't go all the way in did it? I don't even know anymore what just happened. Everything just passed by in a crazy, hectic blur. There was no point in running off trying to find them, they left ages ago and I'd never find them in the dark. I headed back to our house, lost deep in troubled thoughts. Why would anyone want to hurt Hannah? She's the sweetest, kindest person I know. Great personality, quite shy, funny, caring, lovely, all-round perfect. I got back and reached for my phone instantly, my first thought was the police. But then I decided against it, what could I tell them anyway, I couldn't give them any information, and even if I told them what happened it would go out all over the news and then that man would know and surely he'd kill Hannah then. Instead, with shaking hands, I dialled Siva's number. He's the calmest out of all of us, and always has good advice, he'll know what to do. While the phone rang on the other end and I waited for Siva to pick up, I reached inside my jacket pocket and pulled out the ring I was going to give Hannah. An engagement ring. Now I'd probably never get to give it to her.

"Nathan?" Siva said, answering the phone, "what is it?"

"Seev, I-I..." I began and then broke down into tears again.

**Hannah's POV**

I woke up in a dazed and confused state. I glanced down at my side, someone had bandaged it. My first thoughts were: thank god, I've been found, someone's saved me. But then I tried to sit up properly and let out a gasp of pain, even though it was bandaged, my side was still sore as heck. Instinctively, I reached out a hand to hold it, but found that I couldn't. Panicking, I looked around and saw that both of my hands were chained to the wall behind me, which I was resting against. I heard a low chuckle and whipped my head around to find the man who had kidnapped me, sitting on the other side of the room, watching me. He got up and walked slowly towards me, a sneer on his twisted face. He stopped when his face was mere inches from mine, pitiless blue eyes staring me out.
"Looking for something?" He asked, dangling a piece of string with a key attached to the end of it in front of my face, teasing. I narrowed my eyes at him in response, I'd never felt so much negativity and hate towards someone before. I was also scared, what was going to happen to me? He didn't say any other words, just hung the key up on a nail sticking out of the opposite wall and walked out. I let out a deep sigh, what on earth was going on? What have I done?

I glanced around and took in my surroundings. I was in a small, enclosed room. By the looks of things I was in an old abandoned building, either that or these people didn't take care of their home very well. The floor was made up of hard, dusty, wooden floorboards, and the walls had yellow wallpaper, which was peeling off, and in some places you could just see stone where it was supposed to be. The roof looked delicate and dangerous, like it could cave in at any second. I could see right through the ceiling to the wooden rafters above. There was one window in the room, to my left, and judging by the light streaming in through it, it was about mid-morning.

The time seemed to pass in slow motion, but a few hours later, I heard light footsteps on the stairs, heading towards me. I braced myself for the man again, but let out a huge gasp of surprise as I saw instead, Nicole.

"Hello again," she said, coldly, showing no emotion towards me except for hatred, her icy blue eyes piercing my soul.

"Wh-What have I ever done to you? Why do you hate me so much?" I managed to get out,

"What have you done? Why do I hate you? Hmm well let me think...?" Nicole said sarcastically, "Why don't we start with the fact that uh, you took Nathan away from me?"

"But, I can't help that!" I protested weakly, "You don't understand!"

"No, I think it's you who doesn't understand, let me explain. I've loved Nathan since forever, he's the one for me, and if I can't have him, then no one can. He's my one true love, I can feel it. But you, you have gotten in my way so many times and ruined my chances with him."

"But, he didn't even know you existed-" I began, but she cut me off, starting her speech again,

"I tried to warn you, I tried to tell you to break up with him, but you chose to ignore me, so I decided once and for all to take action. You're just facing the consequences."

"Wait," I say, realisation hitting me, "it was you who created that twitter account and threatened me?"

"Yes, that and more," Nicole replied,

"That was you who texted me last night?" I ask, bewildered, becoming more and more confused,

"Yes, who else?"

"But how on earth did you get my number?" I ask,

"The same way I figured out where you and Nathan live,"

"And that was...?"

"I believe you have a friend called Sophie?"

"Wh-what? No, you don't know Sophie. She'd never let anything like this happen," I say, but feeling betrayal seep though my heart,

"No stupid girl!" Nicole exclaimed with a fake, high pitched laugh, "No it wasn't Sophie who told me everything about you, you ignorant fool, although she did play a big part in this, even if she doesn't know it."

