We'll Stay Gold Forever (The Wanted Fanfic)

Hannah Ferrier is just a normal girl starting work as a journalist for a teen magazine. But when she is assigned the job of interviewing The Wanted, her whole life begins to change. She finds herself falling for the gorgeous Nathan Sykes, and he begins to feel the same way for her. But nothing is as perfect as it seems, and Hannah and Nathan find themselves walking into a path of love...and danger. When things turn dark and dangerous, can Hannah and Nathan's love for each other survive?


16. Chapter 16 ~ My Universe Will Never Be The Same


After Christmas, the days just seemed to fly by in an immense rush. Nathan was busy working on new tracks with the rest of the boys and I myself was kept busy too with work on the magazine.

I met up with Sophie a couple of times though which was absolutely great, I haven't had a chance to catch up with her in what feels like forever. She got my card with my new address on it and says that it is proudly standing on her dresser in her kitchen so she doesn't lose it.

"So how are things going with Rory?" I asked her,

"Very well, he's such a sweetheart, he was over at my house the other night and we watched a movie together," Sophie replies, a smile lighting up her eyes,

"Aww that's so nice," I say, "and he's not asked about me or been weird or anything like that again?" I ask, remembering our last conversation about him,

"Nope, not mentioned you once,"

"Oh, that's good," I say, with a sigh of relief, remembering his likeness to the girl Nicole, and his sudden interest in me and Nathan, and those same, cold, piercing blue eyes. After our afternoon together Sophie and I went on a walk with Smudge so I could introduce them. They both warmed strongly to each other which was very pleasing to see.

And so the weeks went by, and Nathan had to fly out to America again for an awards ceremony, I was invited to go along but sadly had to decline because there was a lot of paperwork for me to catch up on for the magazine and I had to interview some other celebrity down in London. This meant that Nathan and I were away from each other for our one year anniversary and Valentine's Day. I still can't believe its more than a year ago since those five boys walked into the interview room, a year since I fell down that flight of stairs and woke up to find Nathan staring down at me with concern. That was the start of this crazy, whirlwind rollercoaster of events, and it was a rollercoaster that I never wanted to get off. I looked down at my promise ring, resting on my finger and smiled as I remembered Nathan's exact words that night, up on the ferris wheel: "I promise that I will protect and keep you safe for as long as I live...and I promise that one day I will replace this ring with a more important one, one that makes you my wife." Those last words echoed around my head, he sounded so sincere, so sure of himself. It filled me with a light, happy, giddy feeling at the thought of what the future could hold. And Nathan did keep me safe, and I felt safe when I was with him. All thoughts of the girl Nicole had slipped from my mind for the past few months, she hadn't turned up again thankfully and I wasn't getting as much hate now, and there were no more scary and threatening twitter messages either. Everything in my life was going so well and I'd never felt happier.

It's now August, and it's exactly a year and a half since I met Nathan. He arrived back from America quite a while ago and it's been a fantastic couple of months just spending time with him and the rest of the boys, full of laughs and jokes.

"Good morning beautiful," Nathan whispers to me, his voice still sounding tired from sleep as he turns on his side to face me. God he's perfect, I think, as I smile widely and shuffle over closer to him. Nathan plants a kiss on my messy hair, ruffled from sleeping, and puts and arm around me, "I've got a special surprise for you today," he says, a secretive smile creeping along his face, I sigh in happiness, he really is just too good for words,

"Can you believe its been a year and a half since we met?" I ask, still amazed how far we've come together,

"Time flys when you're having fun," Nathan replies, "come on now, we've got to get going," he says, jumping out of bed.

"Alright!" I say eagerly, bouncing out of bed excitedly like a child on Christmas morning. I have a quick shower to freshen up and then I get ready. I have no idea what Nathan has in store for me today, so I just put on some smart, yet casual clothes. It's a beautiful, warm, sunny summers day, so I decide for some denim shorts, with tiny birds embroidered along the bottom where they turn up, a simple white top with a black peter pan collar, a pair of comfortable grey ballet flats with a black bow and my favourite navy blue blazer. Whilst Nathan's getting ready I quickly check my twitter, reply to a few people, smile at their responses and then tweet:

It's a gorgeous summer's day! Out for a surprise with @NathanTheWanted ! Wonder what it could be...? xx

I watch as my mentions page fills up with comments, but then one catches my eye, its from the same hate account that I found all those months ago, I thought they had stopped and accepted the fact that I loved Nathan and he loved me, but apparently not. The tweet read:

Break up with him now. Or face the consequences. We will come for you.

