No Gravity: NYC

Izzy Leaghton just moved from Florida to New York City with her step father, Jerry, her mom, and her two siblings. After a battle with her lifelong friends, she latches onto a group of kids that live on her street. Their band, No Gravity, does shows once a week on their idle street, and Izzy, an aspiring keyboardist, quickly joins. However, she must face various dramas that are hurting her new friends.


25. Chapter Twenty-Four


Ten o'clock.

Half an hour to master my song! I'd stopped for ten minutes or so to eat breakfast so I wouldn't pass out, but those ten minutes could have been spent rehearsing! It didn't help that Mickey didn't even tell me what to do, so I just improvised. I rehearsed Over My Head by The Fray for the first hour, but then Emma came in and suggested Animal by Neon Trees, and stupidly, I tried it out and realized I sounded a LOT better playing that! The keyboard part was a little tricky, and I wasn't sure if I had gotten it down!

"Do you know how sick I am of Animal right now?" Emma came into my room and threw a pillow at me. Hey, at least this time is wasn't her alarm clock! "I thought you needed to get dressed, too! Ooh, can I help you with that?"

"Oh my gumph, you're right!" I'd kind of taken up that saying, because let's face it, it's funny! "What am I going to wear..." I rushed to my closet, realized that I'd only unpacked about five things, and rushed to my suitcase.

"Ooh, I like that green shirt..." She picked up a thin, dark green, long sleeved shirt.

"Nah, I'll be cold." I picked up a sweatshirt with Elmo's face on it. "They would appreciate this!"

"No, it's so immature." Emma scrunched up her nose.

"And original! They like that sort of thing!" I grabbed a pair of jeans. "I'm wearing this."

"Ugh, fine." She walked out of my room, shaking her head.


After getting dressed, I got the best idea!

I logged into my computer, checked Skype to see if anyone was online, and sure enough, I got three chat requests from Marie, Olivia, and Jamie. I opened them all, and was met by angry looking faces.

"Come here to apologize?" Jamie asked.

"Nope. I came here to show you what I can do without you!" I said, grinning from ear to ear, and pulled my keyboard into view. Wordlessly, I started my song up. "Hey Jamie, we should harmonize." I turned up a corner of my mouth, more than it was, anyway.

"Let me take the first verse." She demanded.

"Go ahead." I allowed her. I wasn't the best singer, but I knew I was better than Jamie, and I wanted to prove it.

She started her singing, messing up a couple words, totally out of tune, and terrible in general.

"Good luck being better than Jamie." Olivia said, just before I got to the chorus.

Then I sang.

You should have seen the looks on their faces.

I stopped playing after the first chorus.

"She's SO much better than you, Izzy!" Olivia clearly lied.

"I never knew you could sing like that." Marie said, quietly. "You're better than Jamie, lets face it."

Jamie gasped, hurt. "Marie Anne O'Neil!"

"Sorry Jamie, still love you. And Izzy, you did hurt Jamie, and if you're not apologizing then I can't forgive you. Sorry. Good luck in your band." She must have clicked exit on my chat box, because I couldn't see anyone anymore.

But how's that for motivation! I ran outside, extremely happy, and prepared myself for a great audition.

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