My diary.

This is my online diary. The real me, not any character in a story, me, rhianna2001. Just what I want to write down. I need advice, I need help, I need you guys. So if I ask you a question, please answer it in the comments. I really want no criticising. No one is perfect, so don't criticise me. Sure, tell me what you don't like about me. Just don't say I'm being attention seeking and pathetic.


2. 30th December 2012


You can love them, you can hate them, but weather you like it or not, your stuck with them. Isn't it strange how there are 3 different types of parents;

The Lazy Parent.

The parent who dumps you in a foster home or just doesn't bother with you. No presents off them, nothing.

The engrossed parent.

The parent who likes his or her new partner more than you and sits smooching with their partner while you mope in your room.

The Usual Parent.

The parent who loves you, gives you presents, takes you for days out and spends time with you.

But the most complicated thing in life has got to be relationships. Friendships, Enemies, Love, Romance, More than friends, Strangers. The problem in life is relationships because you go from  strangers to friends to best friends to boyfriend and girlfriend to strangers again. Why? That question will never be answered. Love is a problem, as i told you yesterday.


rhianna x

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