We'll Stay Gold Forever (The Wanted Fanfic)

Hannah Ferrier is just a normal girl starting work as a journalist for a teen magazine. But when she is assigned the job of interviewing The Wanted, her whole life begins to change. She finds herself falling for the gorgeous Nathan Sykes, and he begins to feel the same way for her. But nothing is as perfect as it seems, and Hannah and Nathan find themselves walking into a path of love...and danger. When things turn dark and dangerous, can Hannah and Nathan's love for each other survive?


11. Chapter 11 ~ Glad You Came

It's April 17th. I've been frantically busy trying to sort out everything for Nathan's birthday, although fortunately I don't think he suspects anything, at least I hope not.

Sophie has been bugging me for ages, trying to get me to meet Rory, she can't stop talking about him, but it's nice, I'm glad she's found someone who appreciates her. So I eventually gave in and told her yes, I'd meet him. We'd all agreed to stop by in a little cafe outside of town.

I arrive first, early as per usual, and order myself a cup of tea. A few minutes later I watch as Sophie and a tall boy get out of a car and walk down the path together. I smile as I see them laughing and teasing each other. They enter the cafe and as the bell above the door jingles I get up from my seat to greet them. I'm welcomed by Sophie with a massive hug, as we draw away from each other I can see her big brown eyes shining with happiness. I've never seen her as happy as this before, I think, Rory must be doing her some good. And then Sophie introduces me to the person himself, as we exchange our 'Hello's' I quickly scan him over, he's tall, and looks quite out of place with Sophie's petite frame but I think it's cute. He has sandy brown hair and dimples in his cheeks when he smiles. He reaches out a hand to me so we can shake hands and it's only then when I properly look at him. I'm so shocked by what I see that I forget how to speak for a moment. Those eyes. His eyes. He has the same eyes as the girl Nathan and I met on the street had. They are the exact same shade of startling, bright blue, although his show a bit more warmth. This is impossible, I thought, they can't possibly be related, it's probably just a coincidence, but I'd know those eyes anywhere.

But I shook that thought from my mind and forced a smile at Rory. We all sat down and ordered some more drinks, we started with easy conversation, but then things became a little strange,

"So Hannah," Rory began, "do you have a boyfriend?" he asked, curiously, just as I wondering why he was asking me that, Sophie answered for me,

"Oh well you know The Wanted?" She replied, but carried on, not giving Rory a chance to answer, "She's going with one of their band members!"

"Oh, umm, which one?" He asked, suddenly sitting up and becoming more interested,

"The one and only Nathan Sykes!" Sophie exclaimed, giving me a sideways glance and winking. I watched Rory carefully, I saw his eyes flash with something, I wasn't sure what, but I got a shiver down my spine, but maybe that was because someone had opened the door but I didn't think it was caused by that. From then on the conversation between me and Rory was a little awkward. Of course I had no prood whether he knew that girl, but there was something he was hiding, it looked like there was something he knew about me, from the way he kept looking at me. Every now and then I'd glance at him to see him giving me a strange look, and then it was gone in an instant. Towards the end I began to say,

"Thank you, it's been lovely meeting you but I really must go, I have birthday plans to sort out for someone," I lied, I already had everything for tomorrow organized. I got up to leave but then I heard Rory's voice call out,

"Wait!" I turned around, surprised and confused,

"Yes?" I asked questioningly,

"Umm could I like maybe have a photo of you two?" He asked, gesturing towards me and Sophie and taking out his phone,

"Alright," Sophie agreed, pulling me back over, "he wants to be a photographer apparently," she whispered in my ear, "he's already taken lots of me and of things outside," she told me as we stood for Rory and smiled. And then finally I could go, I said goodbye once again and then escaped out into the spring air. That was really weird, I thought to myself, breathing a heavy sigh of relief although I wasn't sure why. There was just something about his eyes that creeped me out, and the way he kept looking at me once he knew I was going out with Nathan. I tried to shake that conversation out of my mind, but with no such luck. I retired and went to bed early that night, strangely the afternoon's events had left me exhausted.

