Please Don't Take Her Away From Me


3. I couldn't stop it.

Naomi's P.O.V

 I threw out the not fully mixed bran mash and looked at the saddles, bridles, rugs,... etc. They didn't take her tack. Didn't put her rug on. She went on a half hour journey without a rug, leg wraps, a poll guard or a tail guard! The woman came in, "It's time to go," she said. I glared at her.

 "She didn't have a rug on, or leg guards, or a poll guard, or a tail guard." The woman raised her eyebrows.

 "And? That's not my problem. Nor is it yours, you don't own her anymore."

 "She hasn't been sold yet," I argued.

 "She will be tomorrow. Then you won't own her," she said smugly. I hated her. That was the worst day of my life, first mam was gone, then Thorn.

 "I get to say if she gets sold or not, if I own her." The woman shook her head.

 "No, you don't, my little pumpkin." I lunged at her. I hated anyone except my friends giving me nick-names. She took my horse away, she deserved it. I knocked her over and punched her. That was not the smartest idea. I tried not to hold my sore knuckles. She got up. "Why did you push me over?" she asked.

 "Yeah, sorry, it caused a mini earthquake," I said. She glared angrily at me, then she came over and picked me up. She wasn't kind, but she was good at acting. She started walking away, squeezing my arm, tightly. I turned around and pushed her off. "What the FUCK do you think you're doing, lifting me up!?" I shouted at her. Again, she glared at me. I ran to the house. Kitty was in side, crying again. My heart went out to her. Her husband and daughter died five years ago, literally, I was the only person, she talked to. Now she had no one, as I was leaving. As soon as she saw me, she wrapped me in a horse scented hug.  We stood there, both of us crying. The woman came in, red faced and breathing heavily. She grabbed my arm and pulled me roughly away from Kitty. "NO! Kitty, help me, please!" I cried desperately.

 "You'd swear we were going to kill you," the woman said.

 "You might as well," I said trying to get out of her grasp. She pulled me and I fell, hitting my face, because she was holding my arms, so I couldn't use them to protect my self.

 "Let go of her!" Kitty shouted. I have never heard Kitty raise her voice. Ever. The woman dropped my arms, and I got up. There was a pounding pain in my head, and when I put my hand to my cheek, and looked at it, there was blood on my fingers. I looked at her and her face turned pale. She obviously hadn't meant to hurt me, but she had. There was blood in my mouth too. Kitty put her arms around me. "She needs a doctor." She said angrily. I'd never seen or heard her angry before. 

 "And I'll take her." The woman said. I pretend fainted and Kitty ran over.

"I wouldn't trust you with a carrot, never mind a teenage girl!" Kitty said. The woman got a call on her phone.

"Hello?" She said. *pause* " She fell, she cut her face and the old woman wants to take her to the doctors." *pause* "No, of course not." *pause* "Bye."

I opened one eye,and saw Kitty look at me. I opened the other eye and inked, then closed both eyes, and tried to be as limp as I could. Kitty picked me up and the pounding in my head got worse, I opened my eyes slightly. Kitty started walking, and just as the pain got unbearable, everything went black.


Naomi's P.O.V

I woke up on a hard bed, when I looked around, there were about ten girls staring at me. I sat up and and winced. Ny head was so sore. For a second, I couldn't remember what happpened, then the memories came flooding back. Kitty at the table in the morning. The woman in the tack room, Thorns distressed whinnies as she got taken away. I started to sob. A girl with shoulder length brown and blonde hair came over. "Hi," She said, "I'm Sarah."

I looked at her, she was very pretty. With large green eyes. I continued to sob, and she gave me a hug. I felt my self tense. Why was Sarah being nice. She didn't know me. "I'm Naomi." I said shakily. Everyone was still staring. "Go away." Sarah said. Everyone left. "You okay? It's hard for the first while." She said.

