In memory of ...

This poem is, as the title reveals, in memory of someone. Someone that I think we all know. Someone who made me look different at the world. Someone who made me look different at myself. There are plenty of hint to who it is in the poem. Who is it?


1. In memory of ...


In memory of ...

I remember the time
At the top of your prime
When you were let down

You taught us to keep smiling
Though our hearts are aching

You taught us to look in the mirror
To see the world a little clearer
And keep it dearer

The sound of your shy and shivering voice
Left us behind with no other choice
Than to wait for the promise of another tomorrow

The way you make me feel
When all I need is to heal
My doubts and frustrations
My anguish and my pain
I know no way to explain

Heaven couldn’t wait
To let you through its gate
It’s up to no debate
That whatever happens
We are not alone

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