My alarm went off in the morning and I shot out of bed, today was the day, Nathan's birthday. I quickly showered and brushed my teeth and then went and got ready. I pulled on a short sleeved silk floral top and a short black ruffled skirt, starightened my long light brown hair, put on a bit of makeup and then slipped on my charm bracelet as usual, and I smiled when I caught sight of Nathan's butterfly charm. I then grabbed my phone and sent a long 'Happy Birthday' text to him and then rushed downstairs, not stopping for breakfast. On the way out I grabbed a pile of presents sitting on my desk and ran out the door to my car. I quickly rustled around in the boot for a piece of paper containing directions to Jay's house. Eventually I found it and drove slowly to Jay's place, not wanting to miss any turns. When I finally got there I walked up the path to the door, and was given the fright of my life when a loud knocking on the nearest window caught my attention. Jay and Tom were standing there laughing at my reaction and Jay shouted through the glass what sounded like,

"Just let yourself in!"

I walked up to the door, presents in my arms and entered. I was met with a scene of devestation, wrapping paper, confetti, banners and deflated balloons littered the floors everywhere. I groaned inwardly at the sight, thinking about how long this would all take to tidy up when Nareesha appeared in the doorway to what I'm guessing was the living room.

"Hannah, thank goodness you're here!" She exclaimed, taking my arm and pulling me inside. The living room was even worse than the entrance and hallway. "They are running around like maniacs and not listening to anything I say. They were driving me insane!" She exclaims, laughing, "Kelsey's just coming, she's bringing the food, although you did bring the cake didn't you?"

"Whoa this is a bit crazy!" I say, "It looks as if a bomb has gone off in here! And yes don't worry, I did bring the cake," I say, gesturing towards my bag hanging on my shoulder.

"Cake? Did someone say cake?" I hear someone say, and Max's head pokes around the door. This announcement starts up a frenzy and a chant of:


"Oh my god calm down!" I say to them all as they try and reach inside my bag for a look at the cake, "You're like four over-excited little kids going hyper on too many sweets at Christmas!" I say laughing, "You can all look at the cake after we've tidied up this mess and organized everything!" I say, striking a compromise. This tactic seems to work quite well and everyone gets down to work quickly, in a few hours we have the whole house looking very neat and tidy. Then we proceed onto decorations, just as Kelsey arrives. Tom goes to greet her and the rest of the boys begin rearranging the furniture. We move two long tables into the living room and place them resting against the back wall. We then put a big blue and white tablecloth over them both and Kelsey and Nareesha and I begin to place the food out on table whilst Max and Tom hang up a big 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATH!!!' banner and SIva blows up some balloons and Jay places them pretty much everywhere. Once the girls and I are done we help with the balloons and add the finishing touches by sprinkling confetti everywhere, all over the table and the floor.

"God, this is going to be on hell of a mess to clean up," Jay sighs, and we all laugh. While everyone's distracted for a minute or two I slip into the hallway and I grab my bag, I look for the kitchen and find it easily, taking the tin with Nathan's cake in with me. I rummage through Jay's cupboards, feeling slightly rude, until I find a plate to put it on. I gently ease it out of it's tin and place it on the plate. I'm very proud of it. I made it yesterday morning before I met up with Sophie. It's a big chocolate cake, covered in chocolate icing and has chocolate buttons running along the outside edge. In the middle I've written in white icing 'Happy Birthday Nathan!' and popped in a few candles. It's simple, but I think he'll like it. I walk into the living room, making my entrance and I'm met with whoops and cheers and gasps as everyone exclaims how nice it looks,

"Wow! That looks de-li-cious!" Tom says, licking his lips eagerly,

"Aww it's so pretty!" Kelsey says, and I just blush, embarassed by all the attention,

"Nath wasn't lying when he said you were good at baking!" Siva says, shooting me a smile.

I walk over and set it down in the centre of the two tables, and everyone breaks off into small conversations, I begin talking with Max and Jay,

"He's just going to love this," Max states, looking around the room,

"Does he-" I begin to ask, but trail off as Jay answers my question for me,

"Doesn't suspect a thing," he says with a wink, "in fact I should probably text him and tell him to come over now because we're all ready."

