Please Don't Take Her Away From Me


2. Thorn.

Naomi's P.O.V

 I hate the hospital, I always have. Its full of the sick, dying and dead. My Mam is one of them. She has leukemia. I was sitting beside her , she was asleep. Her skin was pale and she had black rings under her eyes. She coughed and I started crying again. I was always crying. My dad died six weeks before, in a bus crash. He was the only one who died. Now mam was dying. Pretty soon all I'll have is Thorn, short for Hawthorn Scent.

 The nurse came in. "I'm sorry, but visiting time is over. You can visit Ms. Stephenson tomorrow." I nodded and stood up. I gave mam a kiss and left the room. Kitty, my neighbour, was waiting outside for me. She's minding me until mam dies. As soon as she parked the car, I ran to the stables. I fumbled with the bolt on Thorn's door and let my self in. I wrapped my arms around her warm neck, and took comfort from her strong presence that filled the stall. I groomed her quickly, and tacked her up.

 Soon I was galloping her along the lightly forested bridle path. I was sitting in a two-point position and constantly pushing her on. I know I shouldn't have, but I needed a good gallop. Tears spilled out from my eyes and down my cheeks. I stopped crying and focused on my riding. There was a hedge coming up and it was dusk. It would've been madness to jump it as there it a drop on the other side. Before my father's death there used to be hunts through these fields every Autumn. Not real hunts, but where the dogs followed an aniseed scent.

 I could see the outline of the fence and sat back down, slowing Thorn in to a canter. She slowed even more when she saw the hedge, but I kicked her on. "Go on! Get over it!" I yelled at her. Startled by my sudden outburst, she picked up her pace. She arched over the hedge. It was a good jump, especially taking the lighting in to account.

Two hours later.

 I trotted back to the stable and saw Kitty sitting on a bale of hay with a worried expression on her face. "There you are!" she said, looking up at the sound of Thorn's metal shoes hitting the concrete. I vaulted off, taking Thorn's reins and leading her to the wash bay. "You are not allowed to ride into the forest until Summer.  It gets dark too quickly," Kitty said sternly.

 "By Summer, I won't be here anymore!" I cried, tears rolling down my cheeks. Kitty wrapped me in a hug.

 "Go have a shower, I'll finish off here," Kitty said. I did as I was told. Kitty was an experienced horse-woman and one of the few people that I trusted.

 When I came out of the shower Kitty was waiting in the kitchen. She had made me a hot chocolate. "I prepared her hay-net and mucked out her stall." She said, handing me the cup.

 When I was done, I tied up the hay-net and made a bran mash with honey and bananas. While Thorn was eating, I groomed her then went back to the house. "Up to bed now," Kitty said gently. I lay down on my bed and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

 I went downstairs at six, and in to the kitchen. Kitty was at the table crying. I ran over. "What's wrong, Kitty?" I asked. She looked at me, her eyes all puffy and red from crying.

 "Its your mother. Sh-sh-she's passed away..." Kitty sobbed. I dropped to my knees. No, I knew that this would happen, but not this early. Just six weeks after dad... I ran out to the stable and collapsed in to the corner. Thorn came over and put her head next to mine. Then she took a step back, and lay down. I crawled over to her and put my head on her belly. She did this when dad died too, and I came in to her stall. I cried for hours, before falling asleep again.

 Thorn didn't move, or try to get up, when she missed her breakfast and lunch, she stayed lying down patiently. I was mixing Thorn's feed when they came. the people from the orphanage. I am fifteen and so will have to spend a year there until they can let me go.

 "Hello Naomi," The woman said. She was average height, slightly overweight, with brown hair. She looked kind. I gripped the bucket so tight that my knuckles turned white. Kitty looked at me with tears in her eyes. "Kitty has packed your things," She said.

 "What about Thorn?" I asked nervously.

 "She'll be sold at the auction, and you'll get the money. Won't that be nice? She should sell for a couple of thousand."

 I shook my head, "No, please! Let me keep her!" I pleaded. The woman looked sympathetic. I hated her now. How could they take my only family away form me.

 The woman took my arm gently and said, "It's time to go. I'll give you five minutes to say goodbye." Five minutes to say good bye forever? This couldn't be true!

 I hugged Thorn for most of those five minutes, and I fed her a mint from my pocket. The woman came up to me. I tensed and Thorn threw her head up.

 "Its time for her to go. The trailer's here." She said, pointing to the double trailer, pulled by a jeep. The man got out and clipped a lead line to Thorn's halter. He started leading her away.

 "NO!" I screamed trying to get to her, but the woman held me back. "PLEASE DON'T TAKE HER AWAY FROM ME!" Thorn pulled towards me, but the man slapped her and pulled her along. He backed her in to the trailer. She was facing backwards, but that's the way she liked it. "THORN!" I screamed. "NOOOOO! THORN! BRING HER BACK!!" But it was no use, he drove away. Thorn whinnied desperately at me. My heart broke. How could they do this?


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