We'll Stay Gold Forever (The Wanted Fanfic)

Hannah Ferrier is just a normal girl starting work as a journalist for a teen magazine. But when she is assigned the job of interviewing The Wanted, her whole life begins to change. She finds herself falling for the gorgeous Nathan Sykes, and he begins to feel the same way for her. But nothing is as perfect as it seems, and Hannah and Nathan find themselves walking into a path of love...and danger. When things turn dark and dangerous, can Hannah and Nathan's love for each other survive?


15. Chapter 15 ~ Golden

The next couple of weeks were some of the best days of my life. Nathan and the rest of the boys were back home in the UK for over Christmas so I spent a lot of time with them. It was perfect, amazing, wonderful. Time flew by and soon we were in to December, and I'd been spending more and more time over at Nathan's house, so I finally moved in with him just before the Christmas buzz kicked in. I didn't sell my old house though, as much as I hated the lonliness and emptiness and sad memories it held, there was still a part of me that loved it and it held happy memories too.

It's the middle of December now and Nathan and I have started putting up the festive decorations all over the house, but we still need to get a tree from somewhere. That morning I was sitting in the living room, Smudge sitting beside me, cup of tea in my hand and Christmas songs blasting out through the CD player, when I heard a knock at the door and a Nathan's voice, slightly muffled, call through to me,

"Hannah?" Can you help me out over here please?"

"Hang on!" I called back, jumping to my feet and rushing towards the door. I opened to find myself greeted with a very large, green, prickly Christmas tree.

"Oh wow!" I exclaimed, stepping out and taking hold of the other end of the tree, helping guide Nathan through to our living room with it. After a few minutes of deciding where to place it and sharp intakes of breath as the pine needles pricked our skin, it was finally up.

"It's perfect!"" I cry, rushing to Nathan, standing on my tiptoes and planting a small, delicate, excited kiss on his nose.

"I'm glad you like it," he replies with a laugh, placing an arm round my shoulder, "now, shall we finish decorating this house once and for all?"

We collect the big cardboard box of decorations from upstairs and begin. The Christmas songs still being played out at top volume. We sing along together for most of them whilst hanging the baubles on the small, spiky green branches. There's a big commotion with the fairy lights though, we try and drape them around the tree elegantly but we both end up tangled up in them. Laughing it off, we try again and after about five minutes of sheer determination, it's finally finished.

"Whoa," Nathan and I both sigh in unision, falling back on the sofa, exhausted.

"Wait a minute..." I begin to say as a thought hits me,

"What? What is it?" Nathan asks, puzzled, sitting up,

"Where's the angel? The one for the top of the tree?"

"Oh," Nathan says, looking around for it, "that's weird, I swear I saw it just a few minutes ago, it was right there, on top of the box next to where Smudge was sitting,"

"Hmm..." I wonder for a few minutes, and then the realisation dawns on us both at the same time, we sit up, look at each other in alarm and gasp together at the same time,


"Smudge! Come here boy!" I call for him, and Nathan whistles. We can hear his paws clattering along the kitchen tiles, and he comes into sight with our angel, held in his black, velvety jaws.

"Sit!" I tell him and he obeys at once, a happy, excited look in his eyes, with a hint of guilt, he knows he's done something wrong.

"Now, drop it," I say gently, kneeling down beside him and holding out my hand. Normally he's very good with this kind of thing and will eagerly perform the command. But not today. A cheeky, troublesome look appears in his eyes, and instead of giving me the angel, he gets up and runs in between my legs away from me.

"Oi! Come back!" I exclaim, cheerfully. Smudge goes hyper and runs around the house mentally, thinking this is some kind of fun game. The next quarter of an hour consists of Nathan and I chasing after him, trying to get back our angel, but with no such luck. We eventually corner him in our bedroom, but he dashes straight past us in a whirlwind of black fur, with so much force that Nathan stumbles and then falls to the ground. Laughing, I stretch out my hand to pull him up,

"That dog's a menace!" He exclaims, although laughing as well,

"He's just having a bit of fun," I reply back,

"Yeah, well, that's my daily exercise sorted for the day then," Nathan says, and we both fall back, in an exhausted heap on the bed. Seconds later there's an undelicate landing from Smudge as he decides to join us. He comes right up to me and sits on my chest, staring down at me, big brown eyes smiling, tail wagging playfully.

"Alright, I give up," I say to him, admitting defeat. No sooner are the words out my mouth when the angel comes literally flying through the air on her silver wings, and hits me smack in the middle of the face with a THUMP.

