Jodi thinks her life is completely normal, until she meets, Niall Horan. It's love at first sight. Maybe for Niall too. Jodi tries to prove she is great. Will she succeed?


1. A little Un-Normal

Jodi's P.O.V.

As I awake, I feel a slight tap, on my shoulder. "Jodi, honey. Wake up." my mom gently says in my ear. She then leaves down the stairs. I slowly rise out of bed, drowsy. Then I see my calendar. It's Friday, the last day before winter break. I am 18 so a break from school is nice. As I pull my wavy, black hair in a ponytail, my cat Smoky wanders in my room. I quickly pet her, get dressed and head downstairs. My mom is waiting, my dad already at work. "Hurry up and eat." she exclaims, pointing at the clock. Oh my god! I'm almost late for school! I scarf down some toast and bolt out the door. I get to school just on time. I meet my best friend Samantha at her locker and we walk to class. "So what's going on with you and Josh?'' I ask. She answers with a quick, "ok" and heads ahead. Something's up, I thought. I shrug and keep walking.


School actually went by pretty quick considering winter break. I walked home alone. I took a shortcut I knew. I checked my twitter quickly, and when I look up, I am in a dark alleyway. I'm not sure where I am, but I don't like it. Suddenly, I hear the sound of walking boots. Thump thump thump. Then, a tall dark shadow starts to close in. It's a man, and he has a knife. " You'll be perfect." he said in a deep, raspy voice. Then, I hear running. We both turn to see a boy about my age coming towards us. The knife gets close to my neck, when the boy pushs the man. He grabs the knife and points it at my attacker. "Leave her alone." He whispers in his ear. The man grabs his knife and runs off. I stumble away from the wall, brething deeply. "Thank you." I manage to say. The boy just nods and and leaves quickly. I couldn't see who he was in the dark, but he was amazing.

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