Jodi thinks her life is completely normal, until she meets, Niall Horan. It's love at first sight. Maybe for Niall too. Jodi tries to prove she is great. Will she succeed?


3. One's Beginning To Fall

Niall's P.O.V.

I was watching tv when there was a knock at the door. I opened it to see Jodi. "Hi." she said excitedly. I smiled. I never realized how beautiful she was. I gestured to come in. She shook the snow off her clothes and came in. "I just need to thank you again." she told me. "It's ok." I replied. She smiled again. I lead her to the couch and we sat down. "wanna watch a movie?" I asked. She nodded and asked, ''Which one?'' I showed her a few I had and she picked ''Finding Nemo". She would cry at some parts and I would ''comfort'' her. When we finished she said goodbye. As she hurried out the door, I felt something strong.

Jodi's P.O.V.

When I got home, my mom asked who I was with. "NIALL HORAN!!!!'' I yelled in excitement. She grinned. ''Really and how was that?" I smiled back and said,"Amazing. We watched "Finding Nemo"." I sat down for dinner. After we ate, I got a message from Niall. It said, 'Meet me in the yard ASAP. I was worried so I quickly left. "Niall, what's wrong?'' I asked. He smiled, '' Nothing's wrong, I just wanted to ask in person, if you would go out me. Tomorrow." I nodded and asked, "Where?'' "Just the mall." he replied. Then he kissed my cheek and left. I turned and saw my mom in the window. When I got inside, she said, Ohhhh. Someone likes you." I rolled my eyes with a smile, kissed her cheek and went upstairs.


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