"Oh so now you decide to give it to me eh?" I say to my crazy dog, brushing the angel off my face and stroking Smudge's ears. I accidentally brush Nathan's hand as he reaches out to stroke Smudge too. I still get that strange, excited, bubbly feeling of electricity running through my body whenever we touch, or for that matter, kiss. You would think it would've gone away by now or that I'd be used to it, but no. Maybe this is what true love feels like. As I sigh with happiness and close my eyes for a few mere seconds, Smudge is suddenly on top of me, licking my face with his tongue,

"Hey! Stop that! Stop it!" I shout, laughing,

"Get her Smudge!" I hear Nathan yell and then all of a sudden he's tickling my sides, making me squeal with laughter,

"Stop...Stop...Please...St-" I try to say, breathless from laughter, tears of happiness rolling down my cheeks, but this only urges Nathan to carry on. In my self defence, I try to sit up, gently pushing Smudge off me, and then grab a pillow from behind me and wack Nathan square in the face with it. That stops him. As he reaches for a pillow of his own I call out,

"No, No please. I'm too tired! You two have worn me out!" I say, sitting up, and pointing my finger at both Nathan and Smudge.

"Alright, I'm sorry," Nathan replies, "but you've got to admit, it was hilarious."

"Yeah, whatever," I say with a small smile, flopping back down beside him, turning on my side to find his green eyes looking straight at me.

"You're so beautiful," he whispers to me, taking a strand of my brown wavy hair and playing with it, winding it around his fingers. I shuffle closer beside him and then before I know what's happened, we're kissing. It happens a lot like that lately. I'm taken by surprise as his lips meet mine, but it's a nice surprise. The electricity flows through by body and out through my finger tips as I brush them through his hair, as we kiss passionately. Nathan's hands gently caress my cheeks, and mine snake around his neck. We stay like that for quite a while, just kissing peacefully, with no other sounds other than our combined breathing and the flutter of my heart beating wildly in my chest. We eventually break away and I smile and sigh with happiness. Nathan looks down at me, and tucks a stray strand of hair behind my ear. I close my eyes at his touch and hear his low chuckle at my response. I can feels him breathing heavily down on me, and I open my blue eyes delicately to find his green ones, inches away from my face. Nathan kisses my forehead gently, then my nose, and then moves down to my neck, planting little delicate kisses here and there, over my chest too. And then, he slowly lifts up my top, and I help to guide him, bringing it up more, telling him it's ok, it's alright, that I'm fine with this. Now the whole of my stomach is exposed and Nathan begins to kiss it all over, sending shivers down my spine. I let out a small moan of delight and then Nathan moves back up to my lips. I can feel him smiling through the kiss, his lips strong, yet delicate, and then, as he begins to kiss me more passionately than ever before, I hear him let out a small yell of surprise. I open my eyes as he topples of the bed, bringing me with him because we were still holding each other in an embrace. We land with a thump on the floor, still entwined together. I look up at Nathan in surprise.

"Your crazy dog decided to catapult himself across the room at me," Nathan explains, looking slightly annoyed, but I can still see the smile lighting up his eyes,

"Wow Smudge, great timing," I say sarcastically, getting up from the floor, "what a way to make an entrance."

Nath just laughs, and I look over at him and begin laughing too. It's gotten quite late, the sky is an inky black colour and I can see the moon peeping out from behind the clouds.

Nathan and I decide to get ready to go to bed and once we're ready, I fall asleep, resting on Nathan's chest, having a wonderful, peaceful, dreamless sleep.

It's now Christmas Eve, the time really has just flown by quicker than you can say 'Christmas tree.'

I woke up bright and early this morning, I jumped out of bed and threw open the curtains,

"It's been snowing!" I exclaim, loudly, waking up Nathan,

"What?" He replies groggily,

"It. Has. Been. Snowing!" I say, slowly this time, almost spelling it out for him.

"Oh...cool," I hear him mutter and then watch as he disappears under the duvet again. But I'm too captivated by the snow's beauty to go and wake him up properly. It really does look magical, like something out of a fairystory. The whole of ground is covered with a thick blanket of sparkling white, stretching out as far as the eye can see. It looks especially perfect because no one has stepped outside yet and made any marks in it. A sudden idea hits me and I rush downstairs and out into the garden, still in my pyjamas, I don't even bother with proper shoes, I just slap on my slippers and run out. I instantly regret it as soon as I'm out there but it's a bit too late to reconsider now, as the deep snow falls into my slippers. I go out round the front to where our bedroom window looks out over the garden. Grabbing a big stick I trace a loveheart in the snow and then write: 'I love you xxx' inside it. I run back to the door, carefully managing not to disrupt my little message. As I make my way towards the path, I fall into a particulary deep snowdrift.

Oh no, I think, getting up out of it, soaking wet with small particles of snow dripping from my hair and pyjamas. I go back inside and up to our bedroom. Nathan still isn't up. A naughty idea pops into my head and I run at full speed onto the bed, bouncing up and down beside him, sitting on his chest. But even that doesn't make him open his eyes, he just mutters,

"Ugh, go away Smudge," and attempts to hide back underneath the sheets.