"He thinks we've all forgotten," Siva adds, coming over to join us with Tom, Nareesha and Kesley.

"Oh, he doesn't think I've forgotten," I say, "I wished him a happy birthday this morning, but I told him I couldn't see him because I had a lot of work to catch up on for the magazine."

"Ah that's fine then," Jay says, finishing his text and sending it, "I just put: can you come over help me fix my living room window because its broken' and I added for him just to let himself in. Do you think that's alright?"

"That's perfect," I say and then after Nathan replies with a subdued: 'Ok' we all begin to get into action. We bring all the presents into the living room and place them in a big pile in the middle of the floor, then we all put on those silly, pointy party hats and Jay hands out party poppers to everyone. It can't be long until he arrives now, we all agree, so we turn off the lights on the living room, and Jay sticks a note on the door saying: just come in, I'll be in the living room.

We wait in the darkness, full of excitement, Nareesha peeks out from behind the curtain and after a few minutes whispers,

"He's here! He's here!"

We all scramble quickly to hide behind the furniture, I'm behind a sofa with Tom and Kelsey. We wait impatiently in agitated silence, trying to slow our breathing. I can feel my heart thumping in my chest with excitement. And then, suddenly we can hear scuffed footsteps coming up the pathway outside and a muttered voice, it doesn't sound too happy,

"How could they all have forgotten my birthday? This is insane, I mean I-" Nathan's voice stops as he reads the note on the door. We hear the front door open cautiously,

"Jay?" Nathan calls out uncertainly, "Jay?" He shouts again, "Honestly, this is ridiculous, why doesn't he even-" Nathan trails off as he finds the light switch, and we all jump up at him and shout,

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATHAN!!!!" and explode the party poppers everywhere, confetti falling through the air and landng on everyone. We all laugh at the look of pure shock on Nath's face and then I jump over the sofa and run into his arms,

"Happy birthday," I whisper in his ear, and he bends down to kiss me. We're interrupted by Jay hitting Nathan on the head with a balloon and Max throwing confetti in my hair,

"Come on now lovebirds, lets get this party started!!!!" Jay exclaims. The afternoon passes by so quickly and heads into late evening as we dance around and then play some old fashioned party games which are extremely funny, like pass the parcel and musical chairs and statues. And then we get into a very intense pillow fight. Once it's over, or at least when I think it's over I say,

"Whenever we all get together, we always seem to end up throwing things at each other,"

"That's quite true," Siva agrees, aiming a pillow over my head at Jay. As the fight starts up again, I get up, unnoticed and walk out the room, collecting the cake on my way. I take a box of matches out my handbag and light each of the candles while I stand in the hallway. I go back inside the living room, switching the lights off as I go, and we all break into a chorus of: 'Happy birthday to you' I set the cake down in front of Nathan and sit beside him and hold his hand as we finish off the last part of the song,

"Make a wish," I whisper, and watch as Nathan closes his eyes and blows out the candles, squeezing my hand at the same time. I then dish up the cake and we all have a slice.

"What did you wish for?" I ask him, curious,

"I can't tell you that, it won't come true if I do! But it's something good anyway, and I would really love it to come true," Nathan replies, looking me in the eyes,

"Oh, alright then, tell me when it comes true ok?" I ask him with a smile,

"Oh, you'll definitely know if it comes true or not," Nathan replies with a wink.

Everyone's too tired and exhasuted to do much else other than lie around, so I get up and announce,

"Present time!" I grab Nathan by his arm and steer him towards the pile lying in the room.

We spend the next half an couple of minutes or so watching Nath open his presents which is delightful. It's so nice to see the pleased and happy expressions on his face that I can't really do anything else but smile until my cheeks hurt. After all of that, the living room floor is lost under a sea of confetti, balloons and wrapping paper.

"Speaking of birthdays," Nathan says, turning to me, "when is your birthday Hannah, you've not said anything about it at all."