I sighed. "My dad six weeks ago,now mam. What day is it?" I said. She smiled. "It's Saturday." I bit my lip, hoping to keep the tears back. "My mam died today. Then they took Thorn." I siad. One tear rolled down my cheek. "Who's Thorn?" She asked. I looked in my bag, until I found a picture of me, mam, dad, Kitty and Thorn. I pointed her out. "She's all I have left, now she's gone." Sarah hugged me again. I liked her, she seemed nice. "They took my horse away too. She was a piebald cob. I came here a year ago. She'd be five now. I can still see her face as she was taken away in the trailer. She was whinnying and kicking the door." Sarah said, and a tear rolled down her cheek. She took a deep breath and squared her shoulders.

Someone came in. "Dinner's up. You coming?" Sarah nodded, "Tahnks. We'll be down in a minute." The girl left. Sarah looked at me. "It's spagetti tonight. You should eat."

I forced a smile, "Of course I'm gonna eat, I love food." I got up. My head still hurt.

We walked into  a big hall, and Sarah looked at a chart. "You'll be sitting next to me." She smiled. I was relieved, I'm quite shy when it comes to new people. She sat down and I sat next to her. My name was inscribed in to a piece of silver metal, drilled to the table. Pepople came around and handed out plates. When a table got their plates, they went up to the food counter. The cooks scooped spagetti on to our plates. We could get a side of garlic bread so I did.

Then we went back to the table and sat down. I was done my food in about three minutes, Sarah stared at me when I finished. "I'm still kinda hungry." I said. She shook her head. "Do you want mine? I'm full." she said. "No thanks. I sthere dessert?" I asked.

"Mm hm. It's coholate cake today." She said, and scooped another mothful of spaigetti in to her mouth. She obviously wasn't full. I went back up to the food counter. "Do you want dessert?" th girl be hind the counter asked. She looked very clean which was a relief. She had a hair net and a hair band. "Can I have more spagetti instead please?" I asked. I hate chocolate cake. "You have to be the first person who asked that." She laughed, while scooping more spagetti on to my plate. This portion was way bigger than the last. And she gave me three pieces of garlic bread, instead of two. I smiled at her. "Thanks."

One week later.

I was writing a story, in my copy when the woman came in. Her name is Gertrude, but I don't want to call her that. I hate her. "Nay-o-me, you have a visitor." I hate when people pronounce my name like that. I followed her out, and saw Kitty standing by the front desk, signing something. "KITTY!!" I screamed, running to her. She smelled of horses, even though she had none. Mabye she started working again. She sat down, and we started talking.

Two hours later.

Sarah came out with my bag. I was confused. I looked at Kitty, and she smiled. "I'm taking you home." I couldn't believe it. I looked at Sarah, and she tried to smlie, but tears spilled down her cheeks. I stood up, and she gripped me in a tight hug. "I'm gonna miss you." She said.

"I'll miss you too." I replied. I let go, and so did Sarah. As much as I wanted to leave, I didn't want to in a way. We left, and I waved a final goodbye to Sarah.

When we got home, I ran up to my room and put the picture up. Kitty put her house for rent.

She had made soup, by the time I came downstairs, after a shower. We sat, eating lunch. "I bought a horse." She said suddenly. "Well two actually." I stared at her. "Do you want to see them after lunch?" She asked. I slallowed the last of my soup. "Okay." I said. I ran upstairs and put on jodhs, short bots and half chaps.

We walked down quite briskly. I wanted to see what the new horses were like. I walked into the barn and looking over the first door was a beautiful Norwegian Fjord. And lookig over the scond door was a chestnut Hanoverian with a star and a snip. I realised that I had been hopin one of them wpould have been Thorn. They were beautiful though. "Neither of them had names when I bought thm so, I named the chesnut, African Sunset. I left the dun for you. I stroked the geliding. "Breaking Horizion." I said. "I'll call him Breaking Horizion." Kitty nodded, "It suits him. Oh, he hasn't been backed yet. He's only been halter broken. He's three. And he's fifteen two." I looked at him, and then realised, he was very tall for a Fjord. Kitty showed me the papers. I don't really care about papers, but he was a Fjord alright.

I smiled, I had a horse again, someone to tell all of my problems to. Someone who never tried to fix them, never told anybody else.


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