My diary.

This is my online diary. The real me, not any character in a story, me, rhianna2001. Just what I want to write down. I need advice, I need help, I need you guys. So if I ask you a question, please answer it in the comments. I really want no criticising. No one is perfect, so don't criticise me. Sure, tell me what you don't like about me. Just don't say I'm being attention seeking and pathetic.


1. 29th December 2012

Dear people reading this,
I'm not perfect. I'm not beautiful. I'm not the 'right' weight. But tone perfectly honest, who is?
People can be jealous, people can envy others. But at the end of the day, you are never going to become just like them. Perfect.
I say people can't possibly be perfect. Everyone has a flaw. But some people hide their flaws really well. Like this girl I know. Emily rays*.
She is perfect. Her blonde hair streaked with purple. Her skinny body. Her height; perfect size, not too tall, not too small. She is smart but not too smart.
Don't get me wrong, I don't care about what people think of me. They can call me anything they want. Why? Because me and my friends came up with a rhyme about it, to help us get through the first year of high school(Yes I'm in year 7):
Call me a slag
Call me a w****
If you don't like me
There's the door.
Call me anorexic
Call me fat
But I can loose this
I can put on that.
Call me annoying
Call me dumb
Excuse me babes
I'm having fun.
Call me a flirt
Call me fake
That's just me
So give me a break!
Call me weird
Call me a geek
Call me what you want
'Cause I'm unique!

That rhyme is really close to my heart. It stands for everything I'm about, being unique, being yourself. But the problem is that boys don't care what is on the inside. It's all about the looks for them. You could be the kindest girl in the entire world,but if your counted as an 'ugly' girl, then you don't even get a second look. That's another thing that annoys me about Emily Rays*, she gets all the boys. Me? I'd be lucky to get any boy. My first boyfriend in year 5 was Taylor harrison*. He was dating me, my friend Jemma, my friend Georgie and about 6 or 7 girls at the same time as me. My second boyfriend picked on me and laughed at me. He didn't love me. We went to the primary school prom together, but he left because it was too noisy. Then we went to the same high school and he punched me on the arm on the second day. I wised up and broke up with him then, getting two of my friends,clementina and abbey to tell him. I trust those girls with my life, I swear. So anyway, I broke up with him and he called me a slut, slag, bent twitch and a cow behind my back. I have no luck in love. I have a crush on a boy. It's a boy who would never go out with me. I'm not going to say who because someone who knows me might know who he is. I don't even know why I like him. I am useless in love.


*This name has been changed, but the initials remain the same.
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