Please Don't Take Her Away From Me


9. Lots Of Riding.

  Naomi's P.O.V

 "KIM!" I screamed, terrified. She didn't move. "Kim, move. Now!" I was desperate. Powdie was still bucking, his hooves slicing the leaves off of their branches. Just as all four legs left the ground, I took my legs as far away from his sides as I could, and banged the down. I hated it, but it was necessary. He leapt forward, startled. As he began to bolt, I panicked, but then I heard mam's voice in my head.

 "You can't stop a bolting horse by simply pulling on the reigns, they are much stronger than you. Pull one reign. Pull hard. Make them turn." I pulled hard on the left reign, and Powdie skidded to a stop. We were both breathing hard. The whites of his eyes were showing, and he was shaking. I looked for Sunny, and saw him standing only a few feet away. As soon as I dismounted off Powdie, he broke in to a gallop. I took a hold of Sunny's reigns, before he could follow. I ran to Kim as she picked herself off the ground. As she leaned on her right arm, she cried out, and sank to the ground again.

 "Kim, are you okay?" I kneeled down beside her.

 "I think I sprained my wrist." She said. She was holding her injured arm close to her body. I walked up to Sunny. He had calmed down a considerable amount. Kim got up, her right foot not touching the ground. She took a step and winced in pain. She took another step, and her leg buckled. I managed to catch her.

 "I'll help you mount Sunny." I said, slinging her left arm over my shoulder.

 "No," She shook her head.

 "You have to ride. We'll make it back quicker, and have a better chance of finding Powdie." I untied Sunny, and led him over to a stump. Ever so slowly, Kim mounted up with my help. I led Powdie forward, and he walked. "Hold on tightly, I'll get him to trot for as long as I can go."


  Sunny's metal shoes clacked on the concrete as I led him on to the yard. Leah came out of the barn, but when she saw us her smile dropped. We must have looked a state; the dried sweat on Sunny's Powdie's chest, neck, shoulders and flanks, the dried mud on Kim's clothes, and my red face that my hair was sticking to because of the sweat.

 "What happened? Where's Powdie?"

 "A pheasant flew out of the bush. Sunny reared and threw Kim. Powdie bucked, then bolted. I managed to stop him, but as soon as I dismounted, he bolted. I'm so sorry, I couldn't hold him." Tears were rolling down my cheeks. She pulled me into a hug.

 "It's okay. You did well bringing Sunny back." She said, holding me at arms length. She helped Kim dismount, then told Grace and Sarah to take care of Sunny.

 "No, I'll do it." I said, taking his reigns. I messed up, and wanted to feel that I was helping someone. I led him to his stable and took his tack off. He was sticky with sweat, and I had too peel the numnah from his back. Guilt gripped my heart. It was m fault, and I knew it. I led him to the wash bay. His movements were slow, and his head hung low.

 I put his rug on, and walked out. It had taken half an hour to take care of him as I was rushing. I walked stiffly to the house. Kim, Sarah, Grace, Leah and Paudie were sitting at the table.

 "We have to take Kim to the hospital, but we waited to see if you want to come. You can visit Kitty." Paudie said, handing me a cup of tea. Kim's wrist was swollen. I downed the tea.

 "Will I have time for a shower?" I asked. I didn't want to be dirty in case Kitty was awake.

 "Sure," Paudie said, "You have half an hour." I ran upstairs, surprised at my sudden burst of energy. I grabbed a towel, and jumped in to the shower. I felt the dirt and sweat being washed off my body as I stood under the spray. I rinsed the conditioner from my hair, and stepped out. I wrapped the towel around my body, and went to my room.



 Kim's wrist was sprained, and her ankle was shattered. She had to go around in a wheelchair for two weeks, until her wrist was healed. I went straight to Kitty. She was in a coma. I walked in to her room, and sat on the chair beside her bed. I kissed her forehead, and sighed.

 I sat back in the chair, and closed my eyes. I must have drifted off, because Kim came in, and told me it was time to go. I slowly got up, and walked towards the door after giving Kim another kiss, this time on her cheek.

 When we got home, I rugged up the horses, fed them, got changed, checked in on them and went to bed. Even though I was exhausted, it took me ages to fall asleep. And when I did, the nightmares came again. I put my face in my pillow, the tears soaking it. It was five o'clock, but I got up anyway, to get a glass of water. I picked up a book and read for an hour, before going upstairs to get changed.

 I went to the stables, it wasn't light yet, so there was no point in looking for Powdie. As soon as the sun came up, Leah would be over with three horses. Me, her and Sarah were going to ride to find Powdie. We were going to stay out all day if it took that long. I went in to Horizon, and started grooming. I began crying, and he turned his head to snuffle my hair. I placed my hands on both sides of his face, and rubbed with my thumbs. I rested my forehead on his, and closed my eyes.We stood there like that for a while before the sun light shone through the doors. I pulled his rug into place, and left his stable. Leah drove in right on time.

 I helped her to unload the horses. There were two greys, and one skewbald. I led them to the tethering rings, and tied the greys. Leah tied the skewbald.

 "This is Grassland," She gestured to the taller grey, "Daisy, and Forest. They're all bombproof, but fast."

 "I'll get Sarah." I said. walking towards the house. I made her some cereal, and went to her room. She jumped out of bed, and ran downstairs. I went back outside as she ate. I brought Leah a cup of coffee as the morning was cold. She was taking the horses' tack out of the trailer.


 Half an hour later, we had split up, and went in search of Powdie. I was on Forest, the skewbald. Every time I heard a rustle, I thought it was Powdie, but it never was.

 After five hours of walking around uselessly, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I turned Forest in a circle. She did a perfect pirouette. It was Powdie. I pushed Forest into a trot, and circled widely around him. Every circle got smaller, but he still hadn't realised we were there. I slowed Forest to a walk, and turned her, so that she was walking towards him where he could see her. He was lying on the ground, his head low. I dismounted off Forest, and walked towards him. As I drew near, I gasped.


I'm really happy right now!! Like, over the moon!!!!!!! :D

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Anyway, I need two more characters. Please leave details in comments. For example; Age, personality, looks, name, ect.

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