Please Don't Take Her Away From Me


8. The Ride.

Naomi's P.O.V

 It was a hot day, and the shade of the trees was lovely. We walked along, sometimes trotting. Kim got the hang of the posting almost immediately, possibly helped by Sunny's long, smooth stride.

 "Do you want to try a canter?" I asked. Strictly speaking, I shouldn't have allowed her to canter on her first ride in years, but her and Sunny were doing so well. He was pulling on the bit, wanting to go faster, and some of the brightness was back in his eyes. I still had them on the lead reign, just in case, as we were on the trail.

 "Really... Are you sure...?" She asked nervously.

 "Yep. Both of you are ready." I smiled.

 "Okay..." She said hesitantly.

 "Just sit for a few strides, and give a small squeeze with your legs. Don't post, and if you start to loose your balance, just hold on to the neck strap." I said, clucking to Powdie. He snorted, and began to canter. I sat back slightly, asking him to slow his canter. I looked back at Kim. She had sat down, and was bouncing. She clucked, and tightened her legs against Sunny's sides. He began to canter, and I let Powdie go a little faster.

 "Bring him up beside me." I said to Kim. She nodded, biting her lower lip.

 "Come on, boy." She said, squeezing again. Sunny lengthened his stride, and was soon cantering beside Powdie. I asked him to extend his stride, so that the horses' legs were moving at the same time. Kim was grinning, and the wind was whipping her hair back, and it was flowing out behind her. We rounded a bend, and she slid a little. She took hold of the neck strap, and regained her seat.


After a few minutes, we came to a stream. The scenery was stunning. There was a little waterfall running between two large rocks, and the whole area was surrounded by trees.

 "Whoa, boy. Walk on... And halt." I said, sitting back, and putting a small bit of pressure on the reigns. The horses stopped, and I dismounted. Kim tried to copy the way I did it, and landed on her bum. I laughed, and so did she. I pulled the bag off my bag, and took the head collars out. I took the horses' bridles off, and replaced them with the halters. Kim took the saddles, off while I tied up the boys.

 "Did you bring any water?" Kim asked, taking her hat off, and shaking her hair.

 "Mm hmm." I answered, pulling two bottles out of the bag. I drank about half the bottle, and got Kim to pour some water in to my cupped hands. I wet Powdie's mouth, so that he wouldn't get too thirsty, but I couldn't allow him to drink, as we would be returning home shortly after. I wet Sunny's mouth too, and then got the food out of the bag. I had brought apples, crisps, oranges, strawberries, and jellies. Kim smiled when she saw the small feast.

 Once we had our fill, we tacked the horse up again, and set off home, but on a different route. After a while, we picked up the canter again. Powdie tossed his head, and tried to go faster. I sat back, and murmured random stuff to him. I pulled him up when there I saw the tree blocking our path. It was about a meter high, and a half meter wide.

 "Kim... You're going to have to jump. It'll take too long if we turn back, and it'll be well after nightfall." I didn't want to make her jump, but I had to. "I'll do it a few times. Just watch really closely." I said.

 I unclipped the lead line, and put it in the bag. Powdie had seen the log, and was prancing about, with his head up. I turned him in a large circle, and rode him at the jump. He took six big strides, and leapt. He tucked his legs neatly under him, and cleared it with room to spare. I patted his neck, and turned him in another big circle, riding him at it again.

 "You must keep pushing him on. Jus a little squeeze every now and then." I told Kim, as I was doing it. "He'll change his stride slightly when he's about to jump. When he starts to jump, stand up, and lean forward. Bring your hands up his neck, and hold on to his mane. As soon as he lands, sit back up again. Okay?" I rode up beside her.

 "I'll be right in front of you. Don't worry." I said. Kim clucked to sunny, and he picked up the canter. I pushed Powdie in front of him, and he jumped perfectly again.  I halted, and turned him around to see Sunny skid to a stop right in front of the jump. Kim gave a little shriek, and fell on to his neck. He put his head up, as if trying to help her back in to the saddle. She took her stirrups back, and turned him around.

 "Come on boy. We both know you can do this." I heard Kim say to him. She turned him towards the jump, and squeezed. "Come on boy!" She said just before he jumped. She leaned forward, and grabbed his mane. Sunny snapped his knees up, and flew over the tree. Kim lost her balance a little, and Sunny slowed his pace until he was walking.

 "That was great!" I enthused. Kim smiled, and patted his neck.

 "He's so good isn't he." I clucked, and Powdie leapt in to a canter. I was left behind slightly, but regained my seat. Sunny pulled up along side us, and the two boys cantered a little faster. It was all fine, until a Pheasant flew out of the bush beside us, and flew right in front of the horses' faces.

 Powdie shook his head, and snatched the reigns clean out of my hands. He put his head between his legs, and started bucking. I sat back, and tried to pull his head up at the same time. I glanced at Kim. Sunny reared up, his front hooves thrashing at the air. Kim fell of his back, and landed in a heap on the ground, right beside Powdie's hooves, that were slamming on the ground with every buck.


Sorry about the short chapter, I'm kind of sick, and so, my writing is worse than ever. :/

~ <3Nialler'sSweetheart<3 ~

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