"Ha it's not Smudge, it's ME!" I tell him. After I say that he does open his eyes,

"Oh, good morning," he says, smiling up at me and giving me a cheeky wink before pulling me down for a kiss. "You're cold," he says, and then notices my soaking clothes and hair, "What have you bee doing crazy girl?" He asks,

"Ha, figure that one out for yourself," I tease, "I wonder how long it will take you to notice," I say, getting up and heading towards some dry, warm clothes.

"Hey, Hannah, is that snow in your hair?"

"Yes it is,"

"It's been snowing?" He asks, looking puzzled, I just burst out laughing,

"Oh you really aren't a morning person! Either that or you're not very good at remembering things in the morning," Nathan just gives me a confused look, "I told you it had been snowing, twice! But you refused to get up and take a look for yourself,"

"Oh, whoops!" Nathan says grinning, getting up and walking over to the window to take a good look at the winter wonderland himself. I watch as his grin gets wider, he's spotted my message.

"You really are a bit crazy," he says laughing,

"Aren't we all," I simply reply.

For the rest of the day, we meet up with Kelsey and Tom and Nareesha and Siva, along with Jay and Max. We all go out for long walk in the countryside, and of course we take Smudge with us. It takes quite a while because the snow is so deep and hard to walk in, but it's worth it. By the end we're all laughing and smiling and cracking jokes and our cheeks are rosy red with the cold weather.

When Nath and I arrive back at our house with Smudge, I say to him,

"Hmm I should probably send Sophie a card with my new address on it shouldn't I?" Nathan agrees and I quickly scribble down my new address and set out to post it.

"Do you want me to come?" Nathan asks,

"No I'll be fine," I reply, "You should stay here and look after Smudge, I'll only be a few minutes anyway, the post office is just down the road,"

"Alright, see you soon," Nathan calls as I head out the door,

"See you soon!" I echo back, gently closing the door behind me. I post the card into the red post box and then set out to return home. I look up at the wintery sky, sprinkled with thousands of shining stars. I sigh in happiness and return home, to see that Nathan has made us both a cup of tea. We head up to bed and I almost forget that it's Christmas Eve, until the morning comes.

Nathan and I both wake up late on Christmas day. The day starts with a lazy kiss and then Nathan declares,

"Present time!"

While he's gone to fetch the presents, I get up out of bed and take out Nathan's presents which I've hidden in the back of the wardrobe. When he comes back we begin to open them, I watch his face in delight as it lights up with grin after grin with each present. There's another hat, a shirt, some chocolate, a special mug for his cups of tea and some new headphones.

And then we move on to my presents, they're just amazing, he is so thoughtful. I've got some perfume, some chocolate as well, another charm for my 'trademark charm bracelet' as Nathan likes to call it, this time I've got a tiny litte silver star, which glints in the sunlight. And then I open the last present, its bigger than all the rest and I think I can guess what it is. I gently fold back the wrapping paper and delicately peel of the many layers of ruffled baby blue tissue paper. Nestled in the midst of all the wrapping is one of the most beautiful dresses I've ever seen. I gasp in delight as I hold it up and watch as it tumbles down around me and I get a good look at it. It's long and made of very fine, silky, soft material. It is a very pale blue colour with straps that tie at the back of the neck and a skirt that ruffles out in slight waves. Along the hem and embroidered onto the straps are very small, tiny, sparkling sequins, they look like the stars I saw shining in the sky last night. This dress is so perfect. I thank Nathan so many times and then we head downstairs for a late breakfast.

We spend the rest of the afternoon basically just having a lazy day, but then when it gets dark, we go upstairs and get ready for going out, we're going to see Nathan's family for christmas dinner. I'm slightly nervous, I've met them a couple of times before and they're all as lovely as Nathan but I'm still quite scared about what they think of me.

I put on my new dress and it fits perfectly and looks lovely. Nathan comes up behind me just as I'm doing the finishing touches to my hair, and locks me in a hug from behind.

"You ready?" He asks,

"Yep!" I reply and we walk downstairs.

I don't know what I was nervous about. I had an absolutely great time and got to know the Sykes' even better. It was a great evening, and Nathan and I eventually arrived back at our house at about ten to midnight. As we got out the car, it started to snow again, and it had obviously been snowing heavily here while we'd been away because it was very deep now.

"No, no, wait there," Nathan instructed me, as I made a move to step out the car, he clambered out and then came along beside me and opened my door for me, firmly and gently he picked me up in his arms and carried me through the snow to the doorstep, to avoid me getting wet feet. What a sweetheart. Before we went inside, I looked up at him, the snow falling around us in a quick flurry, snowflakes catching on his eyelashes and staying there, the rest of them falling into his hair and melting slowly, everything was so perfect, this moment felt like something out of a movie. Nathan opened his mouth as if he were about to say something, but I gently put a finger to his lips and stood up on my tiptoes whilst he bent his head down and then we kissed, right there on the doorstep. The snow falling around us magically and our lips delicately meeting each other. I closed my eyes in pleasure and savoured the moment, and as I did so I thought, this day will stay golden in my memories forever.

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