No Gravity: NYC

Izzy Leaghton just moved from Florida to New York City with her step father, Jerry, her mom, and her two siblings. After a battle with her lifelong friends, she latches onto a group of kids that live on her street. Their band, No Gravity, does shows once a week on their idle street, and Izzy, an aspiring keyboardist, quickly joins. However, she must face various dramas that are hurting her new friends.


15. Chapter Fifteen


I was incredibly excited to go to Central Park with my new friends and getting over the old, but I shouldn't have been surprised that Jerry made us all work the lunch shift at the smash before we went.  At least I got to work with Mickey, Ty, S'more, and Kyle, though Mickey was acting quite off. 

"Mickey, can you give the orders to the chef for me? We're flooded and some people are getting impatient." I asked, anxiously.

"Ok." She said.

"Thanks! We need two house burgers, one mac and cheese, two sides of fries, small house salad, and absolutely no sesame seeds on anything, there's a severe allergy."

"M'kay." She said, distracted. The entire time I was talking to her, she was staring at Ty.

"Mickey? Did'ja hear me?" I asked, snapping my fingers in her face.

"Huh? Hey, uh, do you think Ty is, uh... cute, at all?" She asked, showing more interest.

"What?" I asked.

"You know... is he cute?"

"Yeah, sure." I gasped. "You like him!" 

"What? Nooo! Yes. Yes, yes, yes! I really like him Izzy, and I think he likes me, too!" She shook my arm.

"Woah there!"

She stopped shaking me. "Can you ask him? Because, he's been hanging around Mindy lately and I'm afraid he doesn't like me. I mean, don't just drop the bomb, like 'Hey Ty, Mickey likes you, do you like her?', I mean, I -,"

"I get it. And yeah sure!" I handed her the notepad with the orders. "Just give this to the chef, kay?"

"Got it." She walked over to the chef, and I walked towards Ty, who was manning karaoke. No surprise that he was just standing by the stage, playing on his iPhone.

"Hey, Ty!" I said., giving him a fake smile.

"Hey, Izzy." He tilted his head upwards, leaning against the wall by the short karaoke stage.

"So... how's life?"  I asked, not knowing what to say. I'd confronted Olivia's crushes all the time, but I knew them! They were usually friends of mine. I didn't know Ty very well, but he seemed nice.

"Alright. You liking New York?"

"Yeah, I am!"


"Awesome." I said awkwardly. "So, uh, I see you've been hanging with one of the dancers... uh, Mindy, right?"

"Yeah. She's pretty cool." He nodded.

"Are you guys, like, together?" I nudged him, teasingly. 


"Oh, because I think you're kind of cute together."

"I kinda like her... but, I don't know."

"Oh. It would be a shame if you two got together. I mean, since I moved here... which was yesterday, by the way, I always saw you and Mickey together."

"Well, I kinda like her, too. But I mean, you're kinda new, and no offense, but you seem to kind of be... misjudging us. You don't know the whole story yet."

"Oh, I'm sorry. It's just that, I just lost my best friends yesterday, and I don't really have any friends anymore, so you guys are all I have."

"Hey, you just moved, I don't expect you to be with your friends all the time. It's not like they don't like you anymore."

"But that's just it. They don't like me anymore. We had a fight."

"Oh, sorry." He said, looking embarrassed. 

"It's ok." I said. "I better get back to work."

"Kay. See ya soon."

 "See you later!" I said, going up to Mickey.

"What did he say?" She asked, excitedly, practically jumping up and down.

"He said he kind of likes Mindy..." I started.

"Oh no." Her face grew even paler. 

"But he also said he kind of likes you, too!"

"Really?" She said, even more excitedly.

"Yeah! But he said that there was some whole story about you two that I didn't know yet."

"Oh. Well, I don't think it's a big deal. I mean, it was first grade! And then that thing last year... but still. I think he's just overwhelmed. But thank you so much!" 

"No problem, but what is it exactly that-." 

"Izzy!" Jerry called. "Get back to work!"

"Looks like you gotta get back to work." Mickey said, nodding solemnly. 

"Oh really? Thank you so much for telling me!" I said, sarcastically, but still smiling. It was like talking to Marie again, but better because I knew that Mickey actually liked me. I knew that she was my friend for always, not just if I don't mess up. It felt like I was going into this friendship too much than I should be, being as I'd only been their friend for a day and a half, but it's not like I had anyone else. 

"No problem, Mrs. Sarcasm!" She said, as I left to take some more orders.

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