That kinda freaked me out, but nothing could spoil my good mood today. Those stupid people were only trying to scare me into breaking up with Nath, heck they didn't even know where we lived did they? My happiness and excitement over-ruling the confused and scared feelings inside me, I skipped down the stairs two at a time and bounded into the kitchen to see Nathan all ready to go. He looked amazing. Dressed in a simple white shirt with a skinny black tie and black jacket and smart trousers,

"Hey gorgeous," he smiled as I walked into the room, "are you ready to go?"

"More ready than I'll ever be!" I reply, almost jumping up and down in excitement and eagerness. Nathan links his arm through mine and we say goodbye to Smudge and step out into the bright sunlight. Nathan drives us somewhere for a little while, I don't recognise where we're going but that just adds to the fun of it. Eventually we stop and we're just outside a big green forest, trees towering overhead. We both get out the car and before I know what's happened, Nathan has taken off his tie and placed it over my eyes, blocking my view of everything and plunging me into a world of darkness.

"Hey! Nath! What are you doing?" I ask shout playfully, puzzled and excited at the same time.

"I told you it was a surprise," Nathan replies mysteriously, and I can hear the smile in his voice. I hear some rustling and thumping as he gets something else out the car, and then I feel his warm hand in mine, our fingers entwining, and he says,

"Just hold on to me and you'll see soon enough," and with that we start off, with me stumbling, feeling disorientated. I can feel twigs and roots and grass underneath my feet and I can only presume that we're in the forest. I keep pestering Nath, asking if I can take a look yet, or asking him where we are, but he just remains silent for the rest of the journey. Finally we come to a stop and I reach up a hand to take Nathan's tie off my eyes, but he beats me to it, his hand catching a hold of mine, stopping me,

"No, not yet, I just need to add some finishing touches,"

As I stand blindly on my own, feeling a bit like an idiot, I can hear the songs of many birds singing in the trees above me, and I can hear the soft whisper of the wind rushing through the branches, rusting the leaves, and I can feel the warmth of the midday sun on my back. And I'm not sure, but I think I can hear the faint sound of running water. After a few minutes of hearing Nathan rustling around and muttering under his breath, he comes up behind me and whispers to me,

"Are you ready for your surprise?"

"What do you think?" I reply back. I can feel Nathan's fingers, strong yet gentle, untying the blindfold. As it falls away, I gasp in awe as I take in my surroundings. We're in a clearing in the forest, surrounded my tall trees of many kinds, the sun's bright rays falling through the gaps in between the branches and the leaves, causing a pretty, dappled effect on the long, soft, grass below me. The grass itself is decorated with dainty, colourful flowers in bright, contrasting colours of light blue, purple, red and pink. To the left is a small stream, covered here and there with water lillies and on the far side of it is a small mountain of rocks where rivulets of crystal clear water are trickling down it in a miniature waterfall. And sitting right in front of me is a chequered red and white blanket with a traditional picnic basket nestling on top of it.

"Oh my god Nathan...wow," I breathe, "this is so beautiful and so perfect." I go over to him and give him a massive hug,

"I'm glad you like it," he whispers, kissing my hair softly, "shall we begin?"

Nathan and I have our picnic together, it's just perfect, laughing and joking the whole way through, talking about everything that's happened recently. And then we both lie back in the sunshine, hand in hand, watching the birds flit through the sky and the light, fluffy clouds passing by silently. Then some crazy idea possesses us and we both have the urge to go into the stream. We take off our shoes and go for a quick dip in the river, flicking water at each other and getting a bit wet. When we come out I pick a few of the flowers lying around us and make a daisy chain, once its finished I place it on Nathan's head and he just laughs and kisses me. The evening slowly comes around, and the sky is streaked with the bright warm colours of the sunset, bands of pink, red, orange and yellow stretching across the sky.

"Wow, its even more beautiful now," I sigh under my breath,

"Yes, but not as beautiful as you," Nathan says to me. God, what have I done to deserve him? He is utterly perfect, I think, as the last of the sun's rays fall onto his face. Night begins to suddenly creep in, the sky turning black as velvet,

"Nath..." I say,

"Yes love?"

