No Gravity: NYC

Izzy Leaghton just moved from Florida to New York City with her step father, Jerry, her mom, and her two siblings. After a battle with her lifelong friends, she latches onto a group of kids that live on her street. Their band, No Gravity, does shows once a week on their idle street, and Izzy, an aspiring keyboardist, quickly joins. However, she must face various dramas that are hurting her new friends.


2. Chapter Two



"LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!" Screamed my computer. Me and my five friends, Jamie, Marie, Olivia, Jade, and Jenny, were on a video chat. Jamie was showing us some stupid viral video... but it was VERY funny. I laughed hysterically.

"Is that a girl or a boy?" My friend, Jenny, asked.

"I think it's a boy." Jade looked closely at the screen.

"No, no, it's a girl!" Jamie argued.

"IDK, but they've got TOTAL hair issues!" Olivia laughed.

Suddenly, the video ended. 

"Aw, boo!" Jamie threw popcorn at the screen.

"Don't worry." Marie giggled. "I know this funny video called GO BWAH! and it's hilarious!" She started to type.

"Wait, guys." I interrupted their laughter. "I um, have something to tell you."

"What is it?" Marie asked, worriedly.

"Um... I'm moving." I said, waiting for the reaction.

A chorus of "what" and "huh" exploded. 

"Where?" Marie asked. She was my best friend of them all. 

I sighed. "New York City."

Another chorus.

"But you can't leave us!" Jenny exclaimed.

"I'm not-," I tried to say.

"I would DIE without you!" Olivia bellows. "It breaks the system!"

"What sys-," I tried again.

"STRESS!" Jamie screamed.

"Don't worry guys!" I assured them. "We can still video conference!"

"But it won't be the same, Izzy!" Marie begged,. "You have to stay!"

"It's not really my descision..." 

"Jade, you've been pretty quiet." Olivia pointed out. She's a bit snotty. She acted like the head of the pack.

"Because I'm sad." Jade reasoned. "Who's gonna be my hair model now?" She wants to be a hair stylist, so I let her practice on me. She's actually very good.

"I'll do it!" Jenny offered. 

"Okay." Jade shrugged.

"See! I'll make it work!" I told them. "We'll just have to video conference every day, teach me how to use Facebook, and double up on text updates!"

"Right!" Olivia agreed. "We'll make it work!" 

"But you still won't be here!" Jamie reminded us.

"It will be LIKE she's here!" Jade smiles, hopefully. "We have to think positively! It's not her fault, anyway."

"Yeah, it's mom and Jerry's fault." I grumbled.

"Don't worry about it." Olivia assured me. "It will work out."

"Great!" I smile. "Now who wants to come over and teach me how to use Facebook?"

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