"I don't understand," I trail off, trying to make sense of everthing,

"Ugh," Nicole sighed in frustration, "Is it really that difficult for you to understand? Sophie knows someone called Rory doesn't she? In fact, she's going out with him isn't she? Well, what you and Sophie didn't know was that Rory is my brother." Nicole said. I feel deflated and let down as I recall all the times I met up with them, Rory's strange interest in me, his similar eyes, and then the time when Sophie thought Rory took her phone. That's how they got my number. Oh god, what had I let happen? I hadn't realised how dangerous these people were. And now I'll never see Nathan again.

"You evil, twisted, cruel, sad, mental and mad person!" I yelled at Nicole, tears welling up in my eyes before me,

"No," she replied cooly, "just a girl suffering from a broken heart." And with that she walked right up to me, and kicked me square in the stomach with her pointed boots, winded, I gasped for air and watched silently as she walked out of my 'prison' without a backwards glance.

**Nathan's POV**

We all sat around Siva's kitchen table in the last hours of the day. The summer's sky was already beginning to turn dark and grey. Everyone was there, Siva, Nareesha, Tom, Kelsey, Jay, Max, and even Sophie. Although she just sad quietly in the corner, her eyes red from crying. She's gone through a lot lately, Hannah's kidnapping, and her boyfriend broke up with her as well. I can never remember his name, Rory or Robert or something like that.

Hannah's been gone for three days now and I don't know, I just feel numb inside. Everyone believes she's truly disappeared, or worse. But I won't rest until I find her, I know she's alive, I can feel it. Siva eventually decided this morning that we should call the police, he says its the most sensible plan of action. We're all just waiting for them to come round and talk to us. I don't know how to explain it, but I even though it seems logical, I have a really bad feeling that something worse is going to happen once the police hear about this. I guess we'll just need to wait and see, that's all we can do at the moment.

**Hannah's POV**

I've lost track of time, I've been here, sitting in this same position, trapped for what feels like eternity. I feel so weak, they've not fed me anything at all since I've been here, just small glasses of water are offered to me occasionally. I can feel the cold, smooth silver of my necklace resting against my chest, and I smile a small, sad, smile at the thought of how happy I was that night before all of this happened. I heard heavy footsteps advancing towards me on the floorboards, and closed my eyes in fear and dread of what was going to happen this time they visited me. Each time they came in I was abused in some way or another. I could see the bruises and cuts on my arms and the same goes for my legs, still in my shorts from that distant night out. It even hurts to breathe now, my chest feels like it's being punched with every breath I take in. The door opened and I instinctively shrank back against the wall in fright. As I heard the footsteps move across the room, Nicole's voice rang out in my ears,

"Are you sure this is a good idea?"

"Yes, she'll be far too weak to move. Don't you trust me?" I heard the man's voice, I can only presume he's her father.

"Yeah of course I do, I just have my doubts about this."

"She'll die one way or another, so just shut up and do as I say for once."

They talked about me as if I wasn't there, and as the footsteps advanced nearer and nearer towards me, I squeezed my eyes shut in fright, only to be surprised when I heard the clinking of the chains being released from my wrists. My hands fell to the floor in exhaustion and I looked wearily up at my captors.

"Your 'boyfriend' has decided to go and blab about us to the police after all. And its all over the news now. You remember our little arrangement with him don't you? He says nothing, you stay alive. Well he's just broken that little promise, so we have no option but to do this." And with that, the man stepped back with Nicole, and brought a small box of matches out of his jacket pocket. My eyes widened with fear as I realised what was about to happen. Nicole took them from him and quickly and delicately struck a match. It sizzled and glowed orange in the semi-darkness of the room, lighting up the hatred in her eyes. Casually, she dropped the match onto the floor and said,

"Well it was fun while it lasted." Then they both walked out the room, shutting the door behind them without a backwards glance, and I watched as the fire cracked with bright flames of orange and yellow, creeping towards me, and the grey smoke swirling around the air like dragon breath. I tried to get up, but realised I couldn't I was too weak, instead, in a hopeless attempt to stay alive, I covered my nose and mouth with my top and hunched up against the wall, trying to stay as far away from the fire as possible.

**Nathan's POV**

A couple hours later after the police left, there was a whole article about Hannah on the news and the radio. But to be honest it didn't make me feel any better. Hannah was still missing and that was that. As I watched the news article about her kidnapping come on for the third time I banged my head against Siva's kitchen table with frustration. Sophie had gone home, she'd had a phonecall from someone, she wouldn't say who, but it had left her shaken, so Kelsey and Nareesha had taken her home. But then something on the news caught my eye, it was a different story. And as I sat up to listen in, fear struck through my heart as I realised what had happened.

