No Gravity: NYC

Izzy Leaghton just moved from Florida to New York City with her step father, Jerry, her mom, and her two siblings. After a battle with her lifelong friends, she latches onto a group of kids that live on her street. Their band, No Gravity, does shows once a week on their idle street, and Izzy, an aspiring keyboardist, quickly joins. However, she must face various dramas that are hurting her new friends.


20. Chapter Nineteen


What a perfect place to start my skating career (used strictly as an expression. I would NEVER pursue a careen in ANYTHING RELATED to skating)! Central Park. News Crews there to capture my every move. Tons of people to crash into. Extra slippery ice because of snow. And that's why Mickey came up with the great idea to go to the less-popular indoor rink eight blocks away!

"Ever skated before?" Mickey asked, gliding swiftly onto the ice after Bridget, who had begun to go all ice dancer on us. She spun around quickly before she paused to converse with me.

"No. I went roller blading once." I supplied, stumbling onto the ice, and clutching to the rail for dear life. S'more, Kyle, and Ty stumbled a bit at first, but then got the hang of it, like they had skated before. 

"I could teach you!" Mickey offered. "I'm a good teacher!" 

"Don't let her!" S'more warned. "She's gonna classically train you in figure skating."

"Can I learn how to stand before I do that?" I said, pointing to Bridget, spinning in the air, then coming down in a some ballet position that I didn't even know what to begin to call.

"I'll teach you." S'more said, putting his hand out for me.

I took it, hesitantly, and let myself release my grip on the rail. He pulled me across the ice, slowly, keeping near the wall. 

"Pick up your feet!" He advised. "You don't wanna drag them."

I picked up my feet a little until it felt natural, and he quickly sped up. I screamed, but I was having fun.

"Kyle! Help Izzy skate!" He called, smiling deviously. 

"Got it!" Kyle gave S'more the same smile back, and grabbed my other hand. Together, they pulled me around twice as fast, and also made me have twice as fun. It wasn't helping me skate at all, but it was the closest thing I could do! 

"Ready to skate on your own?" Kyle asked, after about five minutes of enjoyable torture and abuse.

"Not really-," I started.

"Go!" They stopped abruptly and pulled my forward by my arms. Then they let me go, speeding forward. I was sure I was going to fall, but I leaned back a little and started up my footing again and was almost okay.

If Mickey hadn't been in front of me. 

I screamed.

She screamed.


Both of us, right into Bridget. 

And we even managed to get Ty down! 

A heap on the ice, laughing and screaming. 

"I'm so sorry!" I yelled, managing to get up, but fell back down because I'm a klutz. This made us all laugh harder, leaving the hysterical S'more and Kyle the tricky job of helping us up. 

"Everyone okay?" Mickey asked after a deep breath, and then descended back into laughter. 

"I'm fine." Bridget said, getting herself up, finishing up her laughing fit.

"Izzy. Get off the ice. You're going to kill us." Ty said, with a straight face.

I smiled, guiltily. "So. S'more and Kyle are pretty good teachers, huh?"

He lunged at them, and we pretty much laughed, freezing on the ice, for the next two hours. That was more fun than I had EVER had with my old friends.

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