"Its getting quite dark," I say,

"That's why I brought these," he replies, reaching inside the picnic basket and pulling out a few candles. Nathan places them around us in a circle and then lights them.

"You're getting like Siva," I laugh,

"I actually borrowed these off Siva," Nathan tells me, "but he doesn't know that," he finishes with a wink. Despite the candles, I begin to shiver as the cool night time air crawls in, I hope Nathan doesn't notice, I don't want this day to end.

"You're cold aren't you?" He asks,

"No, no," I say,

"You are a terrible liar," Nathan says with a cheeky smile, sliding his jacket off his shoulders as he says so and placing it around mine,

"But Nathan, you'll get cold!" I say, trying to object,

"No I won't because I brought this," he says, reaching inside the basket again and taking out a spare jacket. We both settle back down again on the blanket, the candle light flickering around the trees, casting shadows on Nathan's face. We both look up at the sky in silence, its pitch black now and is sprinkled with thousands of small, glittering stars.

"The sun goes down, the stars come out," I sing under my breath, turning to smile at Nathan,

"And all that counts is here and now, my universe will never be the same," Nathan carries on,

"I'm glad you came," We both finish together. Nathan leans forward and kisses me, I close my eyes into it feel the same strange sensation running through my body, and I'm sure Nathan can feel it too.

"I have one more thing for you tonight," Nathan says as we break away, sitting up and reaching inside his trouser pocket. He pulls out a delicate silver chain, with a silver heart attached to the end of it, engraved onto it are the words: 'We Were Meant To Fly' and engraved on the back is a small pair of angel wings.

"Oh Nathan," I whisper, no words can describe what I'm feeling right now, I'm filled up with joy and happiness.

"And that's not all," he says, and he gently opens the heart up, revealing that it's a locket. Inside the locket is a picture of us together, split in half so that Nathan is on one side and I'm on the other.

"It's perfect," I say, "I'll wear it forever and ever,"

"Here, let me put it on for you," Nathan whispers in the starlight, standing up and fastening it around my neck with his gently fingers. It rests just above my heart.

"We should probably get going," Nathan tells me, "it's quarter to midnight,"

"Oh my goodness! I hadn't realised!" I exclaim, "The time has passed so quickly,"

I help Nathan pack everything away and we begin to walk back through the twisted path in the woods to the car, and I try as hard as I can, but I can't stop a tear falling from my eye.

"Hey, Hannah love, what's the matter? What's happened?" Nathan asks, noticing, his eyes filled with concern,

"Nothing," I mutter, not wanting to say incase it sounds stupid,

"You can tell me the truth, what have I done wrong?"

"You haven't done anything wrong," I say, deciding to tell him, "Its just that today has been such an amazing day, one of the best I've had in a long time, and I know it sounds silly but I don't want it to end!"

"Oh don't worry Hannah, is that all you're upset about?" Nathan asks and I nod, "God you had me worried for a moment. We'll have plenty more days like this, don't you worry." He says, reassuring me.

We walk back to the car, hand in hand, and as we drive home, I lightly finger my locket with a happy and contented smile on my face. Suddenly my phone vibrates in my pocket, wondering who could be trying to contact me at this time, I fish it out of my jacket and open my messages. It's from a number I don't recognise, and my heart begins to pound loudly in my chest as I read it, and then re-read it to check that my eyes aren't seeing things. But the words are there, clear as crystal, staring up at me from the screen:

You didn't listen to us. You failed to obey us. We have had no choice but to take action. We are coming for you.

"You ok?" Nathan asks, looking over at me as we come to a stop outside our house.

"Yeah, I'm fine," I say, controlling the slight shake to my voice and shooting him a quick smile.

"Good, alright I'm just going to put the car away in the garage, you go on in, I'll see you in a few minutes,"

"Ok," I say, getting out the car. I walk up the path to the doorstep and as I reach inside my pocket for the keys, I accidentally brush against the door, and it opens. That's strange, I think, I'm sure we locked it when we left. Thinking no more of it, I walk inside and as I pass from the living room to the hallway, I let out a gasp of terror and shock as I'm grabbed from behind by strong, rough hands, covering my mouth to muffle my silent screams.

A/N: Dun dun dun!!! Haha there's the drama! What do you think? Comment what you think might happen or please vote for this story if you like it... The next chapter might be up next weekend, can you deal with the suspense? ;) xx

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