"There have been reports of a fire in an old abandoned warehouse, no one knows how it started but it is believed that there is a young girl still trapped in the top floor. Fire rescue services are on their way out there now and we'll keep you updated on what is to come of this."

Without thinking or explaining to anyone I jumped up out of my seat and ran out to my car,

"Nath where are you going?" Tom asked as I rushed passed him,

"That's where Hannah is. She's in the fire. Don't ask me how I know, I just do ok? The man, her kidapper, said that if we told the police then he'd kill her. This is him trying to do just that, he's trying to make it look like an accident. I've got to go."

"Then I'm coming with you," Tom said and I just replied with a nod.

The warehouse wasn't very far away, even before we started driving I could see the glow of the flames lighting up the night sky. It pained me to know that I could've been so close to Hannah without knowing.

We got there before the fire engines, although I could hear the faint sound of their sirens in the distance, without thinking I got up out the car and ran towards the entrance,

"Nathan where are you going?" Tom called after me,

"To get Hannah! I can't just let her die!" I replied, with a shake to my voice, this was where she was, I could feel it. Instead of trying to stop me, Tom understood with a nod and simply said,

"You be careful Nath,"

"Will do," I replied and ran into the burning building, calling out Hannah's name in desperation.

**Hannah's POV**

I think I heard the faint sounds of a car engine pulling up outside, and voices shouting to each other. But I couldn't be sure, the fire was so loud and the flames were cracking with big outbursts, so it was hard to know if that was real or just my imagination. But then I heard something, and then I heard it again. A voice, calling out my name, and not just any voice, Nathan's voice. But no, that couldn't be, that's impossible, he wouldn't be here, would he?

"Nathan?" I called back tentatively, if it was him and not just my mind playing tricks on me, then he called back,

"Nathan!" I raised my voice, trying to shout, although my voice was sore and raspy because I'd inhaled some smoke. Then all of a sudden Nathan burst in through the door, and I smiled a weak smile. He rushed towards me, dodging around the flames. No words were said, we just kissed, quickly and slightly because of the circumstancesm but it was still a kiss.

"Come on, lets go home," Nathan said, reaching down a hand for me. I took it, and got up with difficulty, the smoke stinging my eyes, I felt awful, as if one more step would send me tumbling to the ground, but I persevered. Above us, the roof began to creak, and I looked to Nathan in fright as we both knew what was about to happen.

"Come on, quickly, this is far too dangerous," Nathan said, as he lead me out the room, I could hear fire engines drawing up outside, but that didn't mean we were safe. We hurried swiftly through the old house and I was beginning to think we had a chance, when the of the roof began to cave in.

"RUN!" Nathan exclaimed, and we both made a sprint for the stairs, Nathan slightly ahead of me, I couldn't go as quickly and as a result of that, things became an awful lot more worse. There were rafters falling all around me, and as I made one last final dash to catch up with Nathan, my shoe became caught up in a piece of frayed rug and sent me toppling forwards. I landed on my stomach, and looked up, just in time to see a rafter falling from the ceiling, hurtling its way towards me. I rolled out of the way just in time, or at least I thought I did. I mis-judged by bearings, and if I'd stayed where I was I would've been fine. But instead the rafter fell on me, crushing me and burning my bare legs. I let out a loud ear-piercing scream and then passed out with the pain.

**Nathan's POV**

I heard a scream come from behind me. Hannah's scream. I turned around, where was she? I was sure that she was right behind me just a few seconds ago. Stupid stupid stupid! Why did I let go of her hand? I raced back up the stairs and almost screamed myself at the sight. She was lying, crushed underneath a rafter that had fallen from the roof. I quickly ran over to her and gently lifted it off her legs, there didn't seem to be much damage, although they were burned quite badly. She had fainted, her blue eyes closed, long eyelashed shut, smoke stains on her cheeks, long, wavy brown hair in knots. As carefully as I could, I picked her up in my arms and quickly hurried back down the stairs. I could see the door, the exit, thank god. As I burst though it, coughing with the smoke, I gently placed Hannah down on the grass. Firemen and paramedics and police officers, along with Tom and the rest of the band, all came rushing over. But all I cared about was Hannah, she looked so frail, so fragile, just lying there in the darkness, like an angel. Questions were thrown at me, but I ignored them all, and sat down beside Hannah, stroking her hair gently, then the paramedics came, and took her away from me. A wave of dizziness overcame me, and before I knew what had happened, I fainted.

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