"It's on the 3rd of May," I reply, I did not expect the reaction that came,

"What? But that's like less than a month away!" Nathan exclaims,

"Why didn't you tell us sooner? Now there's another thing we have to organise!" Jay says, sounding exasperated,

"Oh Hannah, why-" Kelsey begins but I cut her off, trying to shut everyone up,

"Look, I don't want a big fuss over my birthday ok? It's just another day anyway. You don't need to get so stressed about it. Also, we were so busy planning Nath's birthday that I kinda forgot to mention it, but anyway even if I did remember I wouldn't be saying anything because I don't want anything special. Ok?" I say seriously.

"Alright, but you know we'll plan something anyway won't you?" Nathan says with a cheeky wink,

"Yes, I know." I sigh, smiling at him.

After that everyone gets their things together and prepares to leave, I gather up my things and take my black coat off the hook in the hallway, Nathan walks up to me, with a big smile on his face, his smile is infectious and I can't help but smile back,

"Hey you," I say to him as he approaches and places his arms around my waist and I wind mine around his shoulders,

"Thank you for everything Hannah," he says to me, his voice low,

"Oh it's no problem," I begin, "everyone else also made a huge effort and-" I'm cut off by Nathan gently giving me a quick kiss on the lips to silence me, "That was rude," I whisper, my heart pounding in my chest.

"I wasn't just talking about tonight," he tells me, "I'm talking about everything, everything you've done for me Hannah. You're good for me, you cheer me up when I'm feeling down and you make me smile and, and I-I love you, so much. And I know that, well I think that, you love me and I know you're not here, just because I'm famous, because I know a lot of people are like that but I genuinely know you're not one of those people and I trust you and yeah..." Nathan trails off, looking downwards, I take one hand off his shoulder and place it on his face instead, so I can look him in the eyes when I talk to him, so he knows I mean it, four simple words that mean so much,

"I love you too," I whisper, and then Nathan gently takes my head in his hands and brushes back a few stray strands from my face, and I bring up both my hands and run them through his gorgeous brown hair. And then he pulls me in close, so our foreheads are touching, his long eyelashes tickling my cheeks and mine fluttering gently against his skin, noses touching slightly, we kissed, we started off slowly at first, gentle and delicate and light, playing it safe, but then as we got into the moment it became more passionate and then- we heard footsteps coming our way, and quickly broke away to avoid the awkwardness of Jay or someone walking in on us,

"Later," Nathan whispers to me, his voice low and husky, green eyes glinting in the semi-darkness of the hallway,

"Later?" I question,

"Yes, want to come back to my place tonight?" He asked with a grin,

"I think you already know the answer," I reply, shooting him a smile.

Because we both came in separate cars and because I also needed to go and get some things from my house, Nathan and I agreed that I'd meet him at his house.

As soon as I got to my house I dashed indoors, hurriedly packed a bag full of my things that I would need to stay overnight and then jumped back into my car and set off for Nathan's. I got a bit lost a couple of times but I eventually reached his house, I looked up and could see his silhouette outlined in the bedroom window, I took a deep breath and got out of my car. I reached the front door and figured he'd be alright if I just let myself in. I cautiously walked up the stairs, trying to remember my way. I found my way to one of the corridors, but I couldn't for the life of me recall which room was Nathan'a bedroom. After peeking round doorway after doorway and just finding empty rooms, I made my way along to the end of the corridor, only two doors left to try, I thought, as I approached the nearest one, it opened and Nathan jumped out and shouted,


I jumped back and screamed in fright, as Nathan appeared out of the small cupboard, and fell backwards and landed with a bump on the floor.

"God Nathan!" I exclaimed, getting up, "you have to stop that!"

"Sorry," he laughed, "it's just quite funny."

"Hmm," I huffed,

"Anyway, welcome back! You took your time!"

"Well you have a lot of rooms in your house!" I say in my defence,

"Yeah, I watched you checking out each one!" Nathan says with a wink,

"What?" I exclaim, "so you saw me searching each one for you?" I watch him nod his head with a small smile, "and not for a moment did you think of coming to tell me that you were down here?"

