My diary.

This is my online diary. The real me, not any character in a story, me, rhianna2001. Just what I want to write down. I need advice, I need help, I need you guys. So if I ask you a question, please answer it in the comments. I really want no criticising. No one is perfect, so don't criticise me. Sure, tell me what you don't like about me. Just don't say I'm being attention seeking and pathetic.


3. 14th January 2013

I have recently been kinda neglecting my diary, so here we go. The first entry of 2013.

  Have you ever noticed how you can be as kind as you like to people you like and want as your friend, but they never change. Like this one girl, Cleo Rangers*.

  I am friends with this girls sister. Her sister is a lot older than me, 23. She is kind and i wish she was my sister. But Cleo is very over protective and likes to keep her sister to herself. I tried to be kind and nice to her, but she threw it back in  my face. Typical.

 Another example is this girl, Savannah Rochel*. She was my friend, then we were ignoring each other. But then i heard she was being bullied and called fat. I said that i know she doesnt like me but she is far from fat and she said well im obviously the opisite of you if im skinny.

Anyway, G2G have a snowball fight!


Rhianna xx


*these names have been changed but the initials remain the same.

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