"It was funny," he replies with a laugh,

"Whatever," I say, easily forgiving him, "so where is your room? Don't tell me it's this small cupboard?" I say jokingly,

"Nah, this is my room, I think you'll remember it when you see it," Nathan says, gesturing towards the last door, Nathan beckons me inside and I enter, even though the last time I was in this room it was dark, I recognise the window and realise this is the room where we hid after the snowball fight. Now that I can see it in proper light it's very pretty, the wallpaper is a light, delicate blue with white birds and branches of trees patterned around it. The carpet is a matching shade to the blue wallpaper and all the furniture is wooden and painted white. It is truly very pretty and has quite a calming atmosphere around it.

"So uh, I'm going to go and take a shower, just make yourself at home or whatever or get ready or just...I don't know, do what you want," Nathan says, slightly awkwardly and walks out the room, glancing back to give me a smile. It's when he's gone that I suddenly realise, I'll be sleeping WITH him! Oh god, there's a million things that could go wrong, I thought, as I pulled on my pyjamas, just a simple blue baggy t-shirt that was too big for me and pyjama bottoms with polka dots on them. I walked out the bedroom, collecting my toothbrush and face wash as I went in search for another bathroom, there was bound to be another one somewhere. Eventually I found one and quickly cleaned my teeth and washed my face, and then I went back to the bedroom again, pulling my hair out from my messy pony tail as I opened the door, I was surprised to find Nathan waiting inside for me,

"I was wondering where you'd got to," he said with a smile, opening his arms to welcome me into a hug, I fell into them gladly and sighed, suddenly tired for some reason,

"You ok?" Nathan asked me,

"Yeah I'm fine, just tired you know?"

"Yeah I know, that party must've taken a hell of a lot of organisation." Nathan said softly beside me, pulling me onto his lap, I smiled to myself at that and snuggled in closer beside him, right there in his arms I felt safe, and warm, and protected.

"It did," I reply, "and it was really hard trying to keep it a secret from you, but we managed," I reply sleepily as Nathan starts stroking my hair, we remain like that for a short while, in silence, but then Nathan starts singing along to Personal Soldier and I sigh with happiness. There's just something so special about his voice, it gives me goosebumps and sends shivers down my spine, I smile happily to myself, but I can already feel my eyelids starting to get heavy and I stifle a yawn, I've just not been getting enough sleep lately and it's starting to take its toll on me, and no matter how hard I try to stay awake I feel myself drifting off to the tune of Personal Soldier, still in Nathan's arms.

I'm awoken by someone gently shaking my shoulder,

"Hannah?" They say softly, "Hannah wake up,"

I groggily open my eyes and find myself staring up at Nathan,

"Oh gosh Nath I'm so sorry!" I say to him, sitting up, "I didn't mean to fall asleep!"

"It's alright," he says with a laugh, "but are you alright? You always seem so tired,"

I thought about telling him about the nightmares keeping me up at night, but decided against it, I don't need him worrying about me more than he already is, so instead I say,

"Yes I'm fine, I don't know why I get so sleepy," I tell him, averting his gaze for a few seconds, I don't like lying to Nathan. He doesn't seem truly convinced but takes my word for it. We get into bed and he switches off the light.

We lie in the darkness for a bit, looking up at the ceiling, I turned my body over to the side so I could face him,

"Thank you Nathan," I say, "for everything,"

He turned his head towards mine, gazing at me intently with those mesmerising green eyes. Then he rolled over slowly to face me completely. I could feel his breath tickling my face as he deeply breathed in and out. Nathan gently reached out a hand and brushed a strand of hair away from my face. Then ever so gently, Nathan took his hand from my face and leaned forward to kiss me on the forehead. When I smiled in response, he began to plant little kisses down my face and along my neck, my pulse raced with the need for him to keep going. I took his hand and held it tightly as his head moved up and down my body, kissing my arms, pulling up my top and kissing my stomach, I tangled my hands into his hair and then he moved back up to my lips, we kissed passionately in the dark, I could feel excited butterflies fluttering around in my stomach and I felt so happy I wanted to laugh out loud. But during that kiss I felt something else, like a connection of some sort, a bond between us, and even though we'd been together for only about two months, I though fleetingly for a second, Nathan is 'The One.'

We eventually broke away from each other and I smiled at Nathan, then he asked me,

"The boys and I are doing a rehearsal tomorrow morning, do you want to come along?" And then he pauses as an idea lights up his eyes, "you can be in the WantedWednesday flip!"

"Really?" I asked, surprised he'd want me to be in it, once he nodded, I carried on, "I'd love to come, and ok, that would be cool!" I said, with new-found confidence, the old Hannah would've refused anything like this.

Eventually Nathan and I fell asleep, I heard Nathan drift off first, his breathing becoming heavier. I smiled over at his sleeping face, and then sometime later I must've fallen asleep as well.

I awoke to Nathan shaking my shoulder,

"Hannah? Hannah are you alright?" I heard his voice say, he sounded scared, "Hannah? Please? Look at me!"

I opened my eyes slowly, and blinked rapidly at the sunlight streaming in through the window. I looked above me and saw Nathan leaning over me, looking very worried,

"What's happened Nath?" I ask,

"Oh Hannah, you're alright," he says, collapsing back down on the bed beside me and breathing out a huge sigh of relief. He closed his eyes in frustration, it pained me to see him that way,

"What's happened Nathan? What have I done?" I ask, sitting up and becoming worried,

"It's ok," he begins, "you haven't done anything really, I was just worried."

"Worried about what?" I ask, puzzled,

"You honestly don't know?" He asks sincerely, and I shake my head in confusion.

"Right," he says, sighing, "I'm not sure where to begin. This morning I woke up early and I looked across at you to see if you were alright, you- you had a pained expression on your face, you were frowning and kept saying 'No, no, please no,' and 'get away from me, you don't understand." And then you started screaming. I- I didn't know what to do, so I woke you up. I'm so sorry but I was just so worried about you. Do you have any idea what this is all about?"

Feeling shocked and horrified at what I've just been told, I'm speechless. I had no idea I did that sort of thing during my nightmares. And I knew exactly what was going on. I decided I couldn't keep this from Nathan any longer so I told him everything, from my worries about the blue eyes girl, to Rory possible knowing her. After the whole story was out, Nathan pulled me into his arms and gently stroked my hair, soothing me,

"It's alright, it's ok," he whispered to me, "it'll be ok. We'll get through this alright?" I just nod and quickly brush away a tear from my eye before Nathan spots it.

We get ready and then go downstairs for breakfast, and then hurry off to the rehearsal. When we arrive we're greeted by the rest of the boys and then I'm shown into a room with soundproof glass and the boys enter on the other side. I smile as they enter and when they begin to sing...wow. It's even better than when I hear their voices play on the songs on my iPod. The sound of their voices harmonising together sent shivers down my spine, but it wasn't just that, the chemistry between them was incredible to see- as the adjusted to each other's pick, tried new melodies and encouraged each other. It was amazing to see them really getting into the music.

Afterwards I congratulated them all and then they pulled out a video camera,

"Ittssss show-time!!" Max exclaimed.

We spent the next half an hour or so having a mental time and filming little clips for this week's #WantedWednesday, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and was actually quite fun, it was going to be uploaded tomorrow, so we finished it just in time.

"They're going to love you!" Nathan said to me, as we left the building,

"Hmm, I hope so," I said,

"Come on, who wouldn't?" Nathan said, making me smile and sneaking in a quick kiss on the cheek as well. We sadly say our goodbyes and I drive home, but before I leave, Nathan asks me,

"We're doing a smallish concert tomorrow night, just locally, do you want to come backstage? You could say its research for your magazine'"

"Haha yes of course, I'd love to come," I reply with a smile and drive away, watching as all the boys wave frantically at my car, gradually slipping out of sight.

When I arrive home, I realise its been ages since I've checked my phone, Sophie might think I've died or something. But there's only one message from her, and reading it sends fear rushing through my body:

Hey Hannah, Rory has been asking a lot about u :/ says its something about his younger sister wanting to meet u.. Apparently she's a big TW fan and is obsessed with Nathan... I don't know, talk